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Although Shen Luzong did not recognize Longevity fruit, Chen Xiang had said that he could live longer, so he did not eat it politely.

Back when Chen Xiang left the mortal world, Shen Luzong knew that he would definitely have a great future. Now that he had appeared here, he had displayed great strength.

Chen Xiang and Shen Tianhu supported Shen Luzong into the house. At this time, Shen Luzong's complexion was much better, he was no longer that old, the wrinkles on his face had lessened, and although his hair was still white, he looked to be full of tenacious vitality.

The Longevity fruit was an immortal fruit, and the effect was very obvious. Shen Luzong was a Immortal Monarch, so Chen Xiang gave him two, which would have a greater effect.

"Dad, what happened here? Where are the cities?" Chen Xiang asked, he knew that all these years, the people here had not been doing well.

The cities here have been destroyed by those huge beasts. Back then, all of a sudden, the earth started to shake violently, and many houses collapsed, and many people died at that time, then the world turned pitch black, and after a month of darkness, we finally saw the sun, but many huge beasts appeared. After all these years, many people have died tragically in the mouths of these huge beasts, and I'm afraid that we are the only ones left here. Shen Tianhu sighed.

"If your great-uncle hadn't had a fortuitous encounter and fell into a pool of blood and absorbed the powerful blood inside, his bones would have greatly changed." If your great-uncle hadn't had a fortuitous encounter and fell into a pool of blood and absorbed the powerful blood inside.

Shen Luzong sat at the side, refining the two Longevity fruit. Seeing that he was getting younger, Shen Tianhu was secretly surprised that his own son had such a good thing. If Shen Luzong could regain his youthful vitality, they wouldn't need to be afraid of the huge beasts here.

"Have you ever tried to leave here?" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he told her about the disappearance of the mortal world, and then he also told her about the mysterious tomb.

Shen Luzong opened his eyes. His current appearance was extremely spirited, just two Longevity fruit s had such an effect, he was sure that Chen Xiang had given him immortal fruits.

"There really is a tomb here. A while ago, something seemed to have happened to the tomb, causing some of my lifespan to be sucked away. At that time, I was worried and did not say anything, because I was not sure if the tomb could absorb the lifespan of others."

Shen Luzong's face was solemn as he said, "We cannot leave this place. If we leave, we will definitely die.

Shen Tianhu's face was filled with surprise, because he did not know about these things. If his lifespan had unknowingly been absorbed, it would truly be terrifying, and even the thought of it was terrifying.

But now you don't need to worry, this guy just said, there is a powerful dragon vein below us, the tomb can completely absorb the dragon vein's power to revive, as for the tomb watcher, I feel that we are indeed, it's just that some accidents have happened, causing a large number of huge beasts to appear here, I believe that other places still have those kinds of pools of blood, as long as we can find those kinds of pools of blood, then we can let the people here change their bodies, and advance by leaps and bounds just like me, so we won't have to be afraid of those huge beasts.

"Uncle, didn't you say that it was because of the blood pool that your lifespan ran out so quickly?" Of course, Shen Tianhu wanted to become a strong Ranker. Although he was already in the Nirvana Realm, it could also be said that because of the environment here, even with the help of the pills, his cultivation had increased a lot faster.

Shen Luzong shook his head: "No, when I'm completely recovered, I will go and search for a blood pool. At that time, depending on the situation, I will let you guys enter the blood pool to change your bodies."

Shen Luzong understood things much better than Shen Tianhu. Furthermore, Chen Xiang and Shen Tianhu could both tell that there were some things that he had not mentioned.

After staying in this place for so long, there were only a few people. Both Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong wanted to know what was going on outside.

Chen Xiang was extremely willing to tell them about Di Tian's matter that happened over the past few years, causing them to be shocked. In order to not let them worry, Chen Xiang left out many of the heaven opposing things that he had done, because Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong still could not leave this place for the time being. Chen Xiang was worried that they would be very worried for him in the future.

"Time flies so fast, in the blink of an eye it's about time for this kid to ascend. I wonder if I'll still be staying here after I pa.s.s through the tribulation of ascension." Shen Tianhu was also at the Nirvana stage.

"I'll know when the time comes. Oh right, dad, is Xianxian's father here?" Xue Xianxian was the same as him, she had never had a mother since young, and Xue Xianxian was also very worried about her father.

"Her father had ascended a long time ago. At that time, this place hadn't returned yet, but was on the other side instead. At that time, there were a few other fellows who had ascended as well." Shen Luzong said.

Shen Tianhu nodded his head: "In that period of time, Uncle's strength was relatively strong, and was able to ensure a safe environment for us to cultivate in. Everyone was also very bold to hunt and kill huge beasts, and eat huge beasts to nourish them, making their growth speed to be very fast. It's just that your father was unlucky, and accidentally received heavy injuries, which was why he was slower than others."

Chen Xiang looked at Shen Luzong and said, "Uncle, if father overcomes his tribulation here, can he also ascend to Heaven Realm?"

Shen Luzong thought for a moment, then shook his head: "It's hard, even though this place is currently with Di Tian, s.p.a.ce is cut off, and it's hard to enter or exit. I think that even if you pa.s.s through the nine Nirvana Tribulations, you wouldn't be able to fly up."

"I'll find a way to take you out."

Shen Luzong walked over to Chen Xiang's side, patted his head and smiled: "No need, we are probably the chosen person to guard the tomb, if we leave, there will definitely not be a good ending, I am a little worried that we cannot go against it, although we temporarily do not know what our roles are here."

Chen Xiang was a little depressed in his heart, but he still nodded his head, "I will stay here for a while. Grandfather, at that time, I will go with you to look for a blood pool.

Shen Luzong nodded his head and laughed: "Of course you can, it's not early anymore, go back and rest. You must be very tired to be able to come here."

Shen Tianhu led the way and made a very comfortable room for Chen Xiang. He was indeed a little tired after coming here from the Earth Core Realm and fell asleep very quickly.

Early in the morning, Shen Luzong came to wake him up in high spirits. Seeing the old elder become so lively, the people of the village knew that Chen Xiang had brought a good pill with him.

"Let's go find a blood pool and get something for everyone to eat." Shen Luzong laughed.

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