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The moment this middle-aged man appeared, everyone immediately opened up a path. Moreover, everyone looked at him with reverence in their eyes. The previously noisy and joyous village also became extremely quiet.

This burly middle-aged man who was filled with dignity was none other than Chen Xiang's father, Shen Tianhu.

"Is this your dad? He looks very similar to you." Long Xueyi said.

"That's right, that's him." Chen Xiang said excitedly, "Father is still alive."

He had wanted to meet with Shen Tianhu first, but then he saw a group of people walking out from the huge mountain rocks surrounding the village. There were some caves inside, and there were actually some people living inside as well.

"Old Village Chief, you've already sent your villagers to their deaths again. This time, they are truly fortunate to be able to return alive. I wonder what they have hunted down."

The one who spoke was a tall and thin man. He looked very young, but the middle-aged and elderly people behind him all seemed to have to listen to him.

"What does this have to do with you guys? You guys only know how to hide in caves all day long. Don't even think about stealing our prey." A youth shouted to the group.

Hmph, why are these not our business? You guys go hunt down those huge beasts, and if you anger the families of those huge beasts and chase after us, we will also be in trouble. We have to bear a huge risk, so you have to split half of it with us. The words of the lanky middle-aged man caused the villagers to be immediately angered.

Chen Xiang understood, in this kind of environment, humans were definitely lacking in all kinds of resources. Even if there were people outside, they would not have the strength to extract them, because there were too many huge beasts and there were not many humans. Right now, even eating a lot of them was a problem, which was why they were sent out to hunt huge beasts.

"You all … Hurry up and scram, I, Shen Luzong is still alive for one day, so I will definitely not let you ride on top of us. " An angry voice suddenly echoed in the valley.

Shen Tianhu's entire body was filled with killing intent, his eyes were completely red, as though he could kill the tall and skinny middle-aged man at any time.

However, the tall and skinny man wasn't afraid at all. He only laughed, and the two hundred men behind him also laughed.

"Come, do you dare to fight with us? You may be able to eliminate us, but I'm afraid more than half of you will die." The tall and skinny middle-aged man laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang could already see that the tall and skinny middle aged man was not very strong, but it would not be easy for Shen Tianhu to deal with him either. Although he could kill him, but it would take some time, and the people behind the tall and skinny middle-aged man were not weak, if there was a conflict, many people in the village who did not have any force would be killed.

"Granduncle is still alive, but his lifespan is almost up." Chen Xiang realized that the situation here wasn't as optimistic as what the others had told him, and it was very bad as well.

Shen Luzong was supported by two young men and looked like he was about to run out of oil. However, there was a terrifying power within his body that frightened Chen Xiang.

"How could the strength of the Immortal Monarch be so fast?" Long Xueyi had also told her about his father and grandfather.

"Old Village Chief, you look pretty good." The tall and skinny middle-aged man laughed, because Shen Luzong's situation was getting worse.

Chen Xiang, who had turned into a b.u.t.terfly, had already flown back and changed into his original form. At this moment, everyone was looking at Shen Luzong, but they did not notice a stranger appearing here.

"Why don't you compete with us again and concoct another batch of pills. As long as you win, we'll let you off this time." The tall and skinny man laughed.

"Li Mu, you ungrateful fellow, who taught you how to refine pills, and who saved your life?" Shen Luzong said angrily.

"Who told you not to pa.s.s down the position of the village chief to me? Look at the power behind me. You know that I am qualified to be the village chief." Li Mu took out a blade, and played with it in his hand.

Shen Tianhu walked forward with a pair of giant fists with popping veins: "The people behind you have all committed a huge mistake. b.a.s.t.a.r.ds imprisoned in cages, if you release them, you will sooner or later reap the consequences."

Li Mu glared at him and laughed coldly: "I'll count to three. Either we'll spar with you, or you will hand over half of the prey you've just killed. Otherwise, even if we have to risk our lives, we will fight you guys today."

Who knew that Li Mu was so sinister in his heart that if he were to continue competing with Shen Luzong in alchemy, Li Mu might very well die right away.

Shen Tianhu was angry, and the other youths in the village were angry as well. They had all prepared to fight, and just as Shen Tianhu raised his fist, Shen Luzong sighed: "Forget it, let's compete then."

As long as they could buy some time for the youth in the village to become stronger, they would no longer need to be threatened by these people.

"How about I compete with him?" Chen Xiang suddenly walked up, his unfamiliar voice surprised many people, but Shen Luzong and Shen Tianhu trembled and turned away in disbelief.

Chen Xiang had a smile on his face, he was the same as before, only, he had become much more mature. Although no one could feel the aura of the Innate Qi from his body, no one dared to underestimate him.

"Oh, I didn't think that old fogey would be able to produce a disciple so quickly. But what are you going to use to compete with me? If old fogey fights with me, then his lifespan will be shortened by more than 10 years." Li Mu said with disdain, but he was curious to know if there was a face in the village that he had never seen before.

Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong were initially very excited, but they quickly calmed down. They knew what Chen Xiang wanted to do, so they couldn't expose his ident.i.ty now.

had a lot of confidence in his son. Back then, the Shen family's pill business was started by Chen Xiang, as for why Chen Xiang was here, although they were curious, they should not ask about it now.

"If I lose, I'll break my own arm." Chen Xiang walked over and said indifferently.

Li Mu laughed: "Hey, newborn calf isn't afraid of tigers, I dare say. But since the old fellow didn't stop you, you should have some strength, that's fine too, if you lose, I can see how others chopped off their own arms."

"How do we compete?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Whoever refines the Zhenyuan Dan will win. This is for the speed of refining pills, the quality of the pills, and the quant.i.ty of pills that can be produced." Li Mu said, this was also a very common method of comparison.

One of the men in the village shouted: "Zhenyuan Dan, where did we get this pill's medicinal ingredients? These medicinal ingredients were all stolen by you back then, you despicable fellow."

"If you don't, then just take it as your loss." There was laughter.

Without a second word, Chen Xiang took out the Mystical True Gra.s.s, Myriad Spirit Fruit, Big Yuan Fruit and a bottle of Spirit Crystal Milk.

All of these things were of low quality in Long Xueyi's eyes, hence he did not suffer a calamity.

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