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Chen Xiang was still at the bottom of the Dragon Vein. He ascended along the dragon's body that was at the top, and felt the waves of spirit energy emitted by the Dragon Vein, which gushed out of the Dragon Vein like a gale, shocking Chen Xiang, this Dragon Vein was far superior to the Evil Dragon Graveyard's.

"This dragon vein should have existed for a long time, but why is there no movement from before?" Chen Xiang was very curious, if the Fire Divine Palace knew that the dragon vein was here since a long time ago, then he would have probably descended here, and occupy the Devil Continent first before anything else.

"I think it was sucked away. It should have been sucked away by this world that suddenly appeared. Maybe some of the formations above have the ability to absorb spiritual energy through the air." Long Xueyi said.

The place Chen Xiang was at was the underground place of the Devil Continent, but now that he was pressed down by a mortal world, Chen Xiang flew up there and stood at the head of the dragon vein. But to get to the surface, he still had to pa.s.s through the mortal world that was pressing down on him, and that would take a period of time.

"We'll be at the top soon. I wonder how Dad and the others are doing." Chen Xiang was secretly excited. Using the power of the Ancient Code of s.p.a.ce and Form Displacement Shadow, he ignored the obstructions of the rock and soil and moved forward quickly.

More than two hours later, Chen Xiang, ignoring everything else, exhausted the Innate Qi in his body. In a short period of time, he finally arrived at the top.

When he came out, he was in a lake. When he floated to the surface, he saw a large group of giant crocodiles on the sh.o.r.e, basking in the sunlight.

"This is an Archaic Giant Alligator, an Archaic species." Long Xueyi anxiously said: "Look at their scales."

Chen Xiang took a closer look and saw that the scales on these Giant Alligators were dark and shiny. They looked like they had been polished black gems, different from normal Giant Alligators.

The largest crocodile on the sh.o.r.e was over a hundred meters long, and its thick body was lying on the sh.o.r.e. Beside it were other smaller crocodiles, which looked extremely shocking.

"Are these guys good?" Chen Xiang transformed into a b.u.t.terfly and flew into the sky. Previously, he had used this method to safely enter the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain.

"Very powerful, you shouldn't have provoked them. Go straight to your father and don't create unnecessary trouble. Many things must have happened here, otherwise, how else would there be so many Archaic species appearing here in such a short amount of time?" Long Xueyi's voice carried a rare heaviness.

Back then, Chen Xiang did not stay in the mortal world for too long, so he was not very familiar with this place.

The lake was beside a forest, and Chen Xiang did not fly into the forest filled with giant trees. In his opinion, there might be something more powerful than those giant crocodiles inside.

"The spiritual energy here has already evolved to become immortal qi. It's only just entering the immortal qi stage, but it'll definitely become stronger in the future. I really don't understand why those Archaic descendants that should be extinct appear here." Seeing that Chen Xiang was far away from the Giant Alligators, Long Xueyi heaved a sigh of relief.

"Aren't there a lot of huge Archaic beasts outside the Sacred Mountain as well?" Chen Xiang said: "There shouldn't be anything strange about that."

"That's different, that place is the profound Realm that has been sealed for many years, and this place was originally not the profound Realm. Let alone this kind of huge giant alligator, even if it was normal giant alligators, it's still rare." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang nodded. He had only read a few records about giant alligators that were more than ten meters long.

"There's a battle over there." Long Xueyi suddenly said: "Seems like it's a battle between humans and beasts."

When Chen Xiang got closer, he could feel a wave of air coming from that place. The situation was extremely intense, and he did not know what kind of battle it was.

He used his Divination Technique to take a look and saw, high up in the sky, more than twenty young men holding spears against a giant golden bear the size of a small house.

"This is a little gold bear. It's said that all of its fur is some very tough black gold iron. Ordinary weapons would find it very difficult to injure this kind of thing." Long Xueyi said in shock.

"It's good that I can see them, but why do these people look so much like primitive people?" The people attacking the little golden bear were all young and strong men. There was a beast skin wrapped around their waist and their muscles were developed. It seemed that they had a lot of strength.

"They are not weak either. They are all Nirvana stage brats." Long Xueyi said.

"Roar …" After the little golden bear was pierced by the spear, it let out a furious roar. That sound wave was extremely violent, causing those people to all retreat backwards.

At this time, a young man with disheveled hair came out of nowhere and rushed towards the golden bear with his bare hands. His hands were like a giant axe and released a strong Innate Qi, ruthlessly smashing towards the golden bear's head.

"It's very similar to the Sky Sun Axe Slash, but it's much more powerful than the Sky Sun Axe Slash. Don't tell me these people are from my Shen family?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Can't you just go down and ask? These people are no match for you." Long Xueyi laughed: "If it's someone from your Shen family, you will be able to see your father very soon."

It had to be said that the group of people had a very good teamwork. After taking down the little gold bear, they quickly killed it, put it into the Storage magic treasure and quickly left.

The roars of a bear that came from the distance meant that the parents of the little gold bear were currently daring to come, and that kind of big fellow was the strongest.

Several mountain valleys were pushed flat by the berserk Great Golden Bear. Seeing it from high up in the sky, Chen Xiang couldn't help but be surprised.

Chen Xiang secretly followed the group of youths who were retreating quickly. He guessed that this group of youths was here to hunt, and looking at their attire, Chen Xiang guessed that the mortal world had become extremely unsafe. Everyone here had to be on guard against those Ancient Giant Beasts at all times.

"These guys are so cautious." Chen Xiang followed them the entire way and discovered that these people had first entered a small river, dived into the bottom of the river, followed the river far away from the place where they killed the little golden bear, then climbed over the mountains.

"We're finally here." Chen Xiang saw a small village in front of him, but there were a lot of huge rocks surrounding the village, forming a thick wall. From high up in the sky, it looked like there were huge rocks surrounding the village, which meant that the walls were used to defend against the beasts.

Those people entered the village from a flowing cave. There were already many people waiting for them inside.

Chen Xiang searched for familiar faces among the crowd, and after he swept his eyes over thousands of people, he was immediately disappointed, because he did not find anyone he was familiar with.

"My great-uncle and my father aren't in the crowd." Chen Xiang sighed. His great-uncle Shen Luzong should be very strong in the Shen family, and he should be in here as well.

Just when he was disappointed, a burly, bearded middle-aged man walked out from a small house.

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