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The difficulty for Chen Xiang to cultivate now was that he needed to condense more and more Innate Qi s. If not for him being able to condense creation divine liquid and duplicating a large amount of medicinal herbs to cultivate, it would be extremely difficult for him to grow by himself.

He had absorbed a lot of energy from the Dragon Veins. Adding the energy from the Hunyuan Dan, he felt that he would need to ascend very quickly.

I'm only at the seventh level of the Nirvana Tribulation. I still have eight trials, but nine trials … it seems I'll still need a long time. I originally planned to train in the Dao of the G.o.ds and raise my power in the Dao of the G.o.ds.

Chen Xiang had cultivated for more than a year, the progress was extremely slow, but it was much faster than when he was sealed. After all, this was the inside of the dragon vein, and he was also consuming Heaven level pills like the Hunyuan Dan.

"Little Scoundrel, I have a way to speed up your training in the Dao of the G.o.ds." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"What method?" Just as Chen Xiang finished asking, he suddenly thought of something that made his entire body feel hot.

"Other than that method, what else can I do? I'll let you, little scoundrel, get away with it." Long Xueyi scoffed.

The method Long Xueyi spoke of was to combine two different types of cultivation at the same time. Previously, Long Xueyi had used the "G.o.ds join method" to help Chen Xiang recover his divine power quickly, but Chen Xiang did not know that the G.o.ds join method could be used in such a way.

"Hmph." Long Xueyi said, "Don't think too much about other things. If you were to dual cultivate, with your current Body of Heavenly Sage, it won't even be enough for this emperor to torture you with."

"I don't believe it. No matter what, I'm still the youngest. Come, we'll know after we try." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"Little Scoundrel, I knew you'd be after my body. Don't even think about it." Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang let go of Divine Sense Sea and let him in.

Amongst the Divine Sense Sea, after seeing the naked Long Xueyi, it could be said that no matter if it was the figure or the appearance, Long Xueyi was definitely one of the best of the best. Although Chen Xiang had seen many women's jade bodies, compared to seduction, the Long Xueyi in front of him was definitely one of the best.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to pounce on her and put her on the spot, Long Xueyi had s.n.a.t.c.hed a step ahead of him and pushed him down as soon as he rushed over, then very roughly sat on his waist …

At night, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi trained in the divine way using the G.o.ds join method, and during the day, they refined Hunyuan Dan. He originally thought that he would have a very boring life, but after Long Xueyi and his cultivation of the G.o.ds join method, he lived a very carefree life.

"I didn't raise you for nothing. Your G.o.d Power has improved a lot faster than before." Inside Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, he held Long Xueyi's divine soul and unrestrainedly touched her body. He had never been polite to Long Xueyi and Long Xueyi treated him the same way.

"Little Scoundrel, you raised me for this, for no reason at all. Don't think that just because divine soul sleeps with this Dragon Emperor, that's the same as conquering me."

Long Xueyi impolitely pinched Chen Xiang's chest. She also admitted that she and Chen Xiang had been extremely happy during this period of time and there were a few times where she really wanted to come and see Chen Xiang. However, that would indeed harm Chen Xiang, so she endured it.

Chen Xiang made Long Xueyi lie down beside him, hugged her from behind, and kissed her on the cheek. "Xue Yi, I can tell that your White Dragon race is not simple, can't you tell me that?"

Long Xueyi turned over and leaned into Chen Xiang's embrace. The two of them held each other tightly, and this was the first time Chen Xiang had used such a gentle tone to speak to her.

"I don't need you to worry, this is my problem." Long Xueyi gently rubbed Chen Xiang's chest. Although she had said that, her voice was still filled with tenderness.

"Your matters are my matters. Many of my matters, didn't you also interfere in them before?" Chen Xiang looked at her intelligent eyes, and gently caressed her hair.

"Your matters are nothing to me, but mine are big matters. If you interfere, you will lose your life." Long Xueyi pinched his face: "Don't think that you're invincible under the heavens just because you have powerful things like Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method s."

She knew Chen Xiang a lot more than Su Meiyao. Although they often bickered, they had a very good relationship with each other.

And now, it was the first time they showed any emotion.

"For you, I am invincible." Chen Xiang laughed, and rubbed her sweet and beautiful face.

Leng Youlan had awakened her White Dragon Vein, but she had not told Chen Xiang about it. It could be seen that she also knew a lot about the matters of the White Dragon Clan, and it was very dangerous as well, so she did not tell Chen Xiang about it.

This was what Chen Xiang thought. He saw that Long Xueyi's face was currently filled with melancholy, and then, with her small mouth, he kissed her.

After a fierce kiss, Chen Xiang asked again, "You Lan also knows about the matter regarding your White Dragon race."

"She definitely knows. However, you don't have to worry about her. I won't let her interfere. Even if she has the strength, you can't let her interfere." Long Xueyi sighed.

"Why do you want to face it alone? Can't I help you? Don't tell me I don't have that strength."

Long Xueyi shook his head: "Little Scoundrel, I can't live with you forever. All these years, I have been really thankful to you.

Chen Xiang was very disappointed, but he continued to look at Long Xueyi deeply. His eyes told Long Xueyi that he did not want to leave her.

"Let's put it this way, my White Dragon Clan's ancestor died because of the same reason as the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and also … At that time, many of the strong warriors who were related to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, such as the White Tiger, were implicated. The White Tiger had a huge life and had reincarnated, if not for Ten Heavens Supreme Lord telling them to do something, the Great Flame Lion and the Ice Dragon under the You Ming Deep Abyss would have all died. "

Long Xueyi leaned his face against Chen Xiang's chest and said those words softly, but it made Chen Xiang feel extremely shocked.

"Don't ask me, in short, you are the man I have decided on in my life. Even if I leave you in the future, I will still be your Little Naughty Dragon." Long Xueyi suddenly laughed, and vigorously bit off the beans on Chen Xiang's chest.

"Little pervert, this isn't a medicinal pill." Chen Xiang patted her b.u.t.tocks as he scolded her with a smile.

Chen Xiang now knew that there was something about the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord in Long Xueyi's inheritance of knowledge, but she had never mentioned it.

"Didn't you say that the White Dragon Sword is in a place in Heaven Realm? But when I saw you helping You Lan that day, I took it out." Chen Xiang asked.

"That isn't the real White Dragon Sword, the real White Dragon Sword is in the Heaven Realm, I only have the Legacy's Body Protection Dragon Sword, You Lan also has it, her armor and the big sword in her hands are the same, our White Dragon Tribe is very strong, we can pa.s.s on our legacy, even a Holy Dragon would not be able to do that."

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