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Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Leader position down to Duan Chong. Although he was the head of the tomb robbers, he still had a good management system. Li Baojun could also do that, but he had to concoct pills.

After creating a large expanse of Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, Chen Xiang felt much more relaxed. However, he still had to make some more, and he felt that he would need at least tens of them.

Chen Xiang did not need to care about the matters of the Dragon Subduing School in the future.

He used more than a year to duplicate fifty Longevity fruit for Li Baojun, then left the Evil Dragon Graveyard to visit his old friend Zuo Zhenxuan, as well as the White Tiger Fighting Race inside.

Then, they would go to the Chen Martial Continent to see the current Leader s of the sects. Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Icy Wind Valley's Leader were still women, Pan Yunlan would support the new Leader.

Chen Xiang suspected that the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's successors were female because there was a type of skill that could help the female quickly increase their strength. Or perhaps it was some other method, because he found out that whether it was the Icy Wind Valley or the Icy Wind Valley, the majority of the female experts were female.

Dan Fragrance Pure Land was currently an old man. He was quite famous in the pill refining world, and was able to refine high grade Heaven level pills.

The island master of the Lotus Island had already changed, but he was still Lian Yingxiao's son, and was the younger brother of the previous island master. Lian Yingxiao had many sons, and even more grandsons, and many of them were very outstanding, not lacking in successors.

As for the Super Martial School, of course the Leader had also changed. He was a very st.u.r.dy old man whom Chen Xiang recognized in the past, and when Chen Xiang appeared in the Super Martial School, the elders treated him like a senior.

In the end, Chen Xiang came to the Icy Wind Valley. When he was in the Chen Martial Continent, many rankers knew that he had flown up, and many people thought that he had done so.

"Elder Pan, you didn't tell Xianxian and the others about me cultivating the divine way right?" Pan Yunlan asked. To Di Tian, Pan Yunlan was a very strong existence, close to the strength of the Immortal Monarch. Furthermore, he also had divine soul.

"Of course not."

Moreover, she had already a.s.sisted many Leader s. Furthermore, with her current strength being so strong, she was a person that many disciples respected greatly, not to mention that she had been a peerless beauty ever since she was young. Her mature and charming temperament was extremely harmful to many men.

Even Chen Xiang would sometimes be captivated by this woman.

"Kid, I didn't expect that you haven't ascended in over 30 years …" Pan Yunlan realized that Chen Xiang was staring at him, and lowered his head, and said softly: "Although Di Tian is big, he doesn't have many strong warriors, and you have the chance and strength to go to Heaven Realm to take a look."

Pan Yunlan was clearly aware of what kind of person Chen Xiang was, who had already lost to him.

Chen Xiang coughed dryly and said, "Elder Pan, I'm sorry. I only remembered something very important now … You definitely cannot continue to cultivate in your Spirit Cultivation Method. There is a big problem with the Divine Devil Cult's technique, I am here to pa.s.s on to you a cultivation technique that cultivates the way of the G.o.ds. "

"I said that I would give it to you before, but now that I think about it, I'm really sorry."

Chen Xiang felt very guilty, he had wasted 30 years of his family's time.

Pan Yunlan chuckled: "What's there to be sorry about? You saved me, after all.

"Then let's begin." Chen Xiang laughed and then patiently pa.s.sed the incantation to Pan Yunlan. This was a Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra and he had repeatedly reminded her not to spread it.

Chen Xiang stayed in the secret room with Pan Yunlan for many days.

After completely imparting this to Pan Yunlan, Chen Xiang said: "I have delayed you for more than thirty years. If your lifespan is insufficient in the future, go to my Dragon Subduing School and ask for a Longevity Pill from him. I told him before that he would definitely give it to you."

"Got it. You are quite capable. No wonder Meng Er and her disciple like you so much." Pan Yunlan laughed.

"Well... "Heh heh." Chen Xiang did not say much.

"What I am going to do next is to busy myself with matters of ascension. When I see you again in the future, maybe it will be time for Di Tian to recover his status. By then, you should also be a very strong Ranker in Elder Pan."

"Mm, don't worry. I will definitely not let you down by helping me. At that time, I will definitely become a powerful person." Of course, she knew that with Chen Xiang's personality, he would definitely have many enemies in the future. The only way she could help Chen Xiang in the future was to make herself strong.

After leaving the Icy Wind Valley, Chen Xiang wandered around the Chen Martial Continent, looking at the places he had previously visited. He stood beside the You Ming Deep Abyss.

"sister Meiyao and Sister You You You haven't woken up." Chen Xiang asked.

"No, they are still sleeping. Don't worry, they are doing very well. The divine soul has already grown. Who knows, when they wake up, their cultivation level will be very high as well." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had not improved much in the past thirty years, but his strength must have increased by a lot. When Chen Xiang thought of this, he felt unbalanced in his heart.

"Little Naughty Dragon, you haven't eaten all the food inside yet, right?" Chen Xiang was already mentally prepared when he asked that question, but he was still provoked by Long Xueyi's words.

"No, I have kept one for each breed. I can make a lot of copies for you." Long Xueyi said proudly, just like a child who thought that he had done something great.

"You're so good. You didn't finish all of them, and even left me some." Chen Xiang took a deep breath before speaking.

"Of course. Oh right, when are you going to help me refine the Heaven level pills? I'm almost out of food." Long Xueyi said.

Although this little dragon could eat a lot, Chen Xiang felt that it wasn't raised for nothing, because she was very strong, furthermore, he had already treated this little dragon as his own woman. After being together with her for so long, it was impossible for him not to have deep feelings for her.

You'll have to wait for me to raise my cultivation in the divine way, and I don't know what kind of pill is suitable for you to eat, but right now, I'm really lacking the ingredients for the low grade Heaven level pills. Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi said magnanimously: "Alright then, I'll barely starve for a period of time. You go and ascend to Heaven Realm first, then we'll talk."

Chen Xiang did not expect that after cultivating for 30 years, the little dragon had already mostly eaten the herbs in the ring, but she had left a portion of them all, so Chen Xiang was able to replicate them using creation divine liquid s in the future.

Returning to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, Chen Xiang immediately ran into the Dragon Vein. He felt that the little dragon he raised was more edible than the Dragon Subduing School, he had to rest easy on Long Xueyi's stomach.

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