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Ever since the disappearance of the Fire Divine Palace, the previously rampant demons did not dare to be overly arrogant. Some of them had already left the Human Realm, and the demons that did not have a clear view of the current situation had all been killed.

Right now, Di Tian could be said to be very stable. Most people all planned to prepare for ascension. But of course, if they had the choice, there would still be many that wouldn't ascend so early.

After all, the top of Heaven Realm was a high level world and they were considered the top experts of Di Tian. However, after going to the Heaven Realm, they became the weakest group of people.

However, there were also many people who wished to be able to quickly reach the Heaven Realm that they had been yearning for for for a long time.

From there, Chen Xiang was busy, because if he were to fly up in the future, no one would be able to provide him a large amount of high level pellets to support his Dragon Subduing School's growth, so before he ascended, he had to use the creation divine liquid to obtain more high level pellets for Li Baojun to keep. He did not know when he would be able to return to Di Tian, but it would definitely be a long time.

Although Li Baojun and Duan Chong had surpa.s.sed the strength of immortals, they could not head to the Heaven Realm now, so they could only stay here. However, they did not have to worry about not being able to raise their strength because there was a dragon vein here, and although the dense Spirit Qi was not comparable to the Heaven Realm's Spirit Qi, it was enough for them.

Chen Xiang would also give them some Longevity fruit and let them refine it into a Ten Thousand Life Pill. At that time, they would have their lifespan increase.

Inside the Dragon Vein, Chen Xiang was condensing creation divine liquid. In the remaining time, he would put all his effort into condensing creation divine liquid s, and not only would he need to duplicate a large amount of high grade medicinal ingredients, he would also need to refine some pills for himself to eat in the future. Only then would he be able to break through and quickly ascend.

This was also why he previously said that he would be the last one to ascend. It was because he still had to lay a solid foundation for the Dragon Subduing School, especially in the area of pills.

For the current Di Tian, Hunyuan Dan s were more than enough, but even if it was Hunyuan Dan s, it was enough for Chen Xiang to suffer for a long time.

But for a very big sect, to be able to get ten sets of medicinal herbs a year was already not bad. This was also why so many people wanted to become the hanger-ons of the Dragon Subduing School before this.

After Fire Divine Palace was gone, he would no longer need his hanger-ons. Even if Chen Xiang knew how to duplicate medicinal herbs, he wouldn't be able to keep so many hanger-ons for so long.

Of course, these hanger-ons would have to sacrifice some during the great war, and those who survived would feel that they earned something even though Dragon Subduing School persuaded them to leave. It was just one year, but they could get one of the Hunyuan Dan, which was worth it in their eyes.

Although Chen Xiang did not really manage the Dragon Subduing School, he did a lot of things for the Dragon Subduing School, and it was also very important. Furthermore, the Dragon Subduing School now had a very solid foundation and a safe environment, so as long as it continued to develop smoothly, sooner or later, it would become a very powerful sect.

Many of the disciples who were able to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard had pa.s.sed through layers and layers of tests and were also seen as core disciples. However, many of them had never seen their Leader before.

They didn't know that in order to get more pills for these disciples, Chen Xiang had sacrificed a lot of time to do so, and went into closed-door training for thirty years. He had gathered a total of more than thirty-six hundred batches of Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, and if he were to refine them for him, he could refine more than ten thousand of them.

"Elder Li, I think these medicinal ingredients should be enough …" Once Chen Xiang came out, he gave all these medicinal ingredients that he had "cooked" for thirty years to Li Baojun.

If he were to spend thirty years of his time cultivating, he would probably be in the Heaven Realm already.

Li Baojun looked at the large amount of Hunyuan Dan medicine inside, and was immediately stunned. Such a large amount of Heaven level medicine, to a Alchemist like him, was more shocking than anything.

"That's enough. Don't worry, I will definitely reach your level. You can produce four pills in a single furnace. If not, you will be unworthy of these medicinal ingredients." When Li Baojun saw Chen Xiang's bitter expression, he knew that Chen Xiang had toiled for this for the past thirty years.

"Right, where are Xiao Dao and the rest?" Chen Xiang asked: "They are about to ascend right? These guys are actually walking in front of me."

Duan Chong, who had just walked in, smiled and said, "They had already ascended five years ago … They were in a hurry to find you. "

Chen Xiang stared blankly before sighing, "Forget it, sooner or later, I will also go to Heaven Realm."

"The Leader's wife and your recognized sister have also ascended. They left rather early, and had already left ten years ago. They had all come to find you, and we had also sent Elder Tie to call for you at that time. However, you did not respond." Li Baojun said.

Duan Chong chuckled, "Young people nowadays really live in a good era. A reorganized Di Tian, has become more talented, the spirit energy has become denser, and the rate of improvement is really fast. During this period of time, I often heard about some young people from famous sects flying to Heaven Realm."

"I'm relieved that they were able to successfully ascend." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "I may still need some time before I can head up. My current cultivation has encountered a bottleneck, and it's very difficult to break through."

"That's right, Dan Fragrance Pure Land's Leader. Where's Wu Qianqian, has she ascended yet?" Chen Xiang asked, but neither Duan Chong nor Duan Chong mentioned it.

When mentioning Wu Qianqian, Li Baojun's face immediately revealed an expression of admiration, and said: "It also rose, it happened two years ago. However, this girl is not kind, before flying up, she came to me to borrow a set of Hunyuan Dan s' medicinal ingredients to refine pills … Furthermore, she used your G.o.d purification, this little girl did it on purpose to attack this old fellow. "

After Chen Xiang heard it, her face immediately revealed shock: "This is real, how did she do it?"

Using G.o.d purification required a very strong consciousness. Chen Xiang thought that they had to have divine soul to be able to step into the divine way, but Wu Qianqian actually was able to do it.

He had only explained the refining process in detail, as well as the chants that he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy. As for Wu Qianqian, he had crossed the river by himself and successfully refined a batch of Hunyuan Dan, and he had even succeeded in the first attempt.

After all, I have mastered the Foreseeing Alchemy, so I can refine Heaven level Pills, which is why my att.i.tude towards self-study is too pa.s.sive. "Feng Feiyun said with a smile. Li Baojun said with shame.

Since Wu Qianqian could not refine the Heaven level, and if she wanted to use the Foreseeing Alchemy, it would take too long.

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