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The sudden appearance of Leng Youlan gave Chen Xiang a big fright, especially the aura of the Dragon Power that she was releasing, it was extremely powerful.

After transforming, Leng Youlan's strength had increased by a lot. When he brandished the greatsword and attacked the Demon Dao experts, the powerful Sword Qi that came out left b.l.o.o.d.y marks on the bodies of the Demon Dao experts.

Seeing that Leng Youlan had that kind of strength, Chen Xiang was no longer worried, after killing the few Devil Dao Innates, he ran towards the group of Fire Divine Palace Innates, all of them brandishing his Divine Blade, forming a b.l.o.o.d.y path, killing a large amount of Spirit Demon beings.

The reinforcements coming from the Fire Divine Palace were also very strong. After feeling the pressure, Teng Ying and Xiao Chou also released their strongest power, causing Teng Ying to transform into a Kylin thunder eagle. He flapped his steel wings, and his stiff wings shot out like a short arrow, engulfing the group of demons like a storm, killing them in an instant.

On the other hand, Xiao Chou turned into a giant, using his Great Strength Race Spirit Qi, he punched the ground, the force of the punch could shake all the demons in the area to death, the power was extremely terrifying.

"Not good, there's a very strong guy approaching You Lan." Long Xueyi suddenly shouted out, and then she left the ring.

Leng Youlan's body had White Dragon Vein, in Long Xueyi's eyes, it was equivalent to being her family.

With Long Xueyi personally coming out, Chen Xiang did not have to worry, and now, the people from the Fire Divine Palace s that came out from the depths of the Heavy Earth Palace were all quite strong.

Therefore, Chen Xiang had to stay here and stop this group of people. At the same time, he also called for White Tiger Fighting Race's group of young white tigers to kill these demons, to these white tigers, killing them was not a challenge at all.

With White Tiger Fighting Race joining them, Chen Xiang became much more relaxed. The people of Fire Divine Palace were also blocked and were fighting against Chen Xiang and the others.

Long Xueyi came out of the ring and immediately came to Leng Youlan's side. Just as she arrived, a short and skinny person came flying over. It was actually a demon, and one that was extremely strong at that.

"d.a.m.ned smelly bird, you're so amazing, you actually dare to bully a little girl?" Long Xueyi bellowed, he waved his hand and released a red light that struck the short elder.

Leng Youlan also felt the scariness of the short elder, and at the same time, was curious about the ident.i.ty of the woman who suddenly appeared beside her.

After the short elder dodged the ray of light, he said in shock, "Could it be that you are the very high Elder?"

When Long Xueyi killed the three Dragon Slaying Clan members who came to provoke him, his reputation rose greatly. The Dragon Subduing School s seemed to be more powerful than the Great Clan Elder, and thus, caused many people to pay attention to him.

"You do know me, my aunt." A white sword appeared in Long Xueyi's hands. She shook it lightly, and the sound of the sword rose up like the roar of a dragon, releasing a white light that made the surrounding demons feel even worse than when they were facing the Devil-suppressing holy power.

"What is this?" The short elder had the strength of a late stage Demon Immortal, but this sword made him feel incomparable fear.

Chen Xiang could also feel the power of the sword from afar, "It must be the White Dragon Sword, and this Little Naughty Dragon tricked me saying that she lost it. It was clearly by her side."

Long Xueyi gently waved the White Dragon Sword in his hand, seemingly very casually and simply, but he released thousands of gigantic White Dragons, which intertwined together and rushed towards the old man, forming a gigantic white wave that soared to the sky, slapping the ground to cover him completely.

Long Xueyi continuously brandished the white dragon sword in his hand, and waves after waves of white dragon waves rushed out like monstrous waves, drowning a large portion of the plaza. But strangely, only the demons who were already at Fire Divine Palace would be affected by that kind of power, and the others would not be harmed at all.

Just with a few moves from Long Xueyi, majority of the demons in the plaza had already been cleaned up and turned into dust by Long Xueyi's strange and terrifying power.

"I knew that this Little Naughty Dragon was very powerful, otherwise she would have let me down. I fed her a lot of food." Chen Xiang thought in his heart. The Dragon Tide that Long Xueyi had released all came to him as well, and all of the disciples of the Fire Divine Palace were killed, leaving only white ashes.

Only some of the stronger demons had not suffered, but when they saw that their opponent had such a powerful being, their hearts filled with fear.

"This is the legendary very high Elder. A woman is actually this powerful."

"It looks like we'll win this time."

At this time, some people felt much more relaxed and began to discuss in low voices.

"You …" Leng Youlan looked at Long Xueyi, speechless, and she didn't know why.

Long Xueyi stroked her white hair and laughed: "Work harder, you still have a long way to go."

Leng Youlan nodded, she could clearly tell now that the woman in front of her was a dragon, and a white dragon at that. She had a huge relationship with her, and ever since she awakened her White Dragon Vein, she knew that the White Dragon bloodline was extraordinary even after obtaining the inherited memories.

Long Xueyi disappeared in a flash and returned to Chen Xiang's ring. Just now, she had released such a big move, she must have consumed a lot of energy, so she was in a hurry to go back and eat to replenish her energy.

"Youlan, are you alright?" Xue Xianxian walked over to Leng Youlan's side. Seeing that Leng Youlan had changed into such a state, she was also shocked.

"What could have happened to me? It's you, Senior Sister, who is covered in so much blood. Are you hurt?" The normally crude Leng Youlan asked worriedly.

"It's all someone else's blood. I'm fine." Xue Xianxian laughed and continued: "Let's go together."

Long Xueyi's previous move had let everyone heave a sigh of relief, they had all gathered together and rushed towards the group of demons, and the people from Fire Divine Palace were almost all dead.

Chen Xiang rushed at the front and used his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s and Holy Devil-suppressing seal s to attack the demon leaders. No matter how strong the demon powerhouses were, they felt powerless in front of these two divine instruments that specialized in suppressing demons.

It had only been more than two hours, but of the tens of millions of demons, only a few million were left.

"Stop." A burst of strong light suddenly appeared in the square that was filled with the aura of death, following that, he saw a large group of Fire Divine Palace people standing on an array disc.

It was actually the Hall Master of the Fire Divine Palace and w.a.n.g Qiongjin. The two Immortal Kings of the Fire Divine Palace had come, but most of the Fire Divine Palace disciples here were already dead.

Bai Zhan immediately retracted his hand and came to the side of Chen Xiang's group. At this moment, Chen Xiang's group was more than thirty meters away from Fire Divine Palace, and both sides were filled with killing intent. The demons behind Fire Divine Palace's group shouted as they escaped.

Fire Divine Palace's Palace Master looked at Chen Xiang who was holding onto a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, his expression extremely ugly. He did not know when Chen Xiang came out, and even though he had guarded there for more than 10 years, Chen Xiang still ran out without him even knowing.

"When did you come out?" This was something that the Palace Mistress wanted to know the most. Similarly, everyone else also wanted to know.

"The second year after I was sealed, I came out." Chen Xiang said lightly: "Don't worry, I won't treat you as an idiot. You being able to stand guard there for ten years, I still admire you a lot."

Although Chen Xiang said this, it was to tell the Palace Master that you are a fool.

Everyone was secretly laughing in their hearts. He had only been sealed for two years, but he had guarded this spot for over ten years.

Of course, the reason why Chen Xiang lied just now was to p.i.s.s off this Palace Master.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin asked with overflowing anger. "You were the one who did this to Sacred Fire School."

Chen Xiang had already heard from Su Meiyao that the Immortal King in the Sacred Fire School was w.a.n.g Qiongjin's little lover. The matters in the Sacred Fire School were indeed done by him, and he even killed the Immortal King.

That was why he immediately denied it: "It has nothing to do with me, I really did plan to make a move on the Sacred Fire School. I stayed nearby for a while, and found that it was difficult to make a move, but in the end, it was destroyed by the Divine Devil Cult."

Divine Devil Cult.

At that time, they suspected that it was the Divine Devil Cult who did it, and after the Divine Devil Cult killed their people, and now that Chen Xiang said it, they believed it silently.

The Divine Devil Cult had already been eliminated, and there was no way to prove it now. Therefore, Chen Xiang decided to blame the Divine Devil Cult for this, although killing the Immortal King was a glorious thing, but it would bring Chen Xiang a lot of trouble. Especially now, there were two Immortal King s in front of him, and one of them was the deceased Immortal King's lover.

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