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"Old dog, I don't have time to play with you here. I can only send you on your way." Chen Xiang activated his Ground killing, and the earth suddenly started to shake violently. The ground started to shake crazily, and all of the shaking power that exploded out from the ground rushed into Chen Xiang's body.

"Boom." Chen Xiang waved his blade and attacked ferociously, like lightning.

The old man from Fire Divine Palace was shocked when he saw the situation. He did not have time to dodge and could only use the greatsword in his hand to block.

The power of the earthquake was one of the scariest powers on earth, but Chen Xiang was able to use this power right now. It could absorb this power into his own body, and then release it to shake a single target.

Ka, before the sword in the old man's hand could touch Chen Xiang's divine blade, it was shattered by the formless ripple.

When the divine blade swung down, the old man could only release all the Innate Qi in his body, forming a defensive barrier.

An incomparably violent shockwave landed on the old man's body. The ground immediately cracked like a spider web, and the shockwave and sound waves crushed the surrounding corpses into dust.

He knew that Chen Xiang had not gone through the Nine Nirvana Tribulation. The current Di Tian, after going through the Nine Nirvana Tribulation, would definitely ascend to Heaven Realm. No matter how strong Chen Xiang was, he would not be able to avoid this rule.

What he did not know was that Chen Xiang's fleshly body would have already transcended the mortal realm and become a saint's body. Although it was only at the initial Body of Heavenly Sage, with the other powers on Chen Xiang's body, he would be able to compete with the experts of the Late period of human immortal.

After Chen Xiang unleashed his blade, he knew that the old man in front of him was not ordinary. Just by using the Innate Qi on him, he was able to block his attack.

"Let's see how many moves you can block." Chen Xiang shouted, and the ground shook again as he transmitted a strong vibration to Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang slashed down again, releasing the vibrating power that was entering his body.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had such brutal strength, the demon powerhouses who had come to reinforce him did not dare to come closer. The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in Chen Xiang's hand was their nightmare, not to mention them, even the powerful Fire Divine Palace had no choice but to be continuously attacked by Chen Xiang and could only resist.

Chen Xiang's crazy attacks, hacked at the old man time and time again, all using the seismic power from the Ground killing. Adding the power of his Body of Heavenly Sage, he might attack the old man with his life, but he did not believe that he would not be able to break through the old man's defense.

"This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really giving it his all." The old man was extremely shocked. Chen Xiang's every blade did not show any signs of his strength weakening, and he was getting stronger and stronger.

Seeing Chen Xiang being able to escape the seal, the divine way Immortal Monarch in the distance was extremely shocked, because he was very clear on the power of the seal formation. He quickly thought about what had happened all these years and guessed that it was related to Chen Xiang, while the hall master of his Fire Divine Palace was like a silly hat that had been bitterly guarding the place for many years.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d." The Immortal Monarch could not help but curse. He pointed his finger at Chen Xiang and released a hot stream of flames that entered Chen Xiang's body in the blink of an eye.

"Someone like you, hurry up and die. You don't even know what your cultivation is, you're actually plotting against someone so much weaker than you." Bai Zhan was furious, a set of white armor suddenly appeared on his body, his eyes were completely red, his fist had also turned into a pair of big tiger claws, the sharp claws, seemed to be able to tear apart everything.

What shocked the Immortal Monarch the most was the tiger tail on Bai Zhan's waist. Adding the killing intent on Bai Zhan, he knew the background of this old man whose killing intent was so berserk.

White Tiger Fighting Race, and one of the super strong ones at that.

Not giving the Immortal Monarch time to think, Bai Zhan's claws had already reached over, digging out a few wounds on his arm that could even touch bones.

Bai Zhan was furious. After transforming, his power had increased a lot as he attacked the Immortal Monarch fiercely … On Chen Xiang's side, after he was ambushed by the Immortal Monarch, he was only sent flying. His body was very strong, and with the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, he didn't receive any injuries.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was sent flying, the old man immediately rushed forward, releasing all the energy in his body into his fist and struck towards Chen Xiang. The intense heat caused some of the demon corpses in the distance to be burnt to ashes.

"It's great that you're here." Facing such a powerful punch, Chen Xiang did not feel any fear. At the same time, he welcomed the punch with his own.

The two fists collided, and a huge fireball appeared, covering a radius of several hundred meters. The semicircle of flames in the air were like a giant mushroom, and the entire underground palace was engulfed by the heat wave.

After the old man threw a punch earlier, he did not harm Chen Xiang and was extremely furious. At this moment, he felt that his body was slightly cold and he wouldn't be able to disperse the heat in his body even if he were to trigger it.

After Chen Xiang saw that his opponent had been hit by his Hail magic wind, he immediately withdrew his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. If he had to use the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to attack directly, even if he could defeat his opponent, he would have to expend a lot of energy. Right now, many people were waiting for him to use up most of his energy before besieging him.

"You … "How dare you underestimate me." When the old man saw Chen Xiang keeping the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he was immediately enraged and was about to punch.

However, Chen Xiang had already rushed over extremely quickly, and his punches were even faster than his. His fists were like countless of lightning, and when his fists landed on the body of the elderly man, he released true berserk lightning. At the same time, he imbued traces of Hail magic wind into the elderly man's body.

The Hail magic wind only numbed the old man's feelings and consciousness, causing him to think that he was sealed in ice. At the same time, he would also feel cold, so cold that he couldn't release his powers, but the old man wouldn't discover it, he would only feel a cold energy invading his body, thus he would constantly incite fire energy to expel the cold.

After a series of crazy punches, the old man was already shivering from the cold.

"This must be... It's the Hail magic wind. " This old man could be considered very knowledgeable. After confirming it, he started with his own consciousness, but the problem was that he didn't have the time to do so.

"That's right, but it's too late for you to recognize him now." Chen Xiang's palm landed on the old man's chest hastily. This was the power of the Bone-melting magic palm, it directly melted away half of the old man's body, causing his bones to soften.

If it was before, it would definitely be difficult for Chen Xiang to get to him using the Bone-melting magic palm, because the opponent's Innate Qi was truly very strong and could defend himself. But after being invaded by the Hail magic wind into his consciousness, the old man's entire body was paralyzed by ice and it was difficult for him to activate the Innate Qi.

Without the bones, the old man's body would not be able to hold up and break together. Even if he could circulate the powerful Innate Qi in his body, he would not be able to unleash its full power.

"Fire Divine Palace will definitely disappear from Di Tian today."

Chen Xiang called out the Divine Blade, and slashed at the elderly man on the ground, using the power of earthquake, adding the huge force of the Divine Blade, the Divine Blade could not even touch the elderly man's body, and had shattered him into pieces.


Many of the Fire Divine Palace's disciples felt a chill in their hearts. One must know that the old man was a stronger elder beneath the Immortal Monarch of the divine way.

After killing the old man, Chen Xiang ran over to Leng Youlan's side, because some strong demon powerhouses were attacking her.

"Youlan, I'll come help you." Chen Xiang leaped over, chopped off the arm of a Devil Cultivator who was swinging his sword, and then came to Leng Youlan's side.

"Bro, are you okay? So many strong guys were cut by you, you're really amazing." Leng Youlan also did not expect Chen Xiang to be even more brutal than she was.

"You Lan, don't hide anymore. Reveal all your strength, I believe you won't just have this little bit of strength." Chen Xiang laughed.

Leng Youlan had the White Dragon Vein, and her White Dragon Vein had already been awakened, so she also had some memory inheritances. However, she had not used any of them here, so it could be seen that she was hiding them.

Leng Youlan laughed loudly: "Brother, watch carefully, don't be scared by me."

After that, a burst of white light lit up Leng Youlan's body, the big sword in her hand turned into a coiling dragon white longsword, the tattered armor on her body had disappeared, and a set of snow white awe-inspiring armor that looked like a dragon had appeared. Her white hair was decorated with dragons, making her look extremely tyrannical and majestic, especially the tyrannical dragon Qi that was emitted from her body, making people think that she was a dragon.

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