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Chen Xiang knew that he wouldn't be able to raise his strength much with just a little bit of time, but he wanted to give it a try. He wanted to go all out so that he could see how much he could improve during this year.

"Don't forget to copy those Black blood magic sunflower. When you use those Death-haunting arrow, without any poison, their power will be greatly reduced." Long Xueyi reminded him, afraid that he would forget.

Black blood magic sunflower s were powerful poisons under the effects of the banned poison. During the surprise attack, this poison could be used a lot, so Chen Xiang would definitely not forget about it.

"I know that."

After Chen Xiang's flame increased, he refined Hunyuan Dan at a much faster rate. Previously, when he and w.a.n.g Qiongjin were refining pellets, due to the fact that the flame was not strong enough, he used a lot of time. But now, he was more than twice as fast as before, able to refine two batches in one day and one night.

Using the G.o.d purification was not always a success, Chen Xiang had already failed three times, but at his current age, he still had such a high success rate for refining Hunyuan Dan, which was considered very impressive. Right now, the majority of people who were able to concoct the Heaven level Pill would have to live for many years, and only people who had trained their Foreseeing Alchemy to over a hundred would be able to successfully refine it.

Right now, he was not in a hurry to refine other Heaven level pills, because the current situation was extremely tense, he had no intention of learning to refine new pills. Moreover, right now, with Hunyuan Dan, he would be able to hold on for a very long time.

After the news that every six months, a few disciples that went to the Fire Divine Palace first had a change of heart and went to the Dragon Subduing School, but not everyone in the Dragon Subduing School had accepted them. The conditions to become a guest of the Dragon Subduing School were very high, so a large number of people were rejected outside the door.

Even if they could not join the Dragon Subduing School, those people did not plan to go there anymore. Right now, everyone could tell that the Dragon Subduing School was extremely powerful, with such a rich medicinal base, in this aspect, he had already surpa.s.sed the Fire Divine Palace. If they were to join the Fire Divine Palace, if they were to fight with the Dragon Subduing School in the future, maybe they would lose their lives.

As for the hanger-ons of the Dragon Subduing School, they were all people that Li Baojun and Duan Chong had checked on, and were not afraid of the Fire Divine Palace, so even if the Dragon Subduing School and the Fire Divine Palace clashed in the future, these strong warriors would not cower.

These hanger-ons were all rogue cultivators, they could be said to be the top rogue cultivators in the New Imperial Heaven World over the years. Some of them even lived for tens of thousands of years, but there were only a hundred.

Although this group of rogue cultivators were at the peak of Nirvana Realm, they were still lacking when compared to those sects. Therefore, not only did Li Baojun give them some Hunyuan Dan, he also gave them quite a few Ground level Pills, which were extremely helpful to these rogue cultivators.

The Divine Weapons Heavenly Country had already refined five hundred Death-haunting arrow and sent them all to the Dragon Subduing School. It had only been half a year, and during this period, Chen Xiang had come out once, and that was to take out the refined Black blood magic sunflower and let the disciples familiarize themselves with the Death-haunting arrow s using the poison.

However, this matter was handled by Duan Chong, and their Duan Clan was extremely familiar with this kind of thing, so Chen Xiang did not need to focus on it.

A year pa.s.sed by quickly. When Chen Xiang came out of the dragon fountain, he had been working hard to cultivate. Although his Innate Qi had improved, he was still a long ways away from attracting the eight Nirvana Tribulations.

Everything was ready, the next step was to investigate the location of the Fire Divine Palace, and then bring the Transmission array disk over, allowing the one in the lead to go over first and catch the Fire Divine Palace off guard.

The array disc had already been delivered. Leng Youlan, Xue Xianxian, and the Divine Weapon Sect's Grandmasters had been busy for a whole year before they managed to refine it. It was extremely rare.

During this year, all the various sects in Chen Martial Continent had been working hard to prepare for their attacks. Now, they were all waiting for the right time to attack.

Before this, Chen Xiang had gone to the other sects in the Chen Martial Continent to tell them that he would be able to attack them soon.

All the sects had secretly set up Transmission array s and connected them to the formation plate. They could very quickly send a large number of disciples to attack.

The strength of the Fire Divine Palace, these sects all knew about it, but even so, they could not wait for them to kill them. Ever since the news of the Chen Martial Continent possessing the dragon vein spread, the pressure on the people in the upper echelons of the Chen Martial Continent was not small, and they were constantly worried that a large group of strong forces would attack them.

The various sects in Chen Martial Continent did not want to remain in a pa.s.sive position, so they retaliated, fighting back with all their might.

When Chen Xiang went to the sects, he saw many young faces. Although the disciples were young, they were all strong, there were many in the Nirvana Realm, and some of them even went through the seven or eight tribulations of the Nirvana Realm.

Chen Xiang obviously did not want to send such young and talented disciples to their deaths, so he went to White Tiger profound Realm.

When the White Tiger heard that Chen Xiang was going to attack Fire Divine Palace, it was a little surprised. It thought that all this while, the information that it had received would be that the Fire Divine Palace would attack Chen Martial Continent at any time, but now, everything had been reversed.

"You want to borrow the members of our White Tiger Fighting Race." After all, Chen Xiang's Dragon Subduing School and Chen Martial Continent did not have a strong Ranker like the Immortal King Immortal Monarch. If the Immortal Monarch took action, no matter how strong the elites they sent over would be, they would all die.

"Yes, there is a very powerful Immortal Monarch in the Fire Divine Palace. He cultivated the divine way and easily killed that Vice Sect Leader of the Divine Devil Cult." Chen Xiang said: "When the time comes, you all can avoid coming out to fight, as long as you stop those Immortal Monarch s, it will be fine."

"Divine Devil Cult, that fellow who cultivates both G.o.ds and demons has indeed established his own sect. However, according to his surname, this Divine Devil Cult shouldn't be anything good."

However, you're different, I can ask Bai Zhan to bring some little fellows over. No matter what, I am still the Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School. "

Chen Xiang had let him obtain the Dark Rule spiritual bead, and had allowed him to grasp the terrifying power of the Ancient Code. Just by this point, he felt that it was difficult to repay Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was the patriarch of the White Tiger Fighting Race, so he didn't know how strong he was, but it was fine if he was strong. He led the two old men and the thirty young men to follow Chen Xiang out of the White Tiger profound Realm.

Bai Zhan was extremely familiar with Dragon Subduing School, upon his arrival, Lan Lan, Yan Yanran, Duan Sanchang and the rest all rushed over to pay their respects. They had been together for a while, and were very respectful to this benevolent looking old man.

At this time, Yan Yanran and the others were even more sure that Chen Xiang had returned, it was just that he had hidden himself, otherwise, they would not be able to invite Bai Zhan and the others here.

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