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This group of people, who were sent by the Fire Divine Palace to openly persuade people to leave, had not been chased away by the Dragon Subduing School even after causing a ruckus here for so many days. Yet, they suddenly heard such vicious words from them, causing them to be stunned for a moment.

The people who dared to mess around here were all people who were quite strong and had some guts. Now that they were told to scram, they would definitely feel very sullen if they left just like that. However, this was their territory, so they couldn't do anything about it.

Just as they were about to turn around and leave, Chen Xiang suddenly said: "These past two months, I have refined some Hunyuan Dan. Since everyone here is a follower of our Dragon Subduing School, we will definitely not treat you unfairly."

They wanted to see how many Hunyuan Dan s there were. After all, the Dragon Subduing School had forty hanger-ons, it was impossible to only take one pellet per person, that was forty Hunyuan Dan, even for a large force like the Fire Divine Palace, it was still a large number. Even if the Fire Divine Palace had them, it would not be so straightforward.

Chen Xiang took out a large jade box and opened it, a hazy golden mist immediately floated out, the mist dispersed throughout the hall and a rich medicinal fragrance pervaded within, causing one to feel refreshed.

When the hanger-ons saw it, their eyes immediately opened wide. When they came to Dragon Subduing School, Li Baojun had promised to give them the appropriate reward, but they didn't really expect anything, they only wanted to help the Dragon Subduing School fight against the Fire Divine Palace.

Most of these hanger-ons were rogue cultivators, so high level pills were very difficult for them. Even if they painstakingly gathered ingredients, they would still need to find a Alchemist to refine them. If they failed, they wouldn't need to be responsible.

The dozens of golden Hunyuan Dan s in the jade box caused the eyes of those from Fire Divine Palace to turn red. They did not receive such good treatment in Fire Divine Palace.

"Each of you can take one pellet. If nothing goes wrong, you can get one pellet every half year. If you have friends who need to ascend, you can also get one Flying Dan."

Chen Xiang's words caused everyone to be shocked. Half a year later, a Hunyuan Dan.

Although the Hunyuan Dan were low grade Heaven level pills, they were still very connected to the herbs. Every half a year, if there was one Hunyuan Dan, for these rogue cultivators, it would be given an extremely high level of treatment. Even if there were a lot of Spar, they would not be able to buy so many.

Chen Xiang gave the jade box to Li Baojun for him to distribute. He had long known that Chen Xiang was a rich alchemist, but now he couldn't help but feel shocked. If he could produce so many Hunyuan Dan in half a year, then the Dragon Subduing School would surely be able to rule over this Di Tian.

Every half a year, they would receive a single Hunyuan Dan. This would definitely allow them to advance by leaps and bounds, but it was already too late, their appearances had already been remembered, and previously, they had been saying that Dragon Subduing School was in bad shape, but now, if they were to join the Dragon Subduing School, no matter how thick-skinned they were, they would not be able to do such a thing.

After sending out the Hunyuan Dan, Chen Xiang chatted with these hanger-ons for a while before coming to the backyard with Li Baojun.

"Elder Li, this is the Flying Dan's medicine, you can refine some if you have the time. I still don't know how to refine them, and I don't have the time to learn them."

The corner of his mouth twitched. There were actually twenty Nine Death Soaring Flower, which was enough to make twenty batches of pills. However, this type of pill was not a pill that required a lot of energy to refine, if everything went well, he could concoct forty of these pills, which was enough to use.

"If this news gets out, many more people will want to become my Dragon Subduing School's hanger-ons. By then, I'm afraid that there won't be enough pills, would we still have to recruit disciples?" Li Baojun asked.

"100 places is the limit." Chen Xiang said: "We don't need to keep these hanger-ons for too long, as long as the war with the Fire Divine Palace is over, it'll only be for two to three years."

Currently, there were very few Nirvana Realm warriors in Dragon Subduing School. Many of them were young people in Dragon Subduing School and would need some time to grow.

Following that, Chen Xiang still had to refine a few Hunyuan Dan to give to Li Baojun, so he could only continue his closed door cultivation to condense the creation divine liquid. After copying the Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, he had to immediately refine them into Hunyuan Dan s, which was very busy, causing him to not have time to do other things.

Chen Xiang tossed and turned for another two months, and after getting eighty Hunyuan Dan to give to Li Baojun, he finally relaxed a lot, and after that, he needed to think about himself. He also needed to quickly raise his strength, and his friends who were at the same age as him, such as Yun Xiaodao, would all be immersed in their training everyday, their cultivations soaring extremely fast.

If he didn't increase his speed, then he might be the last one to ascend.

"d.a.m.n Fire Divine Palace, this makes me so anxious." Chen Xiang said in his heart. Although the Fire Divine Palace would not directly attack the Dragon Subduing School at that time, his Dragon Subduing School would definitely go and help.

Long Xueyi said: "Right now, we do not know when they will attack, but you are worrying all day, why not we strike first, you can't possibly be too pa.s.sive, at that time I will strike too."

With Long Xueyi's current strength, as long as he did not have to face those immortal kings, no one would be able to do anything to her.

"It's indeed a good idea to make the first move. I had thought of it before, but our strength is still too weak compared to the Fire Divine Palace." Chen Xiang shook his head and said.

"We need to find someone who can catch us off guard. Fire Divine Palace is a powerful force that has allied with the demons and the Human Realm, that's why they think that it's scary. And their Fire Divine Palace's greatest threat are the two Immortal Kings and the Immortal Monarch that cultivates the divine way." Long Xueyi said: "The powers that are colluding with the Fire Divine Palace, are just because of how strong they are. If we could attack them directly, those powers that are colluding with the Fire Divine Palace would definitely be shaken."

"At that time, they might not form an alliance with the Fire Divine Palace, and at the same time, they won't act against us."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "If we really have to do this, then we need to know the Fire Divine Palace's base, and also need to gather all our strength to attack. We cannot attack for too long, we have to leave a path of retreat."

"Of course, it's just that you, the Dragon Subduing School, cannot do it alone, so you have to go to the Chen Martial Continent and negotiate with the big shots of those powers, letting them contribute their energy and provide resources." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi discussed for an entire night and came up with a general plan. After that, they would look for Li Baojun and Duan Chong and share their thoughts with them, which they all expressed their agreement.

"How about this, Elder Duan, you will train some of the strongest disciples, this is used for surprise attacks, only three to five hundred people will do. Elder Li, continue to refine pills, at that time, you will have enough pills, especially healing and detoxifying pills, don't tell this news to your henchmen for now, not even to the core disciples."

"I will make a trip to Chen Martial Continent to talk with them." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang felt that it was about time for him to show his face. He had to go at that time, and he had to reveal all of his wealth.

He first came to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, and went to the Divine Weapon profound Realm, to look for Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian.

"Elder Pan came to find us, but I never thought that so many complicated things would happen at Icy Wind Valley's side. Also, thank you for extending Elder Pan's life." The moment Xue Xianxian saw Chen Xiang, he hurriedly brought up the matter, and lightly touched Chen Xiang's face.

"There's no need to be polite with me. I'm here for an important matter. Call Youlan over." Chen Xiang also kissed her forehead.

There was no need to shout, Leng Youlan ran in and let go of the white hair that was just tied up, he flung it away and let it fall around his shoulders.

"I thought I was going to give you guys some s.p.a.ce, so when I saw you guys coming over, I prepared to go train." Leng Youlan said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "You are preparing to train, why are you still around?"

Leng Youlan stuck out his tongue and said: "If you have something important to say, say it."

Chen Xiang's face immediately became serious: "It's a very important matter, but I need to ask for your opinion on it. That is, we cannot sit still and wait for death, we plan to attack first to attack Fire Divine Palace."

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