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After hearing everything, Li Baojun, Duan Chong and the others immediately started to laugh maniacally.

"You are of the Dragon clan, how many powerful dragons have you killed? Our Dragon Subduing School's elders have killed an Emperor Dragon Guard in front of the Prince Imperial Dragon, have you ever killed them, I'm afraid you won't even dare to yell at the entrance of the Imperial Dragon Clan's dragon nest. You actually came all the way here from the Heaven Realm to act presumptuously, did you get kicked in the head by a donkey or had your head pinched by the door?"

The matter of the White Tiger killing the Emperor Dragon Guards that day had indeed caused quite a big commotion. Most likely, even the people from the Heaven Realm knew about it, so everything Chen Xiang said was true.

"With their stupid brains, donkeys won't even bother kicking them." Duan Chong laughed.

They knew that the Emperor Dragon Guards had been killed, that was why they sent people over to discuss the truth. But after they arrived, they found out that the Dragon Subduing School's Leader was sealed up by the Fire Divine Palace, and that it was a seal made by an Immortal King. The seal formation they used was also very powerful, and it was very famous in the Heaven Realm.

They did want to take advantage of the fact that the Dragon Subduing School was no longer here and occupy the Dragon Subduing School, but they could not figure out the specific strength of the Dragon Subduing School, so they decided to make a ruckus and see if a strong person could come out.

From the discussions of the crowd, they knew that the elder who had just come out was a very powerful alchemist. However, in their eyes, he was just like a mortal, with not a single trace of Innate Qi.

After Chen Xiang's dantian went through a large scale fusion process, a bizarre change occurred. The dantian was surrounded by a grayish-black aura, so the Innate Qi inside would not leak out. Forget about the other party, even Long Xueyi could not feel the Innate Qi's fluctuations.

"Let me deal with these three guys. I want to see how they destroy the dragon." Long Xueyi suddenly said, causing Chen Xiang to be slightly startled, and Long Xueyi immediately left the ring.

Then, a white light shot over from the distance, releasing a very dangerous aura. Especially that extremely strong Dragon Power, it made people feel that what was flying over was a super dragon, and the ground also crumbled due to the white light. In that instant, the place where the white light pa.s.sed by, became as deep as a dried up river.

This is Long Xueyi, she had immediately went to the Evil Dragon Graveyard just now and flew over from there, making people think that she came out from the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

That domineering aura alone was enough to intimidate many people. It was as if they were facing a supreme expert that could be killed at any moment.

However, what was surprising was that the person with such a strong aura was actually a woman. Although she was wearing a veil and a white skirt, just looking at her curvaceous back made one's imagination run wild.

To think that there was such a powerful woman hidden in the Dragon Subduing School. Everyone felt that with her strength, she should be able to instantly kill that Dragon Slaying Clan member.

"You … "Who are you?" The old man from the Dragon Slaying Clan finally spoke, his voice carried incomparable shock, because Long Xueyi's Dragon Power was just too strong, as though it could crush heaven and earth. Furthermore, his body carried an extremely terrifying pressure, and the pressure not only caused ordinary dragons to feel fear, it also caused humans to tremble.

Long Xueyi was half-veiled, and only the upper half of her face was revealed. However, it was already possible to see that she definitely had a beautiful face, and her pair of beautiful eyes, was enough to hook many men's souls.

You only need to know that I am Dragon Subduing School's very high Elder, you do not deserve to know my name. I have just come out of seclusion for a hundred thousand years in the Great Void Sect, and I already knew that someone had come to provoke our Dragon Subduing School. Don't think that just because that little brat Leader isn't here, you can easily trample over our Dragon Subduing School.

Long Xueyi's voice was very cold, but even his voice was able to make people feel a chill, making them feel like she was an aloof and exalted G.o.ddess, whom they could only look up to.

Chen Xiang hurriedly told Long Xueyi: "Little Naughty Dragon, don't pretend too much. Others' IQs are not low, don't think that everyone's head was kicked by a donkey."

What Long Xueyi said just now was indeed nonsense, if it was anyone else, they would have been mocked, but this time, this beautiful person with a protruding front and back was releasing an extremely strong destructive pressure, making people feel that she had the power to destroy the heaven and earth.

This was the first time they knew that the Dragon Subduing School was hiding such a very high Elder, and it was even the first time a girl was hiding here. Although the woman in front of them was very strong, they were still half convinced and half doubting what she was saying.

"You …"

"You what? Are you doubting my words? When I was slaying the dragon, your ancestor that annihilated the dragon clan might not even have been born." Long Xueyi said in a domineering tone. She usually spoke with this tone when she was bragging, so she was not a stranger to her now.

"You're going to kill us." The old man calmed down, but the Dragon Power that was being released from Long Xueyi's body was still able to make him feel fear. This was the first time he had seen a Dragon Power of this level, even the strongest person in the Dragon Slaying Clan could not compare to it.

"Killing all of you will only dirty my hands. I will kill all of you." Long Xueyi said very arrogantly. It was rare for him to show up once, and if he wasn't arrogant, how could he bear to face the fact that he was sleeping and eating at the Dark Jade Ring, working so hard to raise his strength for so long?

Chen Xiang had always known that Long Xueyi was very strong, much stronger than him. It was just that she didn't have the chance to display it normally, so she couldn't be sure of her strength.

"Then I'll have to kill you first." That old man was enraged. Although the other party was powerful, he still looked down on them with such contempt. Furthermore, he had a resolute heart to kill them. Thus, he could only make a move first.

This old man had clearly communicated with the middle-aged man and the young man earlier, telling them not to interfere and to just watch from the side.

The old man was strong indeed. Even Immortal Monarch did not dare to face the power of the Late period of human immortal casually.

A punch came over, the fist turned into a burning fire dragon, releasing a loud dragon roar, shaking the entire sky, the pressure released by the Dragon Power made the ground tremble.

A violent punch that brought about a strong pressure that shook the earth and struck towards Long Xueyi's towering chest at an extremely fast speed …

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