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Chen Xiang did not know what happened in his Dantian previously. When he found out that the multicolored light of the Rainbow Heaven Flame had appeared in his Dantian, he was extremely shocked.

"Quickly, give it a try. The seven-colored heavenly fire is very beautiful." Long Xueyi urged.

Chen Xiang controlled it with his mind, causing a ball of flame to emerge from his palm. Seeing the ball of fire, Long Xueyi cheered, and the seven-colored light shone brightly as the surrounding Spar shone with seven-colored light, becoming even more gorgeous. At the same time, the place was also filled with a truly hot and scorching heat.

"The consumption rate of the Innate Qi is very fast, the seven-colored heavenly fire is indeed powerful." Chen Xiang said in shock: "In just a short moment, the Innate Qi in a Heaven Pellet has been completely used up."

Right now, he had thirty-five Heaven Pills. At this rate, it wouldn't be long before the seven-colored Heaven Flames would completely consume all the Innate Qi in his body.

"It seems that you can use a variety of colors of flames at will. Are these all controlled by your own will? Can you even use an even more powerful flame? I have a feeling that the flame potential you've ignited isn't only limited to this, it should be even stronger." She had always followed Chen Xiang and had even merged with Chen Xiang's energy before. She was the clearest about the situation in Chen Xiang's body.

"I'll try again." Chen Xiang frowned as he looked at the center of his palm. He used his mind to control the power in his body and turned the Innate Qi into an even stronger flame and spewed it out.

"Still not enough." Long Xueyi asked, seeing that there was no flames at all on Chen Xiang's palm.

"He's coming." Chen Xiang suddenly let out a strange cry, a burst of flame suddenly lit up from his palm, but disappeared afterwards. Just now, a cl.u.s.ter of flame appeared, but it only flashed for a moment, and did not continue burning.

But just at that moment, all the Innate Qi s in Chen Xiang's body were sucked out, showing how powerful that flame was. Long Xueyi also cried out repeatedly in alarm.

"The heat that exploded just now might not even be this hot. If someone was beside you and you didn't control your anger properly, you would definitely be burnt. What kind of flame is this?"

Long Xueyi could feel that all of the Innate Qi in his body had been consumed, but he was only able to maintain that flame for a moment, if he was to use that flame for a long period of time, it would consume a lot of Innate Qi, which was not something Chen Xiang could use now.

"It seems that you have already completely unearthed the power of the flames inside your body. If you had enough Innate Qi, you might even be able to release a flame that was even more powerful than before." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang also thought so. He planned to try to release that flame again, even if it would consume his Innate Qi, it didn't matter. He wanted to confirm whether he could really release that kind of powerful flame, or only be able to do it by chance.

After recovering the Innate Qi, Chen Xiang tried again. This time, it was the same as before, there was only a flash of fire, but it exploded with a strong heat. If this place was not inside the dragon vein, but in a forest, everything around him would be burnt to ashes.

"Even if I were to become an Immortal, I would probably only be able to use a very short period of time." Even if I were to become an Immortal, I would probably only be able to use a very short period of time. Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi nodded: "According to the light rays, it's the same as your Heaven fire, they're all no different from normal flames. Could it be the Heaven and Earth Flame, but logically speaking, the Heaven and Earth Flame should be a fusion body of the Five elements heavenly fire, you can just use the Five elements heavenly fire to merge and gather them together. You shouldn't consume so much Innate Qi, and it shouldn't be that powerful."

Chen Xiang meditated and recovered his Innate Qi once again. After he recovered fully, he released the Five elements heavenly fire and then merged the five colors of the Five elements heavenly fire into one, turning it into the same color as normal flames. The flame was also stronger than the original Five elements heavenly fire, so he was now certain that the fire released by the Innate Qi throughout his body was not the Heaven and Earth Flame.

"Even if I can use my strong flames now, my Innate Qi won't be able to keep up with the energy consumption. Even if I absorb the spiritual energy outside to refine it into Innate Qi, I won't be able to keep up with the energy consumption rate."

This was one of the more depressing things for Chen Xiang. He could release Five elements heavenly fire s, Heaven Flames, or even Rainbow Heaven Flames that were even more powerful than Heaven fire s, but if he used Heaven Flames, he felt that in just two hours, he could completely use up all the Innate Qi in his body.

It had to be known that even if the Heaven and Earth Flame from before was released continuously for an entire day, it wouldn't be enough to exhaust his Innate Qi.

Although the consumption of Innate Qi was large, the flame was still many times stronger. If he were to use the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine pills, no matter how strong the flame was, it probably wouldn't be able to increase the efficiency. At most, it would only have a little effect.

Of course, he did not only need to raise the flames, he also needed to raise the level of his divine way. Right now, he had just stepped into the Perfection Stage of the divine way realm, and this was only considered a starting point for cultivating in the divine way.

Even if he had the G.o.d slain method and the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, he would not be able to improve so quickly, unless he was like Long Xueyi, who was born to practice the divine way. Only then would he be able to be like Long Xueyi, who does not cultivate much, and whose cultivation can only increase on his own.

"If I were to advance in the Divine Path, how powerful would I be?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Cultivating the divine way is different from cultivating the Innate Qi. Raising the realm of the divine way is very difficult, and one's realm is also very small. For humans, being able to raise their realm by one after many years is already pretty good already. Long Xueyi said: "If we continue to raise our realm, then it will be the realm of Spirit Transformation."

"Becoming a G.o.d to become an astral form. How powerful are you? Are you able to reach that level now?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"Hehe, I won't tell you this." Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "You people who cultivate the Innate Qi, should know that the Astral Energy is very strong. By condensing the Innate Qi into an Astral Energy, the released Innate Qi is like a sharp blade. With a casual wave, you guys can release the Astral Energy and break a huge mountain."

"That's right. What about the Divine Powers that have transformed into Divine Powers? They're also extremely powerful." Chen Xiang was immediately curious.

If you guys cultivate the Innate Qi, your strength will increase by several times, or even ten times, compared to before. However, cultivating the divine way is different. Long Xueyi said.

"Mn, before I reached perfection, my divine soul was very weak, and before I became a divine power, that kind of power wasn't very useful." Chen Xiang nodded.

Long Xueyi said: "If you can condense the divine power into the G.o.d wind, when the time comes, the divine power that you can use will be even more powerful. Of course, this is certain, but the biggest use of the divine power is to use it like the Innate Qi, releasing it as it is used for substantive attacks."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and immediately felt a surge of emotions in his heart. If he combined the G.o.d wind and True Divine, in addition to his powerful physical body strength, then the power he released would be extremely terrifying.

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