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Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both deep asleep now, and Long Xueyi could not give Chen Xiang any advice either. Chen Xiang had sunk into a state of confusion once again.

Previously, when he did not want to level up Fire Soul, that opportunity had popped up again. Now, he wanted to level up, but he could not find that key point.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling anxious because of this, suddenly, a very cool energy spread throughout his body, causing him to feel extremely comfortable. It was only then did he remember that this energy was released when Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit were merging.

He had obtained the Caomu heavenly Dan from the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain, and he had obtained the Gra.s.s Wood Spirit on his way to Chaotic Mountain. The two had been fusing since long ago, and although it had already been a long time since they last merged, they had not completely succeeded.

"Once the Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit fuse, I wonder what will happen. These two things can bring people closer to nature, I wonder if it can help me raise my Fire Soul."

Chen Xiang finally found a way out. Now that he allowed himself to enter the realm of selflessness and didn't do anything, it could make the fusion of Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit even faster.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang felt that his body was very light, it was as if he had fused with the entire dragon vein, and he could even feel the boiling Flame Essence in the earth core, making him feel as if he had fused with the earth.

The environment of the earth's core was very harsh. Under the ground, the fire essence was like waves of crazy waves crashing against each other. Sometimes, the waves formed by the fire essence would collide with each other, and the energy coming from the impact would be very strong, penetrating into the air and forming the spirit energy.

And underneath the dragon vein, because there were countless fine channels that formed lines that contained dao runes, even more spirit energy was born. It even turned into liquid and flowed into another place before finally condensing into a crystal shape and turning into a dragon vein.

"So that's how it is. No wonder the Super Old Fire Beast were so angry at me for obtaining the mind crystal back then. The crystal is in its strongest form." Chen Xiang seemed to have grasped something.

Feeling the fusion of the Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit, time pa.s.sed quickly. In the blink of an eye, more than ten days had pa.s.sed, but Chen Xiang had no idea about it at all. Right now, his only thought was to raise his Fire Soul, but he already had a direction.

"The Core Crystal contains a very strong flame energy. I always thought that I would need to release the fire energy inside in order to strengthen my Fire Soul, but now I'm wrong."

This was what Chen Xiang thought when he saw the energy that was rising up from below the earth's core condensing into a crystal. He planned to nurture something similar to a dragon's vein inside his body, but with a different nature from a dragon's vein. What he wanted to nurture was a Fire Soul Divine Veins.

There was a Fire Seed of Divine Flame in the Core crystal, he could use this to combine the Sky Fire Seed and the Heaven fire soul in his body.

When he thought about it, he immediately did as he was told. Using his powerful divine power, he absorbed the Fire Soul and the seed into the gem. Although he did not know what the result would be, he felt that it would definitely increase his fire power by a level.

Not long after he started cultivating, an accident happened. The Earth Core Crystal suddenly produced a very powerful suction force, which slowly absorbed the Heaven fire soul that was fused with his soul and body, causing his entire body to feel incomparable pain. The Sky Fire Seed had long been absorbed into the mind crystal, but he did not expect that the Earth Core Crystal would be able to even absorb the fusion of the Caomu heavenly Dan and Gra.s.s Wood Spirit.

"Little Scoundrel …" What happened to your body? " Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, because she saw that the dragon vein's spirit energy was turning into liquid and permeating into Chen Xiang's body at an astonishing speed.

Chen Xiang did not answer. His entire body was shaking, and he was in extreme pain, but the Earth Core Crystal appeared in the middle of his Dantian, right above the deity statue in the middle, and started to spin crazily. It turned into a ball of fire, absorbing the Innate Qi and Heaven fire soul inside his Heaven Pellet.

The Innate Qi s stored in the Heaven Pellet were being extracted quickly, but they were also quickly replenished by the dragon fountain, which was why the dragon whisker could see Chen Xiang absorbing the dragon fountain's spirit energy so crazily.

"He's absorbing Genuine qi of five elements, is he going to evolve into a Five elements heavenly fire, just like Li Baojun." At this time, Long Xueyi sent his G.o.d Power into Chen Xiang's Dantian, and when he saw the Earth Core Crystal twinkle with multicolored light, he immediately said in shock.

"It could also be the Heaven and Earth Flame."

Before long, Long Xueyi saw another huge change in the gem. "This … It's actually a seven-colored cloud of light, is it a seven-colored heavenly fire? "

"No." Chen Xiang said with great difficulty: "Sister You You You and the Yin and yang G.o.d blood that sister Meiyao gave me are also slowly entering this mental crystal, my Fire Soul, Divine Veins, and bones are all merging into one."

"What? How can these things be fused together?" Long Xueyi was shocked. If it was fused together, it would definitely be powerful, but she was worried that Chen Xiang's body would not be able to withstand the explosive power released when these things merged together.

The sound of thunder and lightning was extremely loud. Right now, he was inside the dragon vein, and the amount of energy he absorbed was astonishing to the point that even the Earth's Core Race near the dragon vein had hidden themselves. Because the sound was too great, it was as if the entire dragon vein was roaring.

This situation continued for more than a month before stopping. At this moment, Chen Xiang had also fallen into a coma.

"Little Scoundrel, wake up, wake up …" Long Xueyi shouted anxiously, but she was actually unable to see the condition of Chen Xiang's Dantian, and there was not a trace of Innate Qi's energy inside his body, as though his Dantian had been crippled.

"What's wrong?" Chen Xiang opened his eyes. The pain in his body had already disappeared, and at this moment, he felt as if he had fallen asleep.

"Where's your dantian? Why can't I sense it? Did you do something rash and disappear? Why don't you feel any aura from the Innate Qi? What's going on? Is your Body of Heavenly Sage still around?" Long Xueyi was extremely worried.

Chen Xiang looked at his own Dantian and was stunned. The five Beast elephant inside were still there, and the heavenly pellet was normal too, but there was no change. The Yin and yang G.o.d blood, the Heaven fire soul, and the gem had all disappeared.

He could feel the Yin and yang G.o.d blood's aura from within the black mist, and he felt that he could also release fire, which would be even stronger.

"My dantian became a large gray s.p.a.ce, and with the five Beast elephant inside, the Innate Qi's aura will not be emitted. Also, if I release the Innate Qi, it will come out from that grey colored ball of air, and if I come in contact with even the slightest bit of that mist, it would be very difficult to feel it, so I simply do not know if that's the Innate Qi." Chen Xiang said.

However, he felt that the large lump of grayish-black thing was not perfect yet, but it had a very mysterious power protecting his dantian. He felt that even if someone stabbed into his dantian, he might not be able to destroy the thing inside, and his dantian did not seem to be inside his body anymore.

In other words, even if his body was destroyed, the Innate Qi that he was cultivating in would still exist. This kind of strange phenomenon was something that made even Long Xueyi exclaim in surprise.

"You little scoundrel, you're one step closer to becoming immortal. Quickly take a look at your current flames, sister Meiyao and Sister You You You are asleep, so you just need to randomly mess around. Fortunately, it's not a bad result." Long Xueyi urged.

Chen Xiang released a ball of flame into his own palm. It was actually a very ordinary ball of fire, which startled both him and Long Xueyi.

However, something strange happened. The flames he released started to change color … First, it was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. These colors rapidly changed, and behind them, the white, gold, and black eyes slowly changed.

In the end, five dazzling rays of light appeared. It was actually a Five elements heavenly fire.

"What's going on? I feel like I can use many different forms of flames." Chen Xiang followed his will and released another ball of ordinary flames, but this was indeed a Heaven fire.

"Amazing, is there an even more powerful flame? I saw rainbow-colored light appearing in your dantian before, maybe you can release the Rainbow Heaven Flame." Long Xueyi said excitedly.

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