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From up above, Chen Xiang could see many burnt corpses flying everywhere from the waves of air. Some burnt corpses were even torn into pieces, and those who were disciples of the Divine Devil Cult and possessed divine soul all died just like that, causing Chen Xiang to feel extremely regretful.

"Fire Divine Palace, as expected, it was you who did it. You stole our strange rock, and now you're even attacking us with the ability to destroy. Our Divine Devil Cult will remember you." Facing the attack of the Fire Divine Palace's Divine Path expert, the Vice Sect Leader was actually suppressed.

The flame ability that the middle-aged man from Fire Divine Palace used was indeed very powerful, and it made Chen Xiang secretly admire him.

"Your Divine Devil Cult isn't some good stuff either, to actually send Protectors to capture our two Immortal Monarch s. Do you think we wouldn't know that the two Immortal Monarch's Pearl of Life have already shattered?" The middle-aged man from the Fire Divine Palace sneered. With a wave of his hand, violent flames turned into large seals that were covered with Spirit grain and smashed down on the Vice Sect Leader of the Divine Devil Cult one after another.

Unexpectedly, two of the Fire Divine Palace s in Fire Divine Palace had been killed, Chen Xiang was secretly delighted in his heart.

"Hmph, weren't our protectors still not back yet? Those two protectors are both Immortal Kings, other than the two Immortal Kings in your Fire Divine Palace, who would be able to stop them?" One could tell that he was under a lot of pressure at the moment.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt that the Divine Devil Cult was not as good as the Fire Divine Palace. The two Immortal King protectors that he sent out were actually kept by the Fire Divine Palace, or perhaps they had already died, which was why the Divine Devil Cult wanted to quickly evacuate. Who would have known that the Fire Divine Palace would find their lair so quickly, and even call them back.

It was also your protectors who took away our Immortal Monarch and killed them, if not our Immortal King would not have made a move against them. We never had any enmity towards your Divine Devil Cult and we even wanted to cooperate with you, but who would have known that you would extend your hands to us? The Fire Divine Palace middle aged man suddenly shouted, and a large fire cloud suddenly appeared in the night sky.

"It's the Fire cloud palm." Chen Xiang had experienced the impressiveness of Fire cloud palm before.

"It was your Fire Divine Palace who stole our strange stone first …"

The Vice Sect Leader roared in despair. A ma.s.sive palm formed from fire pressed down like the heavens themselves.

With a boom, the wave of fire that erupted engulfed the entire Soul Captivating Mountain, even the large forest surrounding the Soul Captivating Mountain was not spared.

"Who is it?" As soon as the burly man closed his eyes, he could feel that there were people alive in the sea of fire below.

"This guy is really powerful. I'm really troubled to be able to sense life from the flames he released." Chen Xiang sprinted through the sea of flames. This time, he finally got to see the kind of existence that was below the Immortal King Fire Divine Palace, with just a simple Fire cloud palm, he burned a vast expanse of land, and many tall mountains were burnt to ashes.

After all, that was the Immortal Monarch. Even in the Heaven Realm, he was a very strong figure and he also cultivated the divine way.

"The powerful people in the Divine Devil Cult have basically all been killed. What's left are some small fries that can be ignored, but just who is the person hiding in the sea of fire? How could his speed be so fast that even I can't catch up?" The big fellow muttered: "When I was coming down, Master told me that there have always been many strong warriors hidden in New Imperial Heaven World. Indeed, to be able to run so fast in my fire domain, I'm afraid only the Immortal King did not attack me. It seems like he doesn't want to fight me."

The Demon Empress and the Evil Snake King are both recuperating, so it can't be them. The strongest Demon King in the Devil Realm is w.a.n.g Qiongjin, and other than the old man that hall master, there shouldn't be any other Immortal Kings in the Human Realm. "

Chen Xiang had originally planned to teach this middle-aged man a lesson after getting heavily injured with Divine Devil Cult's Vice Sect Leader, but who knew that the latter would be so strong?

Long Xueyi could hear the middle-aged man mumbling to himself, and she told Chen Xiang this.

"Since we know that there are no Immortal Kings in the Human Realm, why didn't they attack the Chen Martial Continent? If this Immortal Monarch leads the way, the Chen Martial Continent would be in danger." This was what Chen Xiang was most worried about.

"Maybe the Chen Martial Continent is hiding someone that they are afraid of, someone that they are worried about luring out. There are many strange things that happen in the Chen Martial Continent anyway." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang left the sea of fire, using the power of the spatial laws and the Shrinking step, he activated both to their limits, and rushed towards places closest to the Transmission array.

"This Divine Devil Cult is really stupid, sending so many Divine Devil Cult disciples to search for suspicious people, exposing their hiding place, that's why the middle-aged man came to find them and killed them." Long Xueyi said.

"This is not a bad thing for us, we should be grateful to Fire Divine Palace for helping us kill such a powerful Divine Devil Cult. I think the Heaven Realm will definitely know, and will definitely get into trouble from above." Chen Xiang laughed.

There was a Fire Emperor behind the Fire Divine Palace and a Heavenly Slave behind the Fire Divine Palace. Both of them were very powerful people and these two forces might become two of the strongest powers in the Heaven Realm in the future.

Soul Captivating Mountain's super big fire had burnt that place to the ground overnight. This matter had stirred the entire New Imperial Heaven World, no one knew what was going on, they only thought that it was a natural disaster.

Chen Xiang came to Icy Wind Valley, and upon knowing that he had returned, Pan Yunlan immediately came to see him. Currently, it had already been five days since Soul Captivating Mountain was set ablaze, and the flames there had yet to extinguish.

Of course Pan Yunlan knew about the Soul Captivating Mountain, because she knew that the Divine Devil Cult was hiding in the Soul Captivating Mountain and Chen Xiang had previously said that he would go kill the Divine Devil Cult, so she had always been paying attention to the news there.

"You did it." Upon seeing Chen Xiang, Pan Yunlan asked in shock.

"No... It's a powerful fellow from the Fire Divine Palace who killed the Vice Sect Leader of the Divine Devil Cult in a few moves. " Chen Xiang's tone was extremely serious, because that fellow was a huge threat.

Of course, that could be considered as him killing them indirectly, because he stole the strange stone, causing the Divine Devil Cult to suspect that it was the Fire Divine Palace who did it. Thus, he immediately sent two Immortal Kings to capture the two Fire Divine Palace s and tortured them to death.

In the end, the Fire Divine Palace and the Divine Devil Cult started to fight secretly, it was all because of the strongest guys. Chen Xiang did not know how those Immortal Kings did not trigger the power of laws that restricted the Immortal King, but they fought a big battle and even killed the Immortal King.

Chen Xiang told this Pan Yunlan about the conflict between Fire Divine Palace s. After all, Pan Yunlan had always been a.s.sisting the masters of Icy Wind Valley s and Divine Devil Cult s, so he had a certain level of experience in this kind of thing.

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