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Chen Xiang ate seven or eight Hunyuan Dan and cultivated for a few days, increasing his Innate Qi by a bit. However, it was just a little bit.

After leaving the cave, Chen Xiang returned to the gathering grounds of the Devil Cultivator. After asking around, he found out that nothing major had happened to the Devil Continent, but more and more disciples of the Divine Devil Cult had appeared.

"They sent people to search everywhere, could it be that they have a way to find the person who stole the strange rock?" Chen Xiang saw many Divine Devil Cult s walking around the place disguised as Devil Cultivator, so he could tell what they were looking for with a glance.

"It's possible, maybe this Divine Devil Cult has many powerful abilities, they even have those strange stones, nothing is impossible, so you have to be careful, maybe once they are near you, they will find you." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang thought that he had done it in secret, even with the Immortal King present, he wouldn't be able to discover him.

During the night, a few people started a fire on a piece of barren land and surrounded them. These people were all disciples of the Divine Devil Cult, so Chen Xiang used his Spirit Travelling Technique to secretly follow them.

During the day, when they were wandering around the Devil Cultivator's gathering area, they did not say a single word, but now they began to speak.

This place is a place with dragon veins, the Fire Divine Palace is already prepared to fight. No matter what the price is, they want to take down this place, and our Divine Devil Cult's strength is not weaker than the Fire Divine Palace's, and we are also inside the Chen Martial Continent, so why must we leave, and give this rare opportunity to the Fire Divine Palace? " The loyal followers of the seating Divine Devil Cult, he naturally wished for his own Divine Devil Cult to become very strong.

"This is what the higher-ups are thinking. How can we know?" Another follower drank a bowl of blood, which was carefully concocted to increase their lifespan, and that was the method Divine Devil Cult had to extend it.

"I think it's because our Divine Devil Cult's G.o.d Demon Pool was stolen, and an even more powerful guy was targeting our Divine Devil Cult, so the Vice Sect Leader decided to leave first. Furthermore, the other powers in the Chen Martial Continent are all very powerful, even if our followers were to infiltrate, they can't weaken their strength, if a huge battle were to break out, our Divine Devil Cult would still be severely injured, and our Fire Divine Palace would definitely take advantage of the situation and take care of us and the Chen Martial Continent without any effort, so we won't do such foolish things."

"Right, the Fire Divine Palace doesn't know of our existence, and we also have spies in the Fire Divine Palace. When the Fire Divine Palace attacks the Chen Martial Continent in the future and both of us suffer losses, it would be much easier for our Divine Devil Cult to take action."

If he did not know of the existence of the Divine Devil Cult, it would be easy for him to be evil, and even if they repelled the Fire Divine Palace, it would be very difficult for them to stop the Divine Devil Cult at that time.

What was fortunate was that the Fire Divine Palace and the Divine Devil Cult did not join hands. If they did join hands, then that would be the most terrifying thing.

Here, the Vice Sect Leader of the Divine Devil Cult was the biggest, and the Sect Leader was the Heavenly Slave above him, the one who had founded the Divine Devil Cult. The youth suppressed inside Chen Xiang's square cauldron was the Vice Sect Leader's son.

"Although you are just small fry in the Divine Devil Cult, your guesses are indeed the plan of the Divine Devil Cult."

A voice suddenly sounded, shocking Chen Xiang and the other disciples of Divine Devil Cult. There was someone nearby, but Chen Xiang did not notice it.

"Who is it?" One of the followers immediately shouted, pulling out a weapon.

Just as the followers asked them questions, the fire that they had built became even bigger, and then turned into a middle-aged man. Surprisingly, within the fire, Chen Xiang saw this method and immediately a.s.sociated it with the divine ability.

"It's a divine ability." Long Xueyi said: "There are indeed experts in the Fire Divine Palace who train in the divine way, this kind of guy is very scary."

"You …" The few followers naturally could tell that this was an ability, and seeing the middle-aged man dressed in fiery red, they knew that he was from Fire Divine Palace. Their Divine Devil Cult had already been exposed, they had underestimated him.

"It's such a pity, if you didn't have the G.o.d and devil brand, I could spare your lives, and let you join my Fire Divine Palace, and become its slaves. But..."

The middle-aged man's eyes lit up, he waved his hand, and a few fire people suddenly appeared, piercing through the Divine Devil Cult disciples' bodies and burning them to ashes.

"This guy is very strong." Chen Xiang thought, after the middle aged man killed the few Divine Devil Cult disciples, his body turned into a flame and flew into the air, flying straight towards the Soul Captivating Mountain.

Do you know what kind of strength this guy has? Seems like they are going to deal with the Divine Devil Cult. Chen Xiang immediately and carefully ran towards Soul Captivating Mountain.

Long Xueyi thought for a while, then said: "The cultivation of the divine way should be about the same as you, to be able to cultivate and become a Divine Sense Sea, and to be able to step into the consummate realm, while the Innate Qi is at the late stage of Immortal Monarch."

The White Tiger had said that only the Immortal King would be bound by the rules. However, if it was the Immortal Monarch, there shouldn't be any problems.

"This guy is going to attack Divine Devil Cult just like that. If he angers the immortal king hiding inside, wouldn't it be very dangerous?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was extremely dangerous. If such a Immortal Monarch were to attack Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, it would be easy for him to do so.

"Why didn't they send this kind of expert to deal with the various powers in Chen Martial Continent?" Chen Xiang knew that the Fire Divine Palace had a lot of powerful warriors hidden inside. If they could sneak attack him with just a few Late period of human immortal Rankers, the Chen Martial Continent would definitely suffer a great loss.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure they do have concerns." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang came to the deepest part of the Soul Captivating Mountain. More than half of the forest inside was incinerated, and wave after wave of battle exploded outwards, causing the Soul Captivating Mountain to continuously shake.

The battle was extremely intense. Flames soared into the sky, and huge tremors continuously spread out. The aftermath of the battle was like a violent gale, engulfing the entire Soul Captivating Mountain and turning the place into a sea of fire.

"Could it be that this Divine Devil Cult knew that the Fire Divine Palace wanted to take action against them, that's why he planned to relocate? It looks like we cannot underestimate him, this Fire Divine Palace is really powerful."

Chen Xiang faced the intense waves of air that erupted from the battle and got closer and closer to the place where the battle was taking place. He wanted to see who was fighting the expert from the divine way in Fire Divine Palace.

"It really is that brat's father. Could it be that there are no more powerful warriors in the Divine Devil Cult, and the Vice Sect Leader can do it himself?"

Chen Xiang lied on top of a mountain that was scorched extremely hot, and looked at the two figures in the distance who were continuously attacking him like two rays of light. Their speed was extremely fast, and they were very far away from him, but he could still see them clearly.

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