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After the Divine Devil Cult had stolen such an important thing, the higher ups of the entire Divine Devil Cult were furious. They immediately gathered all of the followers of Di Tian and gathered in the Soul Captivating Mountain, beginning to search for some suspicious people. Although they knew that there might not be any results, they could not do anything about it.

Chen Xiang met a few groups of disciples that he had come here to search for. He secretly followed these disciples and from their mouths, he found out that many of the strong warriors of the Divine Devil Cult were gathered in the Soul Captivating Mountain.

"All of them are back. Looks like the situation isn't looking good." Chen Xiang was secretly worried. If the Divine Devil Cult took this opportunity to attack the Chen Martial Continent, then this would give him a very good opportunity.

Furthermore, attacking and taking down Chen Martial Continent is not something their Divine Devil Cult s can do. They are only there to hunt down some genius figures, and they probably won't cooperate with Fire Divine Palace. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded: "Then I will first melt that stone and let you and Miss You You use it. I will let you two develop your divine soul first, you two can begin to cultivate the divine way right now."

He had originally thought that it would be difficult to melt it, but he did not expect it to be this easy. It was as if he was burning ice, and the melted liquid was no different from ordinary water, and there was not the slightest fluctuation in energy. If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not have been able to tell the difference between this liquid and water.

After Chen Xiang melted, he stored the liquid into a storage jade bottle and placed it inside the ring, allowing the two girls to use it for themselves. With Long Xueyi to look after the ring, he was not too worried.

"You'll need a few days and nights. When that time comes, you will be people with divine soul." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Little Scoundrel, what a pity, you can't see them in the bath with your own eyes, hehe …" Long Xueyi laughed.

Hearing Long Xueyi's words, Chen Xiang's imagination went wild, and after secretly cursing the little pervert dragon in his heart, he took out the Yanlong furnace.

Chen Xiang was in a cave, refining pills as he waited for the two girls to succeed in nurturing their divine soul.

He was refining Hunyuan Dan, and currently there were not many herbs for Hunyuan Dan. He needed a lot of Heaven level herbs, so he could not replicate quickly like before. Thus, he could slow down in order to refine Hunyuan Dan, so he could cultivate at the same time.

He could eat two Hunyuan Dan at a time and refine the energy inside them to obtain a large amount of Innate Qi s to condense the pill embryo of the eighth heavenly pill. If he could possess the power of the eight Nirvana Tribulations, he would dare to go to the Divine Devil Cult and cause a ruckus.

He had to use a large amount of Innate Qi s to support many of the techniques he had used, and only those powerful attacking techniques could complement his strong physique, unleashing a strong power that could kill experts with cultivations much higher than him. If he did not have enough Innate Qi s, he could only use a few, but dealing with one or two Divine Devil Cult s would be easy, but being surrounded and killed by a large group of people was difficult.

"The eighth day's pill is easier said than done. Even if you manage to refine a Hunyuan Dan and train hard, it would take at least a few years. Don't even think about it in the near future."

Long Xueyi said, she was extremely clear about the situation in Chen Xiang's body. If it was a normal method of cultivation, perhaps it would easily attract the eighth stage of Nirvana Tribulation, but right now, Chen Xiang had the heavenly pellet. He needed to condense five of the Eighth Heaven Pellets, which meant he would need a large number of Innate Qi s.

Chen Xiang only refined one batch of Hunyuan Dan before stopping. After he ate a few, he held the Philosophic stone in his hand and allowed the strange power of the Philosophic stone to guide the powerful energy to condense the Eighth Heaven Pellet.

When he reached this realm, he would need to rely on comprehension to use the refined energy to raise his cultivation level. If he did not have the Philosophic stone, he would definitely need more time to comprehend it, and after using the Philosophic stone, he would quickly immerse himself in cultivation. He would not be able to refine pills while cultivating.

laid on the ground and watched, trying to think hard about and understand this method of giving birth to the soul. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't figure it out, unless he knew the exact origin of this mysterious stone.

After three days, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted in shock: "Little Scoundrel, wake up!"

Chen Xiang who was currently cultivating heard Long Xueyi's anxious shout and forcefully stopped his cultivation. He asked: "What happened?"

"The water is entering their bodies. Is that true?" Long Xueyi said.

"Nope." Chen Xiang recalled the memories of the youth and the old man, but he did not do such a thing. After immersing himself in the water, he had successfully nurtured his divine soul.

"But... This pool of water is quickly being absorbed by their bodies and will soon be completely flowing into their bodies. What's going on? " Long Xueyi said anxiously: "I called out to them a few times, but they didn't reply. Their sea of consciousness seemed to have already sealed up.

"Nope." Chen Xiang's face became serious, his heart burning with anxiety, but he could do nothing.

"I've finished absorbing them, they seem to be asleep. Their vitality is still very strong, and their souls are also very powerful. There's nothing dangerous about it, it's just that they can't be woken up." Long Xueyi said: "I'll help them get dressed first and get them into bed. What I can be sure of is that they aren't in any danger, it's just that I don't know why they are asleep."

"It's good that they're fine. They might wake up in a few days, perhaps their souls are too strong, and the divine soul they nurture might also be very strong, which is why something like this happened." Chen Xiang said.

There were no other issues, which made Chen Xiang feel more at ease. After that, he continued to refine pills, waiting for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to wake up.

However, several days later, these two beauties were still in deep sleep.

"Although they haven't woken up yet, their divine soul have already been developed in their minds and are gradually becoming stronger. How strange, looks like they will need some time to wake up, you don't have to be too worried." Long Xueyi said.

This was a very critical time, it would not be good if Chen Xiang was distracted.

"Well, if anything happens to them, let me know." Chen Xiang said.

"I know, you don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself, and I won't eat anything planted here." Long Xueyi laughed.

Originally, Chen Xiang was not worried. After hearing her words, he knew that the flowers and fruits that she had been yearning for a long time were going to suffer.

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