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Chen Xiang felt that the two powers that posed a great threat were Fire Divine Palace and this Divine Devil Cult. Fire Divine Palace was still alright, at least in the dark, and outside of Chen Martial Continent at that.

But the Divine Devil Cult Wine was different. It was hidden very deeply and was still inside the Chen Martial Continent, their hands had even reached inside the Icy Wind Valley. If not for the fact that the Icy Wind Valley had a loyal elder like Pan Yunlan, the Icy Wind Valley might have already fallen into enemy hands.

"This Devil Race is actually two-timing, and at the same time, has allied with the Fire Divine Palace, and now he's even coming to interact with the Divine Devil Cult." Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, and followed along.

"Clan leader, our G.o.d Demon Pool is only enough for two people. Your request is for five people from your Devil Race, I'm afraid we can't do that." An elder of the Divine Devil Cult said.

The person from the Devil Race was actually the Patriarch, and he had come to seek refuge in the Divine Devil Cult.

"In that youth's memories, he said that the energy in the Celestial Demon Pool wasn't enough, which just so happens to be enough for two people. Sister You You and sister Meiyao can develop divine soul now, as long as I get my hands on it." Chen Xiang said somewhat excitedly.

They wanted to cultivate the divine soul a long time ago, but had no methods and did not know what to do. In the end, they could only give up, and now that they finally had the chance, although they had lost their cultivation, cultivating the divine way was still okay. In any case, they had a lot of time here, and there was still Long Xueyi, a dragon who had a high attainment in the divine way of cultivation.

"In that case, it can only help two people from our Devil Race to develop divine soul." The Devil chief frowned. He felt that this was a bit of a loss.

The elder of the Divine Devil Cult shook his head. "There is only one spot in your Devil Race, the other is given to the giants of the other forces."

As long as he could win over a powerhouse, he would be able to win over an entire power. Therefore, he had to maximize the benefits from this other spot in the G.o.d Demon Pool, or else Divine Devil Cult would lose.

"If your Devil Race is not willing, then forget it." The elder of the Divine Devil Cult did not seem to care about the Devil Race at all.

He didn't want to miss out on this rare opportunity. Although he would be temporarily controlled by someone, in the long run, he felt that this would be very worthwhile, but if he was the only one remaining, the other elders of the Devil Race would definitely not agree to it. Right now, it was equivalent to selling the entire Devil Race to the Divine Devil Cult.

Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart, because the elder of the Divine Devil Cult did not tell the devil clan leader about his longevity. If the devil clan leader gave birth to a divine soul infant, he would definitely set foot on a path of no return, and would definitely sink deeper and deeper into despair to extend his lifespan.

This Divine Devil Cult had been with Di Tian for a while, but had wasted a lot of the water in the G.o.d Demon Pool. They had helped many Devil Cultivator to cultivate their divine soul, but many of those Devil Cultivator were still killed.

Now that there were only two spots, the Divine Devil Cult would definitely treasure it even more, so he wouldn't waste it like before.

At this moment, Chen Xiang did not care about what these people were saying, because they were currently walking on the path of the G.o.d Demon Pool. Chen Xiang had absorbed the youth's memories so he knew where the pool was.

"There shouldn't be anyone there yet. If I can get in, the remaining water would be mine." Chen Xiang flew higher. Although he had become a flying insect, the disciples of the Divine Devil Cult all had divine soul.

"I know how those FiendG.o.d pools of water were formed." Su Meiyao asked.

"He melted a strange rock to get some white liquid, which is the water in the G.o.d Demon Pool. I feel that as long as we can get that piece of ice, they have yet to make a move, according to the memories in that kid's head, it would not be easy to melt that strange rock, and it would take some time."

Chen Xiang arrived at the place where the G.o.d Demon Pool was, it was a huge mountain and the G.o.d Demon Pool was located in the belly of the mountain. Although there was a formation here, it was still a lot weaker than the one inside the Fire Divine Palace's underground palace.

If they were to enter the Soul Captivating Mountain, they would accidentally trigger some restrictions, and very soon, disciples of the Divine Devil Cult would attack and absorb that person's soul. After a long time, no one would come in, so the Divine Devil Cult did not pay attention to defending, moreover, they felt that their array formation was powerful, so even if someone tried to attack them, it would take some time to break it.

Chen Xiang entered the belly of the mountain and arrived at the center of a golden pond. This pool was not too big, allowing the three of them to immerse themselves in the water, and was constructed from a type of stone that could emit a golden light in the darkness, and atop the pool was a square white rock that was as tall as a person. As long as this rock was burned, the stone would melt, becoming a liquid that could nurture divine soul.

"Just what kind of stone is this, to actually have that kind of heaven defying power, this kind of thing is too terrifying, I wonder how the boss of the Divine Devil Cult obtained it, does he actually have a lot?" Long Xueyi really wanted to know, because it was not recorded in her inherited memories.

"The boss of the Divine Devil Cult is at the Heaven Realm. If that guy uses this kind of method to rope in experts, then that guy's Divine Devil Cult will definitely be even more powerful." Chen Xiang shuddered at the thought of this, because if that Heavenly Slave could be wasted on a group of people so easily, he must also have a lot of these things on him.

"If he were to become the strongest in the Heavenly Demon Realm, it wouldn't be long before the Heavenly Demon Realm will be ruled over." Bai Youyou also felt that the Heavenly Slave was extremely terrifying. To be able to grasp such a powerful thing, he would definitely become a great rival for Chen Xiang in the future.

Chen Xiang had broken open a formation that was sealing the stone, and at that time, the entire mountain started to shake, causing quite a commotion.

"It's mine now." Chen Xiang's heart was in ecstasy as he placed the stone into the ring, and then quickly flew out.

The Divine Devil Cult Elder who was walking in slowly outside had a face full of shock, and flew towards the cave entrance.

"Since you took away such an important thing like them, it looks like this Divine Devil Cult will be hard to deal with in the future. Let's just wait outside for a while before deciding." Chen Xiang had already sensed a few strong auras rushing over from all directions, they were all the Rankers from the Divine Devil Cult.

Chen Xiang left the Soul Captivating Mountain and went to the nearest gathering spot of the Devil Cultivator to wait for any news. However, he felt that he wouldn't get any news from this place since the Divine Devil Cult was extremely secretive to begin with.

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