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There were no decent cities in the Devil Continent, or perhaps there was no concept of cities here. The places where people gathered, were just around the Devil Cultivation Sects, where some random buildings were built, and were all nearby Devil Cultivation Sects s. Most of the gathered here were disciples who wanted to challenge the Devil Cultivation Sects, or who had hunted some demon beasts to sell to wealthy disciples.

The original Devil Cultivation Sects was either destroyed or annexed. The current Devil Cultivation Sects was something Chen Xiang had never heard of before, and only the people who frequented the Devil Continent would know the details of the current Devil Cultivation Sects.

And Chen Xiang was going to a sect called "Demonic Sect" because the Divine Devil Cult was hiding in a dangerous place next to this sect.

"Soul Captivating Mountain, it is said that those who enter will mysteriously die, and there are no scars on their bodies. However, the sea of consciousness is empty, and has traces of having received a mental attack, as if their souls have been sucked out, and those who have died will die with a very peaceful smile on their faces."

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi about the dangerous place and sneered: "Looks like there's no doubt about it Divine Devil Cult. They will definitely strengthen their own divine soul by devouring the souls of others. This kind of fellow really has many tricks up his sleeve.

The person who created the Divine Devil Cult called himself Heavenly Slave, was naturally a guy who cultivated the divine way and the devil way. Furthermore, in Long Xueyi's eyes, only the strong people at the peak of the divine way could contend against her.

"That dangerous place has appeared for more than twenty years. It seems like Di Tian was still unstable back then. They really did come from somewhere else and they don't have any plans to take control of the Devil Cultivation Sects now. However, it looks like they will make it soon." Chen Xiang said.

"Their G.o.d Demon Pool has nurtured quite a few Devil Cultivator who possess divine soul. There should be quite a few disciples from their Divine Devil Cult." Long Xueyi asked.

It's not that, they do not have many disciples in the Divine Devil Cult, because they are used to travelling alone, and most of them would die in the outside world. Their method of cultivating the divine way would consume a lot of their lifespan, so it is normal for them to be killed wherever they go. They have no effect on killing the Devil Cultivator, and would need some young, untrained people to do it.

"That's good too, those guys are asking for it. This time, we have to kill them all. Otherwise, who knows how many of them will die in order to let them live for ten more days." Long Xueyi said somewhat angrily.

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the gathering area of the Devil Cultivator near the Extreme Demon Sect. He looked around to see the overall strength of the Devil Cultivator.

"Are you going to transform into that arrogant Young Master and sneak into that Divine Devil Cult's lair." Long Xueyi asked.

"No, it's very difficult to pa.s.s off as him. The people inside are all cultivators, not to mention that his father is very strong. If I were to be discovered, it would be hard for me to escape from that place." Chen Xiang said, although he had already killed three strong people in the Divine Devil Cult, it did not mean that he could eliminate the Divine Devil Cult easily.

This was, after all, a gathering place for Deity Cultivators. Furthermore, they were also training in the demonic path. The experts within it were extremely terrifying.

"If I were to go alone, it would be difficult to deal with the Divine Devil Cult, but I don't need to completely destroy them, as long as I destroy their foundation. The G.o.d Demon Pool is especially important to them, because it is a key thing for them to breed new blood.

This was also the reason why a few disciples of Icy Wind Valley were lured to join the Divine Devil Cult at that time. Furthermore, after entering, they would definitely be imprinted with G.o.ds and devils, controlled by the Divine Devil Cult, and wouldn't be able to control themselves.

"I need to refine some Destruction Ice seal Dan. When necessary, I can deal with a large group of people." Chen Xiang thought for a moment, this was the only thing he could do. He was a Alchemist, using pills to strengthen himself was the usual method used by the Alchemist.

It was just that while other people had raised their own cultivation, Chen Xiang had refined that kind of terrifying destructive Ice seal Dan. A small pile of profoundbing powder could create a destructive Ice seal Dan that could destroy a huge city.

Chen Xiang found a quiet place, it was a mountain cave, this kind of cave was very common in Devil Continent, and they would need a few Spar to stay in it.

The formations used by the Devil Continent were very crude, and Chen Xiang had to modify it himself inside the cave to prevent noise outside. This mountain range was where the Devil Cultivator s gathered, and these Devil Cultivator s were not only born and bred in the Chen Martial Continent, there were also from the Devil Realm. This place was also a place that posed a great threat to the Chen Martial Continent, so after he returned, he had to make sure that other powers were not alerted.

Chen Xiang was already familiar with the way to refine the Destruction Ice seal Dan, furthermore, he did not need to use the Foreseeing Alchemy, he only needed to use the Heavenly Alchemy, and he also had many high leveled profoundbing, which could be used to refine for a very long time.

Although the majority of the profoundbing he plundered from the Fire Divine Palace s were relying on their superior strength, none of them had treasures inside. Those were hundreds or thousands of profoundbing, but he didn't have a single one.

After three days, Chen Xiang had refined dozens of pills. He did not have time to refine powerful super Ice seal Dan, he had only refined a few high quality destructive Ice seal Dan. If a large group of people besieged him, these Ice seal Dan would help him escape easily.

The old man and the young lad that were slapped out by the Divine Devil Cult did not die, but they were still imprisoned inside the square cauldron. As long as they did not die, their life origin orbs would not shatter, and the Divine Devil Cult did not know that two of their higher status had already died, so the Divine Devil Cult would not be so cautious, and it would be much easier for Chen Xiang to take action.

Chen Xiang arrived outside the Soul Captivating Mountain. It was deathly silent, and at dusk, it looked extremely eerie. From time to time, a gust of cold wind would blow, and the caws of the crows would cause people's hair to stand on end.

He was not afraid at all of anything that could hook one's soul, because he knew that it was done by the people of the Divine Devil Cult. Furthermore, he had turned into a flying bug, and based on the memories he had obtained, he flew towards the direction of the Divine Devil Cult where Di Tian was hiding.

Chen Xiang flew within the forest and quickly found the familiar road that he plundered from his memories. However, there were a few people walking slowly in front of this road.

"Isn't that old man's aura from Devil Race?" Long Xueyi said in shock, a person from the Devil Race actually appeared here.

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