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That is to say, after taking him down, I do not need to worry about Divine Devil Cult anymore, but the condition is that Divine Devil Cult will not suspect that the old man has fallen into our hands. "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Although Pan Yunlan was an old fool who had lived for a long time, she did not have the slightest idea on this matter.

"Go to the Divine Devil Cult. If we don't take care of their nest, how can we safely ascend? I'm guessing that the Divine Devil Cult would arrive while Di Tian's s.p.a.ce was still not stable enough." Chen Xiang said.

Pan Yunlan did not want to provoke Divine Devil Cult. Although Divine Devil Cult did not have a large number of experts like the Fire Divine Palace, it was difficult for her and Chen Xiang to completely destroy the Divine Devil Cult. Although she had already seen Chen Xiang's terror before, as well as that kind of Bone-melting magic palm of the devil way, their powers were limited.

"How about …"

Pan Yunlan had planned to return to the Icy Wind Valley to call the other elders, but Chen Xiang suddenly teleported through s.p.a.ce and rushed in one direction.

"Go back to Icy Wind Valley." Chen Xiang's voice traveled to Pan Yunlan's ears, causing him to sigh helplessly.

"You don't know where the Divine Devil Cult is yet, so you should at least let me tell you." Pan Yunlan was also a little suspicious. He didn't know where the Divine Devil Cult was, but he moved so quickly, as if he knew it.

Chen Xiang did not know where the disciples of the Divine Devil Cult, who were gathered at Di Tian's place, were, but he knew of a way to release the old man after he left the Arctic Mountain Range.

"Where's the young master?" The old man had been stunned by Chen Xiang and threw into the square cauldron, but he did not see the youth, and furthermore, he was far from the Arctic Mountain Range.

"He isn't dead. You'll see him again."

Chen Xiang immediately said to Long Xueyi: "Lend me your G.o.d Power, I want to retrieve some useful memories from this guy's head. I'm worried that he will resist later on."

Long Xueyi replied, "No problem."

Sensing the divine power that Long Xueyi had transferred over, Chen Xiang immediately used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on the old man, and he had even used all of his divine power to do it. This could instantly numb the other party's divine soul, causing them to lose all consciousness, and could also prevent them from using the protective Spirit grain s in their sea of consciousness.

The old man screamed and fainted, Chen Xiang easily entered his brain, searching through the large amount of memories and leaving the most useful part inside.

After finishing the old man, Chen Xiang released the young man. The young man fainted after a few violent slaps from Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang immediately used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search through his important memories.

"This Divine Devil Cult is actually in the Chen Martial Continent, what are they doing hiding in there?" Chen Xiang put the old man and the teenager into the square cauldron.

"Where are they?" Long Xueyi asked.

"Wasn't there a Devil Continent in the Chen Martial Continent before? They are all places where the Devil Cultivation Sects is located. The Divine Devil Cult is located in a very dangerous location there."

The Devil Cultivation Sects above Chen Martial Continent thought that it was very rampant, but after the power of the Super Martial School grew stronger, it became very gentle and rarely came out to cause trouble, but the fact that these Devil Cultivation Sects s appeared on the Chen Martial Continent didn't have any detailed records, it was hard to say how those Devil Cultivation Sects s appeared, although there were many ways to explain it.

"I should have been on my guard against these Devil Cultivation Sects long ago." Chen Xiang clenched his fists. "Divine Devil Cult has interacted with these big shots of Devil Cultivation Sects before."

Those Devil Cultivation Sects were inside the Chen Martial Continent. If a war broke out from within, coupled with the attacks from the Fire Divine Palace outside, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Could these Devil Cultivation Sects have been taken in by them?" Bai Youyou said: "If that's really the case, then we have to eliminate all of those Devil Cultivation Sects s, otherwise if they were to join hands with the Fire Divine Palace secretly, the consequences would be dire."

"I'll be going now. If necessary, I'll have to ask Li Baojun and Duan Chong to come over." Chen Xiang did not learn much from the youth and the old man's memories. Although they held an extraordinary position in the Divine Devil Cult, they only knew a small portion of it.

"Do you know how they cultivate their divine soul? Every follower of the Divine Devil Cult should have a divine soul, and nurturing a divine soul is extremely difficult. How in the world did they do it?" Long Xueyi asked. To humans, being able to develop divine soul was even harder than ascending to the heavens.

But Divine Devil Cult had brought out many divine soul that were even more obtainable than ascending to heaven. At this moment, even Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao wanted to know, they wanted to cultivate their divine way because that would allow them to obtain even more power.

"I only know that they have a Celestial Demon Pool, which would be able to give birth to a divine way soul after soaking in it for three days and three nights. Back then, Pan Yunlan did the same thing, but the divine soul produced by this method used up a lot of life force. After nurturing a divine way soul, it would lose at least a thousand years of life, and then cultivate their divine way of cultivation, which would also constantly decrease their lifespan."

"However, they have a way to increase their lifespan. That's extremely cruel. They have to sacrifice many people, one person, in order to increase their lifespan by ten days."

Chen Xiang ran towards a nearby city. He was about to go to the Devil Continent.

"Longevity isn't a problem for us. We have the Longevity fruit, so we can use that method to try. Maybe we can develop divine soul right now." Su Meiyao's eyes lit up. Although she was previously a renowned female Ranker, once she recovered her strength, there would definitely be many who were stronger than her. Furthermore, after they were injured, they had delayed for many years.

As for cultivating the divine way, it would allow them to become even stronger. Moreover, it was something that many experts at the peak of the Heaven Realm would only begin to ponder about.

The energy in the G.o.d Demon Pool is limited and can only be used to confine a certain number of people to it. As for the Divine Devil Cult here, they have helped many people nurture the divine soul for so many years that they don't have much energy left, but it should be enough for you to nurture the divine soul.

From the memories of the two people, he found out that they came from the Heaven Realm s. In other words, there were definitely a lot of Divine Devil Cult s above the Heaven Realm s.

The Divine Devil Cult definitely did not have such rare immortal fruits like the Longevity fruit, but their method of cultivating the divine way used up their lifespan. If Chen Xiang were to use them, he would not even need to use the method of prolonging their lives.

"This Divine Devil Cult used the excuse that he was acting on behalf of the heavens to do things, and instead did such heinous matters. What bullsh * t Heavenly Slave, I think the person who created the Divine Devil Cult was someone who wanted to dominate the world."

When Chen Xiang came to the Devil Continent, it was rather desolate and the spirit energy here was thinner. In the Chen Martial Continent, the spirit energy in every place was about the same, but this Devil Continent was very thin, this was not a coincidence.

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