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Chen Xiang immediately said to Pan Yunlan: "Since they are here, you can go and see them. I will hide behind your back, and if a huge battle occurs outside, it will not affect the Icy Wind Valley."

Pan Yunlan nodded: "I will immediately send the order to seal off the entire Icy Wind Valley and activate the strongest defensive formation. Furthermore, no disciples are allowed to come out, regardless of what happens outside."

Until now, Pan Yunlan could only choose to believe in Chen Xiang, believing that he could solve the problem that had been bothering her for a long time.

After Pan Yunlan settled the matters with the Icy Wind Valley, he flew out of the Icy Wind Valley. Chen Xiang hid himself and secretly followed behind her: "Elder Pan, the cultivation method you use to cultivate divine soul is harmful to you. It consumes a large amount of your lifespan, so when you see me, you become like that."

As long as I follow the instructions, I can extend my lifespan a little. It's just that the method is too cruel and inhumane, so I could only let things take their course, but I never thought that the moment you arrived, you would be able to solve so many difficult problems. Pan Yunlan sincerely admired Chen Xiang from the bottom of his heart.

"After this, I'll give you a cultivation technique that trains in the divine way. Don't use the original cultivation technique." Chen Xiang said.

Pan Yunlan would definitely ascend to Heaven Realm in the future. At that time, he would continue to be with Liu Meng'er and the others at the top, and would be of great help to them. Therefore, he would definitely be of great help to her.

Pan Yunlan gently landed on the snow, and gently stepped forward in the snow. Her black hair that was full of vitality danced in the wind, and her entire body, which was dressed in a green cheongsam, radiated vitality, made her look especially beautiful in the snow that was filled with death. Her beautiful and cold face was filled with seriousness, as she stared fixedly at the two figures that slowly landed in front of her.

There were two people sent by Divine Devil Cult, one old and one young, the old one had a child's face and crane hair, and was dressed in a white robe, looking like a master, while the young man beside him was a handsome young man. Although his face looked young and tender, his eyes gave off a sense of danger.

When they saw Pan Yunlan become so young and his life force become so vigorous, they were extremely shocked in their hearts. It was because they knew that Pan Yunlan did not have much longevity left, so he should not be like this.

"Pan Yunlan, what exactly happened to you? We felt your imprint disappear and you dropped it." The old man said in a cold voice, his face still angry. His body was exuding a demonic aura, as if he was ready to attack at any moment.

I didn't expect you to look so young and have such an interesting appearance. There are a lot of women around me, but they all seem to be trash now. Come back with us, we'll brand you with a new brand. The young man had a devilish smile on his face. His eyes that were filled with l.u.s.t were burning hot, as if he could burn Pan Yunlan to ashes.

After eating the Longevity fruit, Pan Yunlan had regained his youthful appearance, but he was extremely charming and charming. Many men had no resistance towards this kind of woman.

Pan Yunlan shouted coldly: "Impudent, just you, a demon brat, appearing in front of me caused me to feel like my eyes were dirty."

"Impudent! How dare you insult the son of our Vice Sect Leader, you s.l.u.t!" The old man suddenly attacked and ruthlessly struck towards Pan Yunlan's jade face.

"Old Turtle, don't touch a beauty's face with your hands." Chen Xiang suddenly appeared, holding the Devil emporer dagger in her hand, she slashed across like lightning, releasing a burst of powerful demonic energy that enveloped the sky, causing people to tremble, the wind to change color.

The old man's arm was cut off by Chen Xiang's dagger from the elbow. Blood spurted out and dyed the snow red.

"Don't even think about touching her with your dirty hands. You've tortured her enough." Chen Xiang's voice was ice-cold and filled with overflowing anger. The dagger in his hand glowed with red light, and with a roar of demonic qi, he slashed fiercely, cutting off the hand that the old man was using to attack him.

"You … This is the Heaven's End Demon Weapon … " Both of his hands were broken, his Qi flowing, he anxiously sealed his blood vessels, but following that, Chen Xiang's berserk palm strike seemed to be inflating his body, causing blood to gush out from his severed hands.

All of these happened too fast, even Pan Yunlan did not expect Chen Xiang to appear so quickly, and his attacks were sharp and ferocious, in just a few blinks, he had cut off the both of the old man's hands.

"Don't be so arrogant." The youth was not weak, he was even stronger than the old man. He let out a cold roar and swung his fist, releasing a dense black demonic aura.

Seeing the fists coming towards him, Chen Xiang immediately waved his fists towards it.

"You should not be so arrogant."

Chen Xiang's fist condensed the immense power of his fleshly body, and after breaking apart the ball of black energy, the Devil-suppressing holy power immediately surged out, directly purifying the terrifying devil energy released by the youth. Lastly, it was the bone dissolving power transformed from the Innate Qi, which pierced through the youth's entire arm and completely melted away the bones within.

The youth's arm, which had lost all its bones, instantly drooped. His handsome face was filled with shock and anger: "The power of the Bone-melting magic palm, you actually know the Bone-melting magic palm …."

There weren't many people who understood Bone-melting magic palm, but there were quite a few who knew about it. Every time Chen Xiang used it, he would hear the same words.

"Old fellow, don't even think of touching him."

When Pan Yunlan saw that the old man who had lost both his arms was going to use a spell to sneak attack Chen Xiang, he immediately stabbed his sword into the old man's Dantian. With a wave of his jade palm, the palm images flew in all directions and struck the old man's body.

"Elder Pan, don't kill him. Let his dog life be, I have a use for it." Chen Xiang anxiously warned as he dodged to the side to avoid the young man's spear stabbing at him.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? Coming to my Divine Devil Cult, you will definitely be treated as a distinguished guest who knows the [Devil Dao Divine Arts] of the Bone-melting magic palm …"

"Let your father go. Your father doesn't care." Chen Xiang took a step forward, traveled through s.p.a.ce, and arrived beside the young man. Clenching his dagger tightly, he gathered his strength and pierced towards the youth's waist.

"Ahh …" The youth suddenly let out a heart-wrenching scream. It was extremely terrifying.

After Chen Xiang used the dagger to pierce through the youth's waist, his hand also sunk into the wound, breaking the dantian that was filled with demonic energy.

"I won't kill you. I'll keep you guys here to slowly play." Chen Xiang took out a square cauldron and placed the two fellows inside, suppressing them.

Pan Yunlan let out a long sigh, looking at Chen Xiang with grat.i.tude. She never thought that Chen Xiang would be so angry because of her bullying.

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