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Chen Xiang faintly felt that the disappearance of a few of Icy Wind Valley's outstanding disciples had a lot to do with this Elder Pan. However, this Elder Pan was extremely concerned about Leng Youlan, because when she spoke, the first thing she asked was Leng Youlan's current situation.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. I can't do ungrateful things." Elder Pan returned back to his chair, "If not for you, I would be dead for sure. I might not even be able to get my hands on what you just gave me even after going to Heaven Realm.

"I've said it before, you'll know about it in the future." Chen Xiang said.

"If you don't confess to me, I'm not at ease in telling you such an important matter." The Elder Pan said.

Chen Xiang also sat down, and laughed: "Why don't you tell me first, I'm not at ease with you either. Although I gave you a Longevity fruit, it doesn't mean that I trust you completely."

When the Elder Pan heard the three words "Longevity fruit", her heart skipped a beat. She had thought that there would be some higher level spirit fruits that could increase lifespan, but she didn't expect it to be immortal fruits like the Longevity fruit.

"My name is Pan Yunlan, I am a follower of Divine Devil Cult." This Elder Pan's words greatly surprised Chen Xiang.

When he first came to the Icy Wind Valley, Xue Xianxian had repeatedly reminded him to pay attention to the Divine Devil Cult. At that time, he still felt it to be strange, and only responded once, but he did not think that it would actually have something to do with the Divine Devil Cult.

The founder of the Divine Devil Cult was a person who had mastered the divine way and the devilish way, claiming that he was a Heavenly Slave who specialized in killing outstanding talents. and Leng Youlan belonged to this category, but there were disciples of the Divine Devil Cult beside them.

Chen Xiang's killing intent swelled up, and the Demon Emperor's dagger appeared in his hand.

"As expected, you do know about the Divine Devil Cult. Not many people know about the Divine Devil Cult." Pan Yunlan was also surprised by Chen Xiang's reaction, but pretended to be very calm.

Previously, Dongfang Jing and her father had met the disciples of the Divine Devil Cult above him, and Dongfang Lingyun had died at that time.

"Are you related to the missing outstanding disciples of the Icy Wind Valley?" Chen Xiang asked coldly.

Pan Yunlan did not immediately answer, but sneered: "You think you can kill me? You should want to know when I joined the Divine Devil Cult."

"You think I can't kill you?" Chen Xiang also sneered.

"I can tell you this. Right now in New Imperial Heaven World, those immortal kings are not allowed to take action. Therefore, my current strength is considered very strong here. You are wrong to think that I did not undergo the nine Nirvana Tribulations." Pan Yunlan's mature charm was full of pride.

She really did not have the intention to kill Chen Xiang, and now Chen Xiang also felt that this woman in front of him was extremely complicated.

Chen Xiang scoffed, "Then what do you think my strength is, an arrogant woman? Since I dare to save you, I will have the power to restrain you."

Pan Yunlan's eyes suddenly flashed with a purple light, causing Chen Xiang to be secretly surprised, he anxiously used his strength and prepared to fight.

The purple glow in Pan Yunlan's beautiful eyes suddenly disappeared, and she actually started giggling charmingly: "Little fellow, don't be anxious, I didn't think that you're actually a young kid. You've merely transcended the seven Nirvana Tribulations, I'm not wrong, I just don't understand how you managed to gain You Lan's trust and how she entrusted you to do such a great thing. Moreover, you're so young and yet you already have a Longevity fruit.

What made Pan Yunlan surprised was that Chen Xiang was actually still very calm, and did not become surprised after having his strength seen through by her.

Pan Yunlan's words put Chen Xiang at ease. He was a little worried that he would be completely seen through by this woman, but it was only to see the strength of his Innate Qi.

Pan Yunlan's expression suddenly became cold, and said seriously: "Young man, I know you're worried about You Lan, but I can guarantee that I won't do anything to let her down. I have always been protecting her and Xue Xianxian, and as for the matter regarding Divine Devil Cult, it's better that you don't know about it.

Previously, Xue Xianxian had reminded Chen Xiang to pay attention to the Divine Devil Cult, and he felt that Xue Xianxian already knew something.

"Do Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan also know about the matter between you and Divine Devil Cult?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Xianxian knows one thing, although she looked like a fairy, she was not like You Lan, who even if she was in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, she would still know a lot about the affairs here. Previously, she had already sent people to secretly investigate, and even captured a disciple of Divine Devil Cult, but she did not find out anything from the disciple." Pan Yunlan's face revealed an expression of admiration: "What she did exceeded my expectations, once she asked me about the Divine Devil Cult. At that time, I said that I didn't know, but she definitely saw through it."

"You can go back now. In short, this matter wasn't done by the Fire Divine Palace." Pan Yunlan said.

Chen Xiang did not leave. Standing there, he lightly stroked his dagger as he said seriously, "I must ensure the safety of Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, even though they trust you so much, you are still in danger. I must either kill you or find out about your situation, or else I won't leave.

Pan Yunlan's face was extremely calm, he raised his head slightly and said: "Then come and kill me, my life is yours, you can take back the life you've bestowed upon me, but you can't force me to say what I can't say, come and kill me."

Pan Yunlan really did not have any thoughts of resisting. From her eyes, it could be seen that death was nothing to her.

Chen Xiang stood there without moving. He was certain that he could easily walk over and cut off Pan Yunlan's head, but that would mean he did not know about the matters regarding Divine Devil Cult. He also did not know the reason behind the disappearance of those outstanding disciples.

"Walk up and pretend you want to kill her." Long Xueyi suddenly said: "I feel that there's a guy hiding in the vicinity of this hall, carefully observing the situation here. If you pretend to want to make a move, maybe you can lure that guy out."

Chen Xiang quickly thought of something. The Divine Devil Cult was a huge and mysterious power and it had already spread to the entire New Imperial Heaven World. There definitely wasn't just one person, it was a group of people.

"Well, anyway, you're a dead man."

Chen Xiang's killing intent suddenly surged out, the killing intent caused Pan Yunlan to turn pale with fright, she never thought that such a young man would have such a terrifying killing intent, how long would it take for it to form?

Pan Yunlan also thought that she had died. Although she had the power to resist, she still sat there with her head raised, with her jade neck facing Chen Xiang.

Just as Chen Xiang raised his hand, about to use the dagger to stab Pan Yunlan's neck, a strong Qi suddenly surged from behind him, and the person who was hiding appeared.

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