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Originally, the region that Icy Wind Valley was in was an extremely cold place that was covered by ice and snow all year round, but it was no longer like this. Only a mountain range was still covered by ice and frost, and this was because the Icy Wind Valley was located in a place where a strange kind of cold energy could be felt.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had come to the Icy Wind Valley, and the ravine which was howling with cold wind was extremely fortified right now. In order to comply with Chen Xiang's previous plan, he had also let one of the elders from the Icy Wind Valley fake his death, and because of this, the disciples from the Icy Wind Valley were extremely vigilant. Even if Chen Xiang possessed the jade tablet that he had given to him, he would not be able to enter it very easily, and he would still have to wait for the elder inside to come out.

and Leng Youlan's death faked the efforts of the disciples from the Divine Weapon Sect and the Icy Wind Valley. For them, the Divine Weapon Sect was their second home, and only after receiving guidance from them could they grow into a powerful warrior, which allowed them to live a longer life. The death of the Leader made them even more furious.

What welcomed Chen Xiang was a middle-aged lady with grey hair. Her hair was not naturally white like Leng Youlan's, but because her lifespan was almost used up. She was trying her best to maintain her appearance.

Even if Liu Meng'er was here back then, he would still have to be extremely respectful to her. Although she was not born with very high cultivation conditions, by relying on her own ability, she was still able to reach this step.

"Elder Pan, do you know what secrets those missing disciples have in Icy Wind Valley?" Chen Xiang followed behind the Elder Pan. Facing the chaotic gale, they entered the valley and walked towards a building covered in snow.

Inside Icy Wind Valley, it was as if there was a small village. When Elder Pan walked over with Chen Xiang, many people greeted him.

Elder Pan did not reply to Chen Xiang. She closed her eyes slightly, and slowly brought Chen Xiang into a cave that was deep inside.

This Elder Pan must have been a beauty when she was young, but her current appearance was still very charming when she was in her middle years, but it had lost a lot of vitality. This was the obvious state when her lifespan was coming to an end, the tiredness on her face made her give off a very weak feeling, but Chen Xiang knew that within her body covered by a white beast skin, there was still a very strong explosive force.

"How is Youlan right now?" The Elder Pan asked softly, his voice weak.

"She is well. Elder Pan, with your current condition, you should not have to go through so many things, leave it to others to do. " Chen Xiang sighed softly. She had heard Liu Meng'er talk about the Elder Pan before, and she had done a lot for him.

"I have to do this kind of important thing myself. No matter what, my result will be the same." Elder Pan sat on a chair covered in thick beast skin, lazily leaning on a seat, one hand holding her cheeks, her eyes half opened, as though she was still dreaming. But Chen Xiang was worried that she would close her eyes anytime.

"Don't tell Youlan my current situation." Elder Pan said again.

"Elder Pan, your current situation isn't too bad. As long as you have some time to make a breakthrough and pa.s.s through the nine Nirvana Tribulations, you can ascend to the Immortal World. You still have a long way to go." When Chen Xiang saw the grey light in Elder Pan's eyes, he couldn't help but sigh.

"As a person with mediocre apt.i.tude, I have lived for so long. I am already very satisfied. Back then, many people with greater apt.i.tude than me, people with greater apt.i.tude, died long ago." The Elder Pan said, "Let's get to the point. The fact that Youlan sent you should mean that she has absolute trust in you."

Long Xueyi frowned: "This girl must have encountered some sort of disaster to become like this, from the vitality in her body, she shouldn't be so half-dead. She must have had her life force sucked away."

Chen Xiang was surprised that his lifespan could also be sucked away. He said, "Elder Pan, with your current state, you can't even discuss business with me. Furthermore, you are unable to protect Icy Wind Valley."

Chen Xiang's tone suddenly became stern, and then took out an Longevity fruit and walked over, even if the Longevity fruit was not used to concoct pills, it would still have a good effect, and could increase the lifespan of the Elder Pan.

"What is this?" Elder Pan said. Her vision had already blurred.

This Elder Pan could be said to be one of the closer ones to Liu Meng'er and her. Since Chen Xiang could save her now, of course he had to save her.

"Just eat it, my time is short, I need to settle the matter here as soon as possible." Chen Xiang handed the Longevity fruit over.

Elder Pan slowly raised her hand to receive it. Upon touching the Longevity fruit, her eyes opened, and her vitality suddenly surged.

"Hurry up and eat. I know you have a lot of things to tell me." Chen Xiang urged.

The Elder Pan had absorbed a bit of the life force inside the Longevity fruit, allowing himself to have a bit of strength. After an hour or so, Elder Pan ate the Longevity fruit and refined its life force. His hair gradually turned black and he became even younger, displaying his charm.

Just what kind of fruit is this? Just what kind of fruit are you, to have such a divine object? You have such a powerful character by Youlan's side, how could I not know that Meng'er is the person I watched as she grew up. I know more about the people around her.

Elder Pan was now full of spirit, his face flushed red. He looked like a middle-aged man previously, but now he had turned into a charming woman in her thirties.

"Thank you so much for giving me such a thing. It seems that I'll have to work even harder in the future to repay your kindness." Elder Pan let out a faint sigh.

Chen Xiang said indifferently: "In the future, you will have the chance to know who I am. Now, tell me the reason why you were in that state before. It doesn't seem to be natural, but man-made or perhaps because of some kind of cultivation technique you're cultivating."

Elder Pan's body trembled, his gentle eyes suddenly became colder, causing Chen Xiang to immediately become alert, he was originally just speaking casually, but he did not expect that what he said would be the truth, the Elder Pan actually wanted to kill him.

"Youlan really has sent a great figure." Elder Pan stood up and walked to's front, and stared at Chen Xiang's pair of deep eyes, wanting to see something.

"To be honest, I don't believe that you would do something ungrateful to Youlan behind her back." Chen Xiang said: "But you must have done something behind her back that cannot be exposed. Elder Pan, please speak honestly."

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