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"The demonic energy in these Devil Cultivator are indeed different from those I'm familiar with." Chen Xiang nodded his head. In the past, all the Devil Cultivator s that he had met, even those like Devil Race s, were all extremely "gentle".

Chen Xiang could not help but ask: "What kind of Devil Cultivator is this, it's really different from the others."

Bai Youyou said in a cold voice: "This kind of Devil Cultivator is known as the Ferocious Devil, and is extremely savage. The reason they are like this, one part is because of their bloodline's inheritance, and another part is because of their cultivation methods. There are also many such fellows in the Heavenly Demon Realm, and when they go crazy, even if they are the same kind as them, they will brutally kill them."

"However, these Ferocious Devil s would not normally gather together. Now that they are attacking the city together, they should have been gathered together. If there is a power formed by a Ferocious Devil within the Devil Realm, then it would be too scary."

Long Xueyi was told where the group of Ferocious Devil went.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed in that direction, and said with a stern expression: "If these Ferocious Devil and the other Ferocious Devil join hands, or are controlled by the Fire Divine Palace, then we'll be in trouble. We have to get rid of them, we can't let them appear in the Human Realm."

"It's very possible, because w.a.n.g Qiongjin is a Devil Cultivator. She has stayed in the Heavenly Demon Realm for a long time and has mastered many powerful devil arts, if she uses these devil arts to rope in these Ferocious Devil, and make them even more powerful, it wouldn't be difficult for the Fire Divine Palace to control this group of Ferocious Devil. w.a.n.g Qiongjin is a devil king herself, so she has absolute deterrence." Bai Youyou's tone was filled with killing intent, "We must definitely destroy the power of the Ferocious Devil, and make them stronger. If we attack the human world again, the consequences would be dire."

Chen Xiang had already used his fastest speed, but he was still too slow. He followed the direction that Long Xueyi pointed to and arrived at a city, but this city had already turned into ruins with no signs of life, not even a corpse could be found.

The bodies were not burned, of course, and there was no sign of death here.

"I wonder what kind of demonic technique they are using. In short, if the people here disappear, it will definitely increase their strength." Bai Youyou carefully recalled his knowledge of devil arts.

Other than the Devouring magic kungfu, there were also other devilish arts that could increase the power of the devourer.

"Maybe it's not the devouring of people, but the capture of these people …." Chen Xiang saw many footprints outside the city. A large group of people had once gathered outside and then mysteriously disappeared.

"If that's the case, then why did he bring these people away, and why did he do the labor work to extract the Spar?" Su Meiyao said.

If that's the case, it will definitely anger the people of the Human Realm, and if it is known by many great powers, it will definitely be exterminated. Right now, the Demons have invaded the humans, obtaining a few Sparite vein, but they are told to use their demons to extract them, this is something that many powers in the Human Realm can tolerate. Chen Xiang shook his head.

The Bloodthirsty Demon Attack should be right. This kind of demonic art requires the most ordinary blood and a large amount of it. It is very likely that they will capture a group of people and select a good Blood Seedling from among them. Bai Youyou's voice suddenly became very cold: "This kind of demonic technique is already considered very evil. Back then, it was already forbidden by a few large families of the devil realm.

Chen Xiang followed them for two days before finally arriving at a relatively large city. After arriving there, the aura had disappeared, and it was at the place where the Transmission array had disappeared. After asking around, he found out that there were more than thirty people wearing red clothes who had suppressed thousands of people into the city, and then left via the Transmission array.

This city was controlled by the Fire Divine Palace, Chen Xiang felt that the Ferocious Devil powers that cultivated the Blood-Thirsty Demonic Art should be related to the Fire Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang did not learn where the group of Ferocious Devil s had pressure the thousands of mortals to go, and in the end, they came to the City Lord's Mansion and took down a person with a relatively high status. Only after using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell did he learn that this group of people had been sent to Ferocious Devil's city.

But according to his inquiries, this Ferocious Devil was a very prosperous city, comparable to a large city of humanity. There were no conflicts of all sorts, and it was not the Ferocious Devil that Bai Youyou had mentioned.

"Could it be that the Ferocious Devil is able to control that kind of savage personality?" Bai Youyou said doubtfully, "Let's go take a look. If this group of people can control the viciousness of others, then it means that they have already done what the people from the Heavenly Demon Realm above can't do."

Maybe the reason they came to Human Realm to look for the Blood Seedling was to make themselves stronger, so that it would be easier to attack the Chen Martial Continent.

Chen Xiang entered the Transmission array and was teleported to Ferocious Devil City.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin was the Devil Cultivator, so the Devil Realm was basically under the control of the Fire Divine Palace. Chen Xiang had to admit that the Fire Divine Palace was powerful, and more than half of the Human Realm was under the control of the Fire Divine Palace.

However, this made the demons rob the Human Realm even more violently. Because there were no Fire Divine Palace and many powerful forces blocking them, the Human Realm s that the demons could easily invade, was currently only the small and medium-sized forces that were under attack by the demons. And, the large powers had basically submitted to the Fire Divine Palace, while the demons listened to the Fire Divine Palace.

In the end, all of the small and medium-sized forces suffered, because the Fire Divine Palace did not need them. Furthermore, they were given to the small and medium-sized forces as gifts to rope in the demons, allowing the demons to ravage them.

There were also only a few major powers that could contend with the demons, but they were not many, and were definitely not in charge of other areas in the Human Realm, and could at most be in charge of their own territory, the Chen Martial Continent was just an example, so the Chen Martial Continent had already begun to send people around to make contact with the big heads of the small and medium-sized forces, asking them to temporarily put down some things, and gather at the Chen Martial Continent.

When he arrived at Ferocious Devil City, although Chen Xiang had already known about what was happening there, but when he saw it with his own eyes, he couldn't help but be surprised. This city was like the prosperous large cities in Human Realm, with clean and wide streets, brand-new and grand buildings, and extremely good-natured people. There were also many people shouting and selling on the streets.

Walking on the streets, Chen Xiang suddenly saw some communication signals, drawn in various locations, they were unique to the Dragon Subduing School, only the core elders of the Dragon Subduing School knew about them, such as Yun Xiaodao and the rest.

Someone had left a secret signal here, meaning that there were people from the Dragon Subduing School here. From the looks of the marks, Chen Xiang knew that they had not been here for long.

"My Dragon Subduing School's people are moving here, what exactly is it?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was funny, he was the Leader, but he did not know what exactly he was going to do.

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