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"How did you get it?" The White Tiger asked.

"It's a long story..." Chen Xiang was a little embarra.s.sed to tell the White Tiger about the Chaotic Mountain, because he did not explain everything to them.

It was also at that time that they attracted the attention of Long Yanjing, and even killed a small Holy Dragon. Now that he thought about it, that Prince Imperial Dragon was really done in by Chen Xiang, and it was even framed on someone else's body.

Thinking back to this matter, Chen Xiang had disappeared during that time and appeared again later.

"You brat, you are truly too reckless. However, I still do not understand some things. Back then, there was someone who personally saw that Super Yuan Sect Leader killing someone." From Chen Xiang's expression, he could tell that the Prince Imperial Dragon was done in by him, although Chen Xiang did not go into detail.

"The person who I saw with my own eyes was my insider." Chen Xiang chuckled, and then explained in detail what happened in the Chaotic Mountain's Treasure Chest.

Chen Xiang took out the Hammer of G.o.d. He knew that the White Tiger had definitely seen this thing before. As expected, after he took it out, the White Tiger immediately became excited.

"I didn't think that this thing would fall into your hands. You should be using this thing to hit people all day long. I wonder if the old man would be angered to the point of spitting out blood if he found out." Based on Chen Xiang's personality, he could guess that Chen Xiang had used the hammer to kill many people.

"Quick, take a look at this map. This should be something from the Dan Emperor. Three Treasure Chests. It's the most inferior one to the Dan Emperor right now." Chen Xiang said.

The White Tiger opened the map and took a look. After a brief look, its expression changed and became very serious.

"Within the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, the Dan Emperor is one of them and is rumored to be the strongest of the Nine Emperors. Moreover, this guy is pretending to be two ident.i.ties, and both the Dan Emperor and the Senior Pill Elder are him. I only found out later." The White Tiger said.

One person was enough to earn two t.i.tles in Nine Emperors and Five Venerables. This person was truly powerful, and made Chen Xiang feel that there was a future for him to refine pills.

"Then what's the use of this map?" Chen Xiang was most concerned about this. If the White Tiger knew the location of the map, he would definitely go there.

"I don't know, but the Dan Emperor himself drew it, there is a pattern on it that he can only draw, the thing at the north is just a mess, only he can draw it with such charm, so it must be his hand, as to what exactly he is hiding, you have to take a look to know." The White Tiger said.

"Where?" If he knew where it was, Chen Xiang might have already gone over, "Is this Di Tian?"

"No, it should be above Heaven Realm. You can go there in the future and find those places, but that place is very dangerous, so before you go there, you must make sufficient preparations, and must have sufficient strength to do so. Otherwise, you will very easily die there."

It was very obvious that the White Tiger knew what kind of place that was, but it did not say it explicitly. He knew that no matter what, Chen Xiang would definitely go and take a look.

Chen Xiang kept the map. He was a little disappointed that he was not at Di Tian's level.

You don't have to worry about those immortal kings, at most they are just people who are plotting behind their backs or guiding them when it comes to cultivation. They won't do anything, and if they dare to use the power of the immortal king, then I will be able to sense it too, so I will immediately go out and stop them. The White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang was relieved a lot now, and left the White Tiger profound Realm at ease. Even if he revealed his ident.i.ty now, those Immortal Kings would probably not dare to make a move against him, and that was also the reason why the Fire Divine Palace Palace Mistress was always guarding the seal. Because he missed this chance, the second time would be when he could not use his strongest power, otherwise, he would be killed.

After leaving the White Tiger profound Realm, Chen Xiang looked at the blue sky outside. Even though it was very quiet in the wilderness, there was a little less peace.

Chen Xiang ran towards a nearby city. There was a Transmission array there, allowing him to quickly reach the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, but he saw a large group of people on the streets.

Amongst these few hundred people, there were more than a hundred who were children, and a few dozen who had turbid Innate Qi s in their bodies. However, their strengths were all average, and their strongest were only at the peak of the Extreme realm.

It was obvious that this group of people had escaped from somewhere else and came here. Although the Chen Martial Continent had always been under attack from other forces, it was just that the border was a little chaotic. It was very safe inside the Chen Martial Continent, so it wasn't strange for them to have fled here.

Chen Xiang walked over and asked a big sized man, who was also the strongest here, a rogue cultivator.

"Brother, where did you come from? What happened over there?" Chen Xiang asked, since he had met with this, he could not ignore it, he suspected that it was caused by the invasion of the Spirit Demon beings.

He had obtained most of the inheritance from the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, so he definitely could not sit still and do something like using the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"Over there, the demons are attacking our city. We are the only ones that survived." The man sighed and looked at the refugees.

Chen Xiang looked at the direction the big sized man pointed, then went through s.p.a.ce and disappeared without a trace. This made the big sized man startled, but he knew that he was definitely an expert, and one that wanted to kill the demon.

He quickly pa.s.sed through a large mountain range and saw the city. However, the city was no longer there, it was just a wasteland, and when he looked around, he did not find anyone alive there. There were also no demons there, but it was filled with a dense demonic aura, so it should be the Devil Cultivator that came from Devil Realm.

"There aren't many of them, only 20-30 of them. But if they're very strong, destroying an entire city would be a piece of cake." Long Xueyi said: "I'll look for traces of them right now."

Chen Xiang came to the side of the burned and smashed city and could not help but angrily say: "This should be a city without any powers protecting it from behind, otherwise it would not be attacked by such destructive attacks. The Devil Cultivator inside the Devil Realm is really too overbearing, there are already many resource-rich areas in the Human Realm that they occupy, they do not even need to lay their hands on this kind of city that has no value at all."

"These Devil Cultivator are not ordinary Devil Cultivator. Could they be those fellows?" Bai Youyou said. Although she was a Devil Cultivator, she had a very strong self-binding ability and would definitely not do such a thing.

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