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Chen Xiang left the Dragon Subduing City and came to a very remote place. He dug out a huge stone room at the bottom of the ground and then took out the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument.

After obtaining the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, he had yet to carefully study it. The Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was very powerful, and was even a powerful weapon that could restrain magical equipment formations. The super strong array discs of the Purple profound Holy Mountain and the Blazing Mountain were already destroyed by the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument.

"There must be something powerful inside this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument. As long as it absorbs a large amount of energy, it can release a very strong Icy cold power that can freeze everything." Chen Xiang said.

"That's for sure. Back then, this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument wanted to use it to suppress the ice sky and make it more stable, allowing it to release its Icy cold power all year round. I just didn't expect it to land outside the nine heavens, Di Tian." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang took out the Ice dragon sword sheath. This sword sheath was the key to opening the treasure chest, and he still had two treasure chests that he had to open, but it was difficult to replenish the energy inside the Ice dragon sword sheath, so he wanted to use this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument to try.

He obtained three treasure chests from the Chaotic Mountain and opened one of them. There was a handful of Hammer of G.o.d and the remaining two must also have good items, so he had always been thinking about it. He had initially planned to use the energy extracted from the profoundbing to fill it up, but it was not going to work.

Chen Xiang placed his hand on top of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument and started to pour his power into it. The top of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument indeed released a very strong power of frost, causing the stone walls of the cave that was deep down to become covered in frost.

After the extremely cold energy was released from the top of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, he immediately used Devouring magic kungfu to absorb it. Then, he placed the Icy cold power into the Ice dragon sword's sheath.

"There's movement." Chen Xiang was immediately overjoyed. The Ice dragon sword sheath in his hand emitted a weak glow and was surrounded by a faint white cold mist. He did not expect it to succeed, and it was replenishing it very quickly as well.

The recovery speed was very fast, but Chen Xiang's exhaustion was also very fast, and in just a short while, he had lost seventy to eighty percent of his Innate Qi.

Luckily he had a large number of pills to replenish his Innate Qi, and after consuming those pills, he was able to recover after meditating for a while, and then continue to replenish the Ice dragon sword sheath.

"Judging from this speed, I should be able to open those two Treasure Chests very soon. What exactly is inside? It shouldn't be that much inferior to that Hammer of G.o.d, right?" Chen Xiang thought excitedly in his heart. The Hammer of G.o.d was already a powerful being in his eyes, he felt that the treasures in the two treasure chests shouldn't be more powerful than the Hammer of G.o.d.

After three days, the mysterious cold energy within the Ice dragon sword's sheath had already recovered to its fullest. He immediately took out a treasure chest and excitedly inserted the Ice dragon sword sheath into the keyhole, then carefully rotated the Ice dragon sword sheath. At the same time, he could feel the energy inside the Ice dragon sword's sheath draining away at a rapid pace.

After a crackling sound, all the energy in the Ice dragon sword's sheath was gone, and the treasure chest was already opened. Chen Xiang opened the lid with all his might, only to see a piece of yellow paper inside.

It was actually a piece of paper, but Chen Xiang was not disappointed. If there was some powerful mystical technique recorded inside, then this piece of paper was extremely precious.

This piece of paper was very big, with a round table. Chen Xiang looked at the thing on this piece of paper carefully, it was a map, and he did not recognize any of the names on it.

"What is this place?" Chen Xiang stroked his chin, and looked at the names.

This treasure chest had existed many years ago, so this map must be very old. The names of those places might have already been changed, and the topography on the map would have greatly changed. It wasn't easy to find a place that matched this map.

"It shouldn't be just a c.r.a.ppy map, right?" Long Xueyi said in disappointment. She had been looking forward to it for so long, but it was actually just a lousy map.

When Chen Xiang turned the page, he only saw a pattern on the back. The pattern was circular and was as big as a washbasin, but the patterns on the back looked like they were made by chicken claws, he had no idea what the pattern had meaning, and it was not the Spirit grain s either.

"Eh, this pattern looks familiar. Let me think." Su Meiyao suddenly said.

After Chen Xiang waited for a while, she was shocked by Su Meiyao's sudden scream, and shouted in shock: "I remember what kind of background this pattern has, it's a symbol unique to Dan Emperor!"

"What? Who is this Dan Emperor?" Seeing Su Meiyao being so shocked, Chen Xiang felt that the Dan Emperor must have some background.

"I don't know, I only know that he is a very powerful pill refiner, an existence that surpa.s.ses the Pill Saint, hence he is called Dan Emperor, but that was just a legend, back then my master told me about this Dan Emperor before, and this pattern was something that only he could draw. The one that I saw was very small, and this one was very big, so I couldn't think of it for a moment." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang looked at the Glyph Devils and pondered, "Could it be that this Dan Emperor is also one of the Nine Emperor Kings? I wonder how strong this guy is, and this map might be related to him.

Although the Fire Divine Palace would not attack the Chen Martial Continent for a short period of time, Chen Xiang was worried that he would not be able to find the treasure based on the map.

"Let's open the remaining treasure chest first. Hopefully, it isn't some bulls.h.i.t item. Back then, the ice dragon said that the items in these treasure chests weren't very good." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang kept the map. If he wanted to go, he would need to find those places, and it would take him a long time to find them.

He continued to use the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument s to restore the Ice dragon sword sheaths to their original state.

He was finally able to open the last treasure chest. Because the last treasure chest was not very good, Chen Xiang was not as excited as last time, but even if the remaining treasure chest could not produce a good item, he would not be too disappointed, because he had already obtained a Hammer of G.o.d, and would be very satisfied.

"The last one, let's see what's inside." Chen Xiang rotated the sword sheath, releasing all the energy from the sword sheath. This time, he was surprised, the lid of the treasure chest suddenly popped open, only to see a burst of red light coming out, followed by a blood red dagger floating out of the treasure chest.

Opening the treasure chest actually took out such a lethal weapon, the demonic Qi alone made Chen Xiang feel extremely uncomfortable, the dagger released a glaring evil blood light, which flew over, Chen Xiang had no time to dodge, the dagger stabbed at his chest, but his profoundwu diamond armour appeared at the first moment, and blocked the life stealing attack.

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