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Chen Xiang was not even finished refining yet, and there were already people who told him to give up, because from their perspectives, Chen Xiang had no chance of winning.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin looked at Chen Xiang with a pair of dark and cold eyes. The method Chen Xiang used to refine the medicinal ingredients was still very powerful, even someone like w.a.n.g Qiongjin wouldn't be able to understand what was going on. If it was her, she wouldn't be able to refine the medicinal ingredients into her palm like Chen Xiang previously.

However, Chen Xiang had used a very short amount of time to refine those two main medicinal ingredients, and on this point, w.a.n.g Qiongjin could not help but admire Chen Xiang.

Two hours after w.a.n.g Qiongjin finished refining, Chen Xiang finally opened his eyes. Seeing his calm expression, his eyes shone with a confident light, and many people shook their heads.

"You won't have a chance to win anymore. Even if you push yourself to death, you can only refine two high quality Hunyuan Dan, but they are faster than you. You are bound to lose."

"Unless you can refine three Hunyuan Dan s, but that's simply impossible. The two main ingredients for Hunyuan Dan s are just like that, and it's difficult for them to condense three Hunyuan Dan s. Even the supreme Pill Saints would not be able to do that."

Just admit defeat. It's not like your Dragon Subduing School has completely lost. You guys have won one, you've lost one.

The old man from the Fire Divine Palace was secretly happy, because he still had a chance to defeat Li Baojun. Right now, he believed that the Fire Divine Palace had already lost, so they still had to continue competing until one of them could win two rounds in a row.

Chen Xiang let out a light breath and said lightly: "There's no need to compete anymore, you have already lost."

He opened the lid of the pill furnace and four rays of golden light shot out from it. They shot straight into the sky, accompanied by a strong medicinal fragrance.

Looking at the four pill lights, everyone was in shock, especially the old Alchemist.

"It's Pill Light …." "I never thought that the legendary Pill Light actually exists."

"Four Hunyuan Dan. That's impossible. I must have seen wrongly."

The appearance of this pill indicates that the quality of this pill has reached its peak. It's the Peak quality of the Heaven level Pill, it can be said that this pill has transcended mortality and nurtured a Holy Light.

Inside the poor quality pill furnace, there were four floating pills wrapped in a hazy golden light. When they saw that it was indeed four Hunyuan Dan s, everyone was flabbergasted. The shock in their hearts was indescribable.

A Hunyuan Dan being able to refine two of them was already considered to be an incredible feat, if it was only for three, although it was possible, but everyone believed that only a Pill Saint would be able to do it, but the person in front of them was actually able to refine four, and they were even able to emit a Pill Light.

Chen Xiang's refining skills had completely overturned every single Alchemist's understanding towards the dao of pills, and went against all the rules of the dao of pills.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin also opened her mouth slightly in shock, disbelief written all over her face. Forget about four pills, just that pill light alone was enough to completely defeat her. Even if the other party could refine two, just their quality alone would be enough to defeat her.

He did not use the Foreseeing Alchemy, but he did concoct a shocking batch of pills, four of them were Hunyuan Dan, and the appearance of these pills made people think that he was the successor of the Pill Saint.

"You've lost." Li Baojun was startled for a good long while before he said slowly.

"Here you go." w.a.n.g Qiongjin threw a Storage bag to Li Baojun, which contained a large amount of pills.

They had all been completely defeated by the opponent with a large gap between them. They had originally wanted to find fault with him, but in the end, they had actually lost and ran off with their tails between their legs.

In order to concoct this pill, Chen Xiang had used up a lot of energy. He only bid goodbye to Li Baojun and hurried back to his room to rest.

"Little Scoundrel, you're really amazing. Just how did you do it?" Even Su Meiyao didn't know how Chen Xiang managed to achieve such a feat. With his level, he would undoubtedly be able to contend against those Pill Saint Dan Immortal s. If he were to compete against those fellows in refining Hunyuan Dan, even if Chen Xiang didn't win, he definitely wouldn't lose.

Su Meiyao had muddled his way through the alchemy world above the Heaven Realm, and he knew that Chen Xiang's current level had already surpa.s.sed many of the other Dan Immortal s. It was just that the alchemy grade he could refine now was still low, but he would definitely be able to grow it in the future.

Chen Xiang laughed: "The limit of the Hunyuan Dan's medicine is three and a half pills, but when I put in the supplementary medicine previously, I put in a lot more, and at that time, there were even a bunch of idiots who laughed at me. It was all thanks to these supplementary medicine that I was able to get the fourth Hunyuan Dan, and as for that pill light, I am not sure how it appeared."

Su Meiyao said: "As long as it is a Heaven level Pill and above, the quality surpa.s.ses superior. Once the Peak quality is reached, a pill will shine."

"sister Meiyao, I will definitely teach you from now on." Chen Xiang laughed.

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun were both here. The two of them were discussing about things related to alchemy, and when they saw that Chen Xiang was out in high spirits, they all stood up.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I may have to leave for a period of time, but before that, I will simply explain the principles behind my G.o.d purification."

Wu Qianqian and Li Baojun nodded, and didn't ask anything further.

Chen Xiang explained the G.o.d purification technique in detail, and then explained the key points.

After hearing everything, Wu Qianqian and Li Baojun looked at Chen Xiang strangely, because Chen Xiang's method of refining pills was simply too abnormal. To think that they would want to directly deal with the medicinal spirit within the medicinal ingredients, and also Chen Xiang's consciousness, which would definitely be extremely strong. This was because they were unable to fulfil the requirements Chen Xiang had set, and their consciousness was not strong enough.

"It seems that only by raising my consciousness can I use this kind of G.o.d purification." Li Baojun was a little disappointed, but he also felt that it was very normal.

Wu Qianqian already knew that the requirements for the Soul consciousness was very high, so she was mentally prepared. In the future, the first thing she would do when she cultivated her Soul consciousness was to allow her to improve her Soul consciousness while also mastering this mystical pill refining technique.

Chen Xiang said: "In the next period of time, the Fire Divine Palace will not attack the Chen Martial Continent too quickly. They just lost so many pills, so they will need some time to recover.

Wu Qianqian was the first to leave, she had matters to take care of in Dan Fragrance Pure Land, Li Baojun had just brought a large batch of pills and had to split them, so she was busy.

That batch of pellets were all below the top quality of Ground level. There were no Heaven level medicinal ingredients, but the quant.i.ty was extremely large. If they could win over the pellets, then Dragon Subduing School would be able to cultivate even more outstanding disciples.

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