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w.a.n.g Qiongjin knew that her pill furnace was very beautiful, which was also something she was very proud of. It was just that this was Di Tian, if it was in Heaven Realm, there would definitely be many people who would be shocked by her pill furnace.

"Are you planning to admit defeat? Do you know how powerful we are?"

The old man who lost just now shouted at Chen Xiang. When he saw w.a.n.g Qiongjin using this pill furnace, he felt that there were very few people in Fire Divine Palace who would be able to look down on him in terms of pill refinement.

Even Li Baojun was worried. He knew the importance of time, and if both parties had concocted the same amount of pills of the same quality, then it would depend on the time to determine the victor.

"This kind of pill furnace, even if you struggle for your entire life, you won't be able to obtain it. Don't even think about it." The old man sneered.

Compared to the pill furnace, Chen Xiang's Yanlong furnace was not bad, and was ranked among the best even in the Heaven Realm. He laughed and took out a pill furnace of average quality, which was slightly better than the one Li Baojun used before.

Once again, he used a normal pill furnace. Seeing this, everyone thought that Chen Xiang wanted to do the same as before and use this method to make the Fire Divine Palace lose in shame.

When the old man saw this pill furnace, he was not as pleased as he was earlier because he lost to someone who used this kind of broken pill furnace to concoct pills.

If Fire Divine Palace lost again, he would definitely be laughed to death.

Chen Xiang took out some supplementary medicine. Some of the Alchemist s that saw Chen Xiang's supplementary medicine frowned, because Chen Xiang had a lot of supplementary medicine.

Because there were too many, it had a huge impact on the process of refining pills. It was the common sense of every Alchemist, but Chen Xiang had used more than half of the supplementary ingredients compared to normal.

"Qianqian, watch carefully. Let's see how I'll refine the Heaven level Pill and how I'll defeat this old woman." Chen Xiang whispered to Wu Qianqian.

Wu Qianqian had already guessed that it was Chen Xiang long ago, and she focused on him.

"There are so many supplementary herbs. Is this guy even a rookie?"

"If he dares to use so many supplementary ingredients on this pill furnace, it will definitely explode."

"He might have thought that with more supplementary ingredients, he would be able to concoct one more pill, but this is very wrong. It would only make the furnace explode faster."

Chen Xiang took out Hunyuan fruit and Hunyuan tree root, both looked to be of good quality. He started to process the herbs, but after he was done, he first threw the supplementary herbs into the pill furnace. The Hunyuan fruit and the Hunyuan tree root had not been processed, and were placed inside a jade box.

Using the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine a low-grade Heaven level pill was something that Chen Xiang could not do, nor did he want to learn, because that method was too complicated and required far too much time. His current G.o.d purification could allow him to reach his goal very quickly, but it was very difficult for ordinary people to grasp, because it required a very strong flame and divine sense as a foundation.

After Chen Xiang dealt with the Hunyuan fruit, he placed it on his palm and released a flame to burn.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene. He actually wanted to concoct pills in such a manner? This was something they had never mentioned before, nor had they ever heard of.

Although it looked very stupid, no one dared to mock Chen Xiang. The old man on the Fire Divine Palace's side also had a drastic change in expression, because the flames Chen Xiang was releasing right now were extremely powerful.

The most admirable thing was Chen Xiang's ability to control fire, which only made the crowd feel that the fire was very strong, but not even the slightest bit of hot air was released. It had to be known that the flames he was releasing right now didn't even have a pill furnace to shine on them, and didn't even emit the slightest bit of hot air.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin frowned, because that type of flame looked no different from normal flames, it didn't seem to be a person who owned a Fire Soul. Otherwise, the flame would have a color, but that type of flame was extremely powerful, close to the existence of Sky Fire. She had never heard of Chen Xiang using this kind of pill refining method before.

Chen Xiang burned the Hunyuan fruit for an hour, but there were no changes to it. This made the Dan King present extremely shocked, they knew Chen Xiang did not use the Foreseeing Alchemy, but using such a strong flame to burn the Hunyuan fruit did not cause any reaction, which made it hard for them to understand.

If it was inside the furnace, then the Hunyuan fruit could explode at any time. It required a very precise flame to slowly refine the Hunyuan fruit into powder.

But the flame that Chen Xiang was currently using was very strong, and it was gradually increasing in strength, as if the Hunyuan fruit was defending and Chen Xiang was attacking with fire.

Li Baojun's eyes did not blink as he looked at the Hunyuan fruit in Chen Xiang's hand. He had heard of this method of refining pills, but he had looked down on it at the time, thinking that it was just an illusion of a pill refining technique, it did not even exist. Furthermore, it was impossible for it to exist, because that was completely subversive of the traditional method of refining pills.

But right now, Chen Xiang was using this method to refine Heaven level Pills, he knew that this method had one benefit, which was that he could not use Foreseeing Alchemy.

The last few times Chen Xiang refined a Hunyuan fruit, he had not been able to succeed, and had been hit by the Hunyuan fruit until it exploded. With only a small amount left, this time he had to succeed, otherwise, he would not be able to defeat w.a.n.g Qiongjin in the strongest possible way.

As the G.o.d Power attacked the Hunyuan fruit's elixir spirit, the Heaven fire burned its defense continuously. The two forces were working together to break through the Hunyuan fruit's defense, to refine it into powder, and then put it into the furnace to refine, compress, and unleash all the potential power of the Hunyuan fruit.

After four hours had pa.s.sed, the Hunyuan fruit in Chen Xiang's hand suddenly shone with a gold light. On the surface of the Hunyuan fruit, there were many golden spots.

The golden light persisted for a moment, and at the same time, Chen Xiang's forehead was drenched in sweat. After the golden light disappeared, many cracks appeared on the surface of the Hunyuan fruit, and following that, it started to collapse inwards bit by bit, eventually turning into a pile of golden powder.

Chen Xiang exhaled a long breath. Because he had succeeded, he had finally succeeded in refining this Hunyuan fruit. He was very happy, he placed the refined Hunyuan fruit into the Yanlong furnace, and then there was the Hunyuan tree root.

Dan King was capable of refining Heaven level Pills, and they had also refined this Hunyuan fruit before, it was even more difficult than the Flying Dan. The time it took was not short, it would at least take two days and two nights.

Seeing Chen Xiang using the method he had just used to refine the Hunyuan tree root, everyone guessed what he should do next. After refining the Hunyuan tree root, they would throw it into the furnace to complete the final batch of pills.

However, many Alchemist s also saw that using this method would solve many problems.

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