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His opponent was actually w.a.n.g Qiongjin, this was a very strong Immortal King, many of the stronger people here could feel that this old lady was very strong.

When the group of demons that came with w.a.n.g Qiongjin heard that this Immortal King was also a Alchemist, they were extremely excited. It was because they felt that they were not mistaken and that they were extremely lacking in pills.

"Which one of you can do it?" w.a.n.g Qiongjin had always believed that Li Baojun was the only one who was supporting the compet.i.tion in the Dragon Subduing School.

Li Baojun had gotten himself a match with great difficulty. If he lost in the next match, all of his efforts would be for naught. He would have to start from the beginning and win two matches consecutively before being able to win.

Li Baojun glanced at Chen Xiang and nodded at him.

Chen Xiang walked out and said, "Let me do it."

The person sent by the Dragon Subduing School to fight against w.a.n.g Qiongjin was actually a very young man, and also the person who had just spoken out loud about the Bi Xia Dan Immortal. Anyone who knew some of the secrets about the Heaven Realm must have come from the Heaven Realm, but this person was unknown, causing people to think that he and w.a.n.g Qiongjin were not on the same level.

"You." w.a.n.g Qiongjin sized Chen Xiang up from head to toe, his tone filled with disdain, because the aura Chen Xiang was emitting didn't even seem like it belonged to a deity.

The person sent out by the Dragon Subduing School to compete with her in refining pills was actually someone who had not even completed Nirvana stage. This made her extremely unhappy in her heart, she felt that he was at least at Li Baojun's level.

Chen Xiang laughed: "What, did I break the rules?"

"Of course not, is there no one in your Dragon Subduing School? To actually send you out to compete with me." w.a.n.g Qiongjin was an Immortal King, so she looked at others based on their strength, their opponents were not even immortals, so no matter what, she would not put them in her eyes.

"It's enough as long as I can defeat you. Of course, if the Leader is here, I will also be the one fighting, because in terms of pill refining, there is no need for the Leader to do anything."

The smile on Chen Xiang's face made w.a.n.g Qiongjin very angry. She really wanted to shout "I am the Immortal King", because she was unexpectedly looked down upon by others. She thought that the opponent did not know her exact strength, which made her feel very aggrieved.

Of the people here, the person who was most clear of w.a.n.g Qiongjin's strength was none other than Chen Xiang, who had purposely provoked her.

"I had thought that you all would send some sort of powerful guy, but it turns out that you're actually just an ignorant guy." w.a.n.g Qiongjin looked at Chen Xiang with disdain, and then said to Li Baojun. She felt that only Li Baojun fighting with her would make her heart feel better, because she felt that it was kind of an insult to this n.o.body in front of her.

Chen Xiang said: "Could it be that you don't want to compete with me?"

w.a.n.g Qiongjin said: "We will have to compete, it's just that I feel very uncomfortable inside, because sparring with a guy like you, is a form of humiliation for me."

Chen Xiang chuckled: "So that's how it is, but if you lose to me, then you can commit suicide."

w.a.n.g Qiongjin suddenly laughed out loud, because this was the funniest joke she had ever heard, "Brat, you aren't even a bug in my eyes. When I was dominating Heaven Realm, your ancestors were not even born yet, so my pill refining skills may not be considered top-notch in Heaven Realm, but many famous Dan Immortal would have to treat me with respect when they see me, and you actually want to win against me."

Hearing w.a.n.g Qiongjin's words, everyone was secretly shocked at the strength of this old woman.

As w.a.n.g Qiongjin laughed, a powerful aura was released, causing everyone to feel a small amount of pressure. They felt that if this old lady wanted to kill them, she would only need to raise her hand.

However, Chen Xiang was extremely calm, and his face still carried that faint smile: "Looks like I can't not win against you today, you better mentally prepare yourself, otherwise, if you lose to me, who is even inferior to an insect, you would be laughed at to death. You already don't have that appearance back then, why would you still have the Dan Immortal treat you with respect?

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, w.a.n.g Qiongjin's face immediately darkened, she did not expect him to actually know about her.

"Who is your master?" w.a.n.g Qiongjin asked coldly.

"It scared you to death." Chen Xiang laughed.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin immediately sank into deep thought. Previously, she had treated everything that Chen Xiang had said as nonsense, but she had taken Chen Xiang's words seriously.

"Just refine the Hunyuan Dan. You don't have the ingredients for this pill, but if you don't, I can sell it to you." Chen Xiang said.

"Of course."

w.a.n.g Qiongjin did not think that the Pill Refining Elder above the Heaven Realm would have such a disciple. She thought that there was someone behind Chen Xiang, who knew about the things in the Heaven Realm, but he was definitely not some strong person.

Li Baojun was able to refine a Hunyuan Dan at such a young age, which was very unreasonable. Unless Chen Xiang had a very powerful Time Formation that could turn a year into a thousand year old Time Formation, but that was impossible, because that kind of array formation was an existence that was supernatural, and even if there was one, it would not be completed in a short period of time. Furthermore, it would require a large amount of energy to replenish.

The pill furnace that w.a.n.g Qiongjin used was pure white, it looked like it was carved out of white jade, the patterns on the outside were extremely beautiful, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to resist taking a closer look, it was clear that this pill furnace was also a good pill furnace.

"sister Meiyao, do you recognize this pill furnace?" Chen Xiang asked. In the Heaven Realm, some famous Alchemist s used pill furnaces that were very famous.

"Snow Phoenix Furnace? Why is this pill furnace in her hands?" Su Meiyao said in shock when he saw the image that Long Xueyi sent over.

"Isn't that the pill furnace of the Snow Wind Old Man?" Bai Youyou was also surprised: "Could it be that the Snow Wind Old Man died? Otherwise, this pill furnace wouldn't have fallen into other people's hands."

"Who is the Snow Wind Old Man?" Chen Xiang knew who this man was from the moment he heard him.

"A Dan Immortal with only half a foot in the alchemist realm. Because when he refined pills, he would summon a blizzard so everyone in the Heaven Realm called him that. Later on, his information became less and less, and it was rumored that his lifespan was up." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang looked carefully at the white pill furnace and confirmed that there was a phoenix carved on it. However, it was not that obvious as it was covered with patterns.

Looks like this Snow Phoenix Treasure Furnace isn't the same one from back then. As long as you enter the fire, you will be able to hear the cries of phoenixes, which is very magical, and there will even be a gust of cold wind coming from the furnace. When you condense the pill furnace, your surroundings will become very cold because of the pill furnace. Su Meiyao said again.

w.a.n.g Qiongjin processed the ingredients very quickly, and finished them in a few moments, and had already started concocting the pills, but Chen Xiang was still looking at her pill furnace. This kind of compet.i.tion, time was also important, but Chen Xiang was actually looking at other people's pill furnace.

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