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Hearing Chen Xiang's words, w.a.n.g Qiongjin's old face instantly turned green, and his old eyes stared straight at Chen Xiang, causing him to feel very uncomfortable, but everyone could feel that w.a.n.g Qiongjin was angry.

What Chen Xiang had just said was all suddenly told to him by Su Meiyao.

"Hmph, you know quite a bit." w.a.n.g Qiongjin snorted, he glared hatefully at the Alchemist, at the disciple of the Bi Xia Dan Immortal, at the elder, whose eyebrows twitched. Someone had revealed the ugly matter of his master, which made him extremely unhappy.

Seeing the obvious effects, Chen Xiang smiled. To dare attack Fire Divine Palace so brazenly, caused everyone to sweat for him, and they all knew that the old lady from Fire Divine Palace was extremely strong.

"sister Meiyao, it worked. Oh right, who did Bi Xia Dan Immortal lose to." Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"Of course I lost to me, hehe." Su Meiyao laughed smugly: "But that woman was a beauty then, and after that one time, she grew old, and was probably shocked. Furthermore, she was the one who proposed the rules of the game, she originally wanted to take care of me, but she did not know that I would be so powerful.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would take a lot of time to refine a Heaven level Pill, but it was different now. Right now, it was a compet.i.tion, and the rules stated that victory or defeat depended on time, thus both sides would do their best to speed up the process. They could not be slower than the other party, or else they would very likely lose in the future.

Li Baojun possessed a flame that even Chen Xiang was envious of, which meant that the Fire Soul in Li Baojun's body should be the Five Elements Fire Soul. Therefore, Chen Xiang was extremely confident in Li Baojun.

At that time, the other party would be shocked by Chen Xiang's words and would almost make a mistake in the beginning, causing the pill furnace to tremble slightly but it would stabilize in the end. It was only four hours later that the old man's forehead was covered in sweat.

"Could it be that my words just now were too harsh, hitting this fellow's heart directly? It has only been four hours, and he has already become like this. To think that he had even suggested refining a Nine-Deadly Flying Dan himself." Chen Xiang thought.

"Maybe this old man was thinking about how his master would run around the city naked when he lost." Long Xueyi laughed.

"Little Naughty Dragon, why do you keep thinking about these things?" Chen Xiang scolded.

"This old fellow's Fire Soul is not bad, but in the Fire Divine Palace's perspective, there should be a lot of high level Fire Soul s. They can plunder a large amount of Fire Soul, so they might be able to fuse with it." Long Xueyi said: "It is actually a golden Fire Soul, but looking at the fire Qi that he is releasing, this Fire Soul is not natural, it has been further refined."

It was already dark, but many people were waiting for the results. Not only did they have to watch the battle between the disciples of the two Alchemy Masters, they also had to see the final result, especially the powers in Pill City. If they lost, they would have to start with a new plan to attack the Chen Martial Continent.

After the news of Fire Divine Palace and Dragon Subduing School fighting here spread out, many people began to come over one after another to watch the show. Even at night, there were still many people who came.

Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a very weak yet familiar Qi, he raised his head and looked at the pitch black night sky. At this time, there were many people floating, and they were all looking down from the sky.

"Qianqian, why are you here?" Chen Xiang anxiously transmitted to Wu Qianqian, the lady dressed in a simple white dress was Wu Qianqian.

"Chen Xiang, it's good that you're fine. We were all very worried about you because of the huge incident that happened in Sacred Fire School." When Wu Qianqian heard Chen Xiang's sound transmission, she immediately responded to it with Divine Sense that was left in her mind. That sweet voice was extremely excited.

"What can happen to me? I've always been fine, don't worry about me." Chen Xiang laughed: "Oh right, Qianqian, what level of pills can you concoct now?"

"High quality Ground level, I might need a very long time before I can break through, sigh …" Wu Qianqian sighed. This was a ravine that every Alchemist would find difficult to cross in a short period of time.

"Heh heh." Chen Xiang only laughed, but in her heart, Wu Qianqian was very surprised, she felt that Chen Xiang had already stepped over the threshold.

"That's impossible." Wu Qianqian's voice was filled with incredulity as she exclaimed in surprise, "Just what method did you use?"

"I'll tell you in the future, I'll find a time to teach you, but the requirements for fire and consciousness are very high. If you can raise fire and consciousness, I feel that using my method will allow you to move much faster than the Foreseeing Alchemy. Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, I will pa.s.s through the eight Nirvana Tribulations a little faster. You must teach me when the time comes." Wu Qianqian was extremely happy. She had witnessed Chen Xiang's miracles many times, so she quickly accepted Chen Xiang's breakthrough.

At dawn, the two of them were still concocting pills, and most of the people watching the fight were quite strong, so even if they did not sleep for a few days and nights, they would still be able to recover their spirit easily. Therefore, after watching the compet.i.tion for an entire day and night, they did not feel bored.

"This Flying Dan is probably from the lower Heaven level, and its main ingredient is the Nine Deathly Soaring Flower. It's just a small flower, but it needs to be tossed around for a long time." Chen Xiang said.

"Don't underestimate the Soaring Flower, since this little flower has the power to resist the heavens, it is obviously not easy to deal with. If the Flying Dan did not have a success rate of only 50%, it would not have been listed in the high grade Heaven level pills. The difficulty of refining the little flower is definitely not any less than refining a middle grade Heaven level medicinal ingredient." Su Meiyao said: "Moreover, the two of them can now be considered to be fast, back then when I was controlling the middle grade Heaven level pills, neither of them were as skilled as they are now."

Chen Xiang suddenly felt an itch on his hand, he really wanted to use his G.o.d purification to try and refine the Flying Dan. He felt that this would train him to use the divine power, but the flame aspect was still a hard injury, when he was refining the Hunyuan Dan, the fire power was already at its peak, but he still felt a sense of powerlessness.

The place for the compet.i.tion was surrounded by tens of thousands of people, it was extremely noisy, but suddenly quietened down, because the two Alchemist's pill furnaces were shaking violently, as though they were about to enter the final stage.

"Is the result about to come out? It's only been a day and a night, and the Flying Dan is about to be released. As expected of the pinnacle duel, it would be great if we could see what's going on inside the furnace." A person exclaimed.

"If Chen Xiang was here, he would have definitely been able to broaden your horizons while he was refining pills. It's a pity that this genius was sealed up by the Fire Divine Palace." Another sighed.

"This Fire Divine Palace is really sinister, sealing his Leader and then running over to his territory to behave atrociously. If they lose to a group of leaderless forces, they would definitely be laughed at to death."

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