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The "G.o.d purification" that Chen Xiang had mentioned at this time made Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou extremely curious. They knew that Chen Xiang had spent a lot of effort to find this Heavenly Alchemy.

"What is this G.o.d purification like? Is it inside the Heavenly Alchemy?" Long Xueyi anxiously asked.

Originally, there was no Dawan refining method in the Heavenly Alchemy, nor was there the Earth Swallowing Art. That was created by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord himself through comprehending the Heavenly Alchemy, which was why I was able to easily master it, and now, I need to rely entirely on myself to study this heavenly book and create my own way of refining pills. I finally understand why the White Tiger said that this Heavenly Alchemy was stronger than the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists in excitement. He could tell that he found something astonishing from the Heavenly Alchemy.

"Why do you understand?" Long Xueyi's heart itched. She only asked Chen Xiang a few questions, but didn't get a definite answer.

"I feel that the Heavenly Alchemy is a true Heavenly Book. It contains all kinds of Heavenly Mystery and the laws of nature's way of operating … As long as one can understand this book, one will be able to see through the world. Heavenly Alchemy is not able to refine the heavens, it is not able to refine everything, but to refine the heavens. "

Chen Xiang also felt that what he had said was too whimsical and whimsical, but he had indeed seen a lot of vague things from the Heavenly Alchemy, which made him feel that the Heavenly Alchemy was becoming more and more extraordinary.

"Then you must really be careful. Maybe the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord perished because he saw something that he shouldn't have seen through the Heavenly Alchemy." Su Meiyao anxiously warned Chen Xiang, she was worried that Chen Xiang would bring about that kind of heavenly calamity.

How powerful was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord? Under that natural disaster, they could only bear with it.

"I know." Chen Xiang took out a black fruit that was covered in golden markings. This black fruit was a Hunyuan fruit, the golden markings on it was flickering, and each time it flickered, people would be able to feel the dense energy it contained.

These spirit fruits had been formed after many years of nurturing by the heaven and earth. It could be said that some spirit trees had formed crystals that contained strange powers. After being refined through alchemy, these powers could become even stronger and could be of great help to humans.

Flames suddenly emerged from Chen Xiang's palm, and he immediately burned the Hunyuan fruit in his palm. The main ingredient used to refine Hunyuan Dan was not only the Hunyuan fruit, but also two other very stubborn looking medicines.

"What are you doing?" Long Xueyi saw Chen Xiang burn the Hunyuan fruit just like that and felt his heart ache. Because if the Hunyuan fruit was burned too much, it would explode and the power inside would quickly dissipate into the heaven and earth.

"I'm concocting pills." Chen Xiang's eyes flickered with flames as he gazed at the Hunyuan fruit in his hand.

"I've never seen someone concoct pills with their hands before. If you are going to waste this Hunyuan fruit, how nice would it be for me to eat it?" Long Xueyi pouted. Although she was inside the ring, it did not mean that she could eat as much as she wanted. Although she was hungry, she still listened to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's words.

Chen Xiang said: "My G.o.d purification, is to use my powerful divine power to infect this fruit, and make the spirit inside the spirit fruit submit to my divine power."

"Before, when I was refining the Qi Shen Dan, those medicinal ingredients were friendly with me, and those kind of medicinal ingredients are more docile, so they were able to establish a connection with my divine soul. However, the vast majority of spiritual medicines are hastily hostile towards humans, and it's difficult to dispel this hostility, so this is the only way."

Previously, when Chen Xiang was refining the Qi Shen Dan, he had thought of this idea. When he was refining the pills in the future, he would communicate with the spirit inside the medicinal ingredients and enter the interior of the medicinal ingredients.

After he went to study the Heavenly Alchemy, he was able to decipher some of the more obscure sentences. He knew that many spiritual medicines were born to be natural enemies with humans, and that this was how they were created.

All things have a spirit, but the spirits in the world are all hostile, which is why there are so many different types of things in the world. There are many different kinds of strange plants and animals, as well as many different kinds of special ores, and if these spirits are not hostile, then it is very easy for them to be compatible with each other. In the end, there is only one kind of existence, and in the case of a spirit being hostile, in order not to be devoured by the other, it would evolve itself.

"There's another explanation for my G.o.d purification, and that is that this medicinal plant is in my hands, and I am its G.o.d. If I ask him to surrender, he will have to surrender."

The stubbornness of medicinal herbs is a headache for every Alchemist. If there was the slightest mistake in the refining process, the medicinal herbs would be destroyed, allowing the fusion of multiple types of medicinal herbs. If there was the slightest mistake, the furnace would explode.

"Why does it sound so mysterious?" Long Xueyi kept staring at the Hunyuan fruit, it was a lower Heaven level fruit and it tasted good, she had only eaten some before, but every time she finished eating, it would have no effect, so Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not allow her to eat more.

Chen Xiang had used his palm to refine the Hunyuan fruit for three days and three nights like this. He had not only burned it, he had also focused his mind and used his strong G.o.d power to burn the spirit inside the spirit fruit in a unique way, burning the "mind and body" of the Hunyuan fruit.

Finally, the Hunyuan fruit moved, and the seemingly st.u.r.dy fruit glowed, and the fruit was slowly dissipating, looking like it was turning into a powder.

It was also at this time that Chen Xiang suddenly felt a slight pain in his head. He, who was originally a little agitated, had now turned pale, and the Hunyuan fruit that was burning on his palm had turned into a burst of golden light and disappeared.

"I got a backlash. Although I didn't succeed, it still proves that this method is feasible. I can quickly refine a low-grade Heaven level pill." Chen Xiang's pale face flushed red from excitement.

Su Meiyao didn't understand his method in the slightest, because she had never studied the Heavenly Alchemy before. She was unable to understand Chen Xiang's peculiar thought process, but she was extremely supportive of it, because she had personally witnessed Chen Xiang repeatedly breaking the rules and making her own.

"What a waste, what a pity, this Hunyuan fruit's taste is pretty good, many spirit fruits do not have this kind of taste, sweet and sour, biting it feels great." Long Xueyi sighed.

"Only your dragon mouth can bite out this kind of feeling. Even if an ordinary person were to bite their teeth to pieces, it would still be difficult to bite off a piece of skin." Chen Xiang said.

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