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As long as he could concoct a Heaven level Pill, he would be a Dan King. It sounded like there would be a very strong reputation behind it, but Chen Xiang knew that this kind of Dan King would not be much of a big deal as compared to those Immortal Kings, who were simply trash, they would still be able to be killed.

However, in the face of a Immortal King, he was still too weak. If he could become a Pill Saint, he would be able to look down on the entire Heaven Realm, and would even be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the powerful forces of the Heaven Realm.

"The Heaven level Pill has only just begun."

Once he calmed down, he began to refine the Nine quenching body Dan. This was a type of pellet that strengthened the body, but it was of no use to Chen Xiang's current Body of Heavenly Sage. It could at most help to dispel the fatigue in his body.

Right now, he was inside the profound Ice City, but he was hiding very secretly. Here, he could let Long Xueyi better monitor the Fire Divine Palace's Palace Master, and he would immediately know the moment the hall master makes any movements.

Within three months, Chen Xiang had already learned how to refine Nine quenching body Dan s and Five Elements Profound Dan s, but he did not immediately refine the Hunyuan Dan s for the low-grade Heaven level pellet.

With his current alchemy level, refining Hunyuan Dan s was still far from enough. Even though the upper and lower Heaven level s were only at the same level, there was a huge gap between them that was difficult to cross.

For example, right now, he only needed to be at least at the tenth level of the Foreseeing Alchemy to concoct high quality pills. But in order to refine low quality pills, he would need to refine at least a hundred of them or even more.

"If I were to refine a low-grade Heaven level's Hunyuan Dan, it would probably take me a hundred and twenty stages, and it would take me several months to refine a batch." Su Meiyao said.

This was also the reason why Su Meiyao previously said that Chen Xiang was unable to cross over to the Heaven level Pellet in a short period of time. It was because such a huge difference in strength was something that would take a very long time to shorten and a large amount of time to raise one's Foreseeing Alchemy.

Chen Xiang used several methods to refine a Hunyuan Dan, but none of them were complete because his level of Foreseeing Alchemy was not high enough, and was unable to predict the change in quality of the medicinal ingredients. Furthermore, when the medicinal ingredients were being burned, there were too many types of changes, and it was difficult to make up for it with the experience of failure.

The moment he thought about controlling over a hundred Foreseeing Alchemy, and about making prediction errors, correcting them in time, and training from the moment he corrected them, Chen Xiang's head started to hurt. And during the condensing of the pellet, the kind of correction error and frequent adjustments during tempering was even more so, causing his head to hurt.

"My flames are definitely enough, even though I don't have the Heaven's Flame like Li Baojun." Chen Xiang thought that he had enough flames. He did not have any Heaven Flames, but Heaven fire soul was no pushover. He already had the most basic requirements to refine a Heaven level Pellet.

"Foreseeing Alchemy needs a long time to be grasped, if not those immortal kings would not be so old, otherwise, Dan Immortal and Pill Saints would not be so rare. It is already not easy for you to be able to master a high grade Ground level pill in such a short period of time, you can be considered a genius alchemist who has lived for so many years." Su Meiyao consoled Chen Xiang. She was also a Alchemist, and had a deep understanding of the dao of alchemy. She had walked this path step by step over the years.

"According to what you said, I would need two to three thousand years to refine a low-grade Heaven level Pellet." Chen Xiang clenched his fists. "The pellet that you and Sister You You need is a Holy level Pellet. If I want to refine it, I would need to wait even longer. How can you and Sister You You You wait that long?"

"We are happy that you can think of us. It's been a while, but you are my hope. We are full of confidence in you. The longer it is, the longer it takes." Bai Youyou's voice became gentle, this encouragement gave Chen Xiang a lot of strength.

"This won't do. I must hurry up and let you see the sky from a new place, step onto this land from a new place, and stand at the peak of the strong. The reason I have my current achievements is all because I have met you.

Thinking about the two girls still having to stay inside the ring for a very long time, Chen Xiang's heart inexplicably ached. If there was no other choice, no one would stay in that virtual s.p.a.ce and spend all day with some flowers and plants. It was such a lonely thing, who wouldn't want to swim arrogantly in the vast world?

To these two former experts, this was an extremely cruel matter. It was like a bird had its wings cut off, and a fish could not stay in the water.

Su Meiyao said faintly: "There is no other way. This is the rule of the Way of Pills. When we initially placed our hopes on you, we made preparations that we could wait, and you never let us down."

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could deeply feel Chen Xiang's strong emotions at the moment, but they could not rush such things. He needed a footprint to walk out and he needed countless of time to build it up.

"As long as it's a rule, it was made by humans. Rules are originally meant to be broken. I feel that along the way, I've broken many rules and established my own."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and thought back to his experiences, suddenly feeling proud of himself.

"Heavenly Alchemy, let me experience the true power of you."

Many profound techniques surfaced in Chen Xiang's mind. He looked carefully at these profound pill techniques with thirst and spent a lot of effort to understand them, because this Heavenly Alchemy was a heavenly book. He understood the words inside, but after combining them into one sentence, it became extremely profound.

Seeing Chen Xiang become so serious and determined, Su Meiyao felt extremely gratified. Bai Youyou sighed lightly.

Chen Xiang just sat there and tried to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy. The previous Dawan refining method and Earth Swallowing Technique were relatively easy, and he even had the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's explanation, but the rest were gone. The Ten Heavens Supreme Lord also could not understand some profound techniques.

In these past few days, he did not return to the Dragon Subduing School, nor did he go there. This caused Xue Xianxian and the others to be extremely worried for him, and thought that he had gone missing again. This was also the time when the Fire Divine Palace was the most likely to attack the Chen Martial Continent.

"So that's how it is. I finally understand it now. I can try this method." Chen Xiang who had been sitting motionlessly suddenly blinked his eyes, his face was full of excitement.

"What technique is this?" Long Xueyi anxiously asked. In the past few days, she had called out to Chen Xiang many times, but Chen Xiang did not answer her.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "G.o.d purification, this may let me say my goodbyes to the Foreseeing Alchemy's refining methods."

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