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Chen Xiang wore the blood red mask and turned his head. He glanced at the Immortal King and only sneered.

When the immortal king saw that the person in front of him was actually wearing a red mask, he immediately understood many things.

"It's you." The Immortal King had heard the reports about the attacks on the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, so he quickly realised that the Ghost Killing King was just an internal attack.

The Purple profound Holy Mountain was destroyed after being frozen, and the island was the same.

Just when the Immortal King understood many things, a violent roar came from behind him. The volcano erupted, and the commotion was extremely shocking. It actually produced such a roar. The moment the island erupted, it was also vaporized by the intense heat.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?" From the beginning till the end, their Fire Divine Palace had been tricked by this person. He was secretly cursing that Ghost Killing School, and if it wasn't for the fact that Ghost Killing School liked to wear masks and have such lousy rules, he wouldn't have allowed such a person to sneak in.

This person was also very powerful. After being ruthlessly slapped by him, he actually didn't die. Instead, he even destroyed that island and was still able to run so fast.

The only thing he was sure of was that this person couldn't beat him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have run away now.

"You have been chasing me the entire time, aren't you afraid that I will use the profoundhan poison again?" Chen Xiang finally spoke.

"You can't kill me. If you have the guts, then use the profoundhan poison to deal with me right now. This time, I'll definitely kill you myself. "You should not have destroyed that island. Because of this, you revealed your ident.i.ty, and you, who uses the profoundhan poison, joined forces with the Chen Martial Continent. If I were to tell anyone, that Chen Martial Continent would definitely attract more enemies."

The strong forces of the humans in the Fire Divine Palace, even if they did not resist the invasion of the demons, they should not have teamed up with the demons, and even more so, should not attack the Chen Martial Continent, the forces specializing in dealing with demons. You should not go and take a look, how many people hate your Fire Divine Palace to the bone, who would believe your words?

Fire Divine Palace had always been the most active in defeating demons. Now that Chen Martial Continent was trying to prevent them from getting annihilated by Fire Divine Palace, he had no choice but to retract the power to suppress demons to protect himself. Therefore, right now Fire Divine Palace's reputation was extremely bad, and there were already a lot of people who had received favors from Chen Martial Continent gathered in Chen Martial Continent, preparing to deal with Fire Divine Palace.

If the news of your island being destroyed spread out, a majority of the people would cheer. Your Fire Divine Palace has committed too many sins and is not welcomed with Di Tian, and even more so, I won't let your Fire Divine Palace dominate Di Tian. Chen Xiang's voice was very powerful and filled with determination.

With your dog like power, you want to destroy Fire Divine Palace? There are three Immortal Kings in Fire Divine Palace, sooner or later, your Chen Martial Continent will be destroyed by us, so sooner or later, Di Tian will be ours. The Immortal King sneered.

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, there were actually three Immortal Kings in the Fire Divine Palace, other than the one chasing after him and the hall master, there was actually one more, this made him break out in a cold sweat.

"What? Scared? Stop your pointless struggle and accept your death."

Taking the risk of the profoundhan poison spreading throughout his body, this Immortal King used a portion of his power to resist the Evil Poison, causing his own speed to increase. He instantly appeared behind Chen Xiang's back, and smashed his palm towards the area of Chen Xiang's Dantian.

"The chance has come." Chen Xiang was waiting for this exact moment, and his reaction was also very fast. He flipped in the air, avoiding this powerful palm strike.

"Let's see how long you can block for." The Immortal King slapped his palm towards Chen Xiang again with lightning speed, his strength increasing.

Chen Xiang shouted, and also threw out a palm attack towards the Immortal King.

The two palms fiercely struck together, and Chen Xiang's arm let out a series of crisp sounds. All of his bones were broken, and his entire arm was bleeding.

"You overestimate yourself." The immortal king smirked. In his eyes, Chen Xiang was too weak to withstand a single blow.

"Hmph." Although one of Chen Xiang's arms was injured, there were no major internal injuries on his body. At this moment, he actually laughed, was even more pleased and happy than the Immortal King.

Just as the Immortal King felt puzzled, his expression suddenly changed. It became incomparably ugly and filled with fear. He discovered that there were two more poisons inside his body.

He swallowed his saliva because he had already determined what kind of poison these two poisons were. Magical corruption gas and Drunk G.o.d magical poison were two kinds of Super Old poison, and both of them were stronger than profoundhan poison.

These two poisons were not able to control fire like profoundhan poison, and the poison properties of these two poisons were very strange, so the rate of their spread was also very fast.

The muscles on the face of the Immortal King twitched, it was already gradually turning black, his entire body was becoming weak and weak, this was the effect of the Drunk G.o.d magical poison's poison, the energy in his body was being numbed.

"You … You will die a horrible death. " The Immortal King said malevolently.

"Haha …" The one who should be dead in a bad way is you. You have three Super Old poison in your body, so you will definitely die in a horrible way, but you should be happy about this, because there are very few people who can die under these three Super Old poison. "

Chen Xiang laughed out loud, then took out a black hammer. Seeing his hammer, the Immortal King's face changed, he knew that profound Cold Ancient Realm had destroyed the ice palace, and that Ice Emperor had suddenly revived and partic.i.p.ated in the battle, but was killed in the end by a person holding a black hammer.

"You were the one who killed the Ice Emperor." The immortal king's forehead was dripping with sweat.

"That's right. You were able to die in my hands like the Ice Emperor. You should be proud of yourself now." Chen Xiang struck his hammer forward. With the energy of his Body of Heavenly Sage and Dragon Power, the punch caused the air to crumble and fall down ruthlessly from the air above the Immortal King's head.

The moment the hammer landed, the strong pressure released tore apart the Immortal King's body. At the same time, a strong wave of Heaven fire surged out and burnt that b.l.o.o.d.y object to ashes.

"There are two more. This Fire Divine Palace is so powerful, they have sent three Immortal Kings, I wonder how many Immortal Kings they have in the Heaven Realm." Chen Xiang looked at the G.o.dly Hammer in his hand and sighed.

When the Sacred Fire Mountain was destroyed, the Immortal King Immortal Monarch and the experts sent by the Alliance all died. This news quickly spread to the whole of Di Tian, making many people happy.

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