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Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone secretly took in a cold breath, to actually go against the extremely powerful Immortal King, this was simply looking for death, although enduring and crying out loud, kneeling down to kowtow and admit fault was very embarra.s.sing, but being able to live, being able to live is more important than anything, to not even be able to live, you really do not need face at all.

But Chen Xiang didn't think so, because he felt that he could survive even if he didn't kneel down, he chose not to kneel down. Although his current ident.i.ty was Ghost Killing King, if he had to do this, he would still feel humiliated.

That young immortal king's countenance sank, and a layer of gloom covered that handsome white face. Anyone could tell that this immortal king was in a bad mood. His voice was filled with killing intent as he spoke, "Are you talking to me?"

Chen Xiang suddenly clenched his fists and asked: "Are you deaf?"

"You're courting death." The Immortal King snorted, he had already disappeared, and suddenly appeared above Chen Xiang, and with his luxurious big chair, he floated above Chen Xiang, with one palm slamming down, the force of the palm, caused all the experts present to tremble, even Immortal Monarch felt cold, because even he, would be burnt to ashes by the palm strike.

However, Chen Xiang dodged. The moment he dodged was extremely strange, as though the Immortal King's powerful palm strike had pushed him away, and was not able to harm him at all.

"You are courting death. So what if you're an Immortal King? I will also make you suffer a big loss." Following Chen Xiang's control, the black Qi appeared like a ghost beside the Immortal King and coiled around him. The black Qi that was emitted also floated around the hall, causing the faces of many experts to turn ashen, because they already knew what the cold energy was when they were sucked into the Immortal King's body.

The profoundhan poison actually had this kind of thing, and it was even used in a place with so many people, wasn't this just bringing them down with them? Just a moment ago, they were still gloating over the misfortune of the Immortal King, but they didn't expect that not long after, they had already entered into an unprecedented life crisis.

"To actually use Super Old poison, I will tear you apart alive." The Immortal King was furious. His originally handsome white face now had some black qi. His body could be seen trembling because of the profoundhan poison.

"If you have the guts, then come. My Ghost Killing King has killed countless people, but I have never killed an Immortal King before. In my eyes, you are just a fellow that can lose his life easily like ordinary people." Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "If you're sent down here, you probably won't be able to survive, right?"

A flaming big hand suddenly smashed down, ruthlessly smashing into Chen Xiang, the big flame palm caused Chen Xiang to lie on the ground.

"Get down." Although he was poisoned, he did cultivate fire and could temporarily defend against the cold poison. He gathered the most powerful force he could muster and struck Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground and vomiting blood again.

A huge hole had also appeared where Chen Xiang had just been lying on the ground. The palm strike from the Immortal King caused Chen Xiang to be able to penetrate the island, but he was pressed down by the strong force of the palm and fell right into the volcano underneath the island.

It was already a miracle that Chen Xiang was attacked from the front by the Immortal King, he did not turn into a mist of blood, but his entire body was in pain, his entire body was still being suppressed by the residual palm force, causing him to sink deeper and deeper into the fire droplets.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d." The Immortal King's expression was extremely ugly: "Fortunately it's the profoundhan poison, we were able to stabilize the spread of this poison, and lead them to the training room to borrow the flame's power to expel the poison. If we are lucky, we might even be able to expel the poison in a year or so."

This Immortal King was the most poisoned, and he had absorbed the most profoundhan poison.

The Immortal Monarch looked at the hole that was penetrated through and said, "If you fall in, you should be dead."

"You're definitely dead. Even if you didn't take my palm and fell into the depths below, you would have died." The Immortal King grunted, "Quickly find out where his profoundhan poison came from."

Fortunately, it was a person with very weak strength who was using profoundhan poison s. If his strength was stronger, and if he used it suddenly, he might already be dead. At this moment, he had an even greater fear of the strange poison.

"This guy really sent me to such a good place. Since I can't continue on like this, then let's fight to the death. Even if you're an immortal king, you still can't defeat the power of nature." Chen Xiang took out the Fire Dragon Sword s and hid the surrounding Flame Essence. This would allow him to have an empty s.p.a.ce deep within the Flame Essence and at the same time avoid being burnt by the Flame Essence.

He was severely injured by the Immortal King's palm, and almost fell apart. Luckily he had a Body of Heavenly Sage, and also the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour.

After eating a few pieces of Relive Dan, his body was quickly recovering. He had two Bone soul s, so the speed at which he repaired his bones was extremely fast, and Yulong blood s could also play a large role when his meridians and muscles were damaged.

"Unfortunately, if you use Magical corruption gas s, you might be able to take them down." Long Xueyi sighed.

"I originally thought so, but that Immortal King still had some strength, at that time he was already on guard against me continuing to poison, and from the looks of the palm he used, he can't use too much power, and when the time comes, I won't be able to take him down, and he might even be able to block me." The moment Chen Xiang said that, he thought of many things.

"But it's different now. They all thought that I died, and they should all be detoxifying themselves."

Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly: "So that's how it is, if I were to sneak in, using that poison again would be different."

"That's not it, I think it's even worse." Chen Xiang paused for a while, and said: "This volcano shouldn't be this stable, but it is currently so calm. There should be a large array controlling this volcano."

"This volcano must have been suppressed for a very long time. If it was damaged to that large array, it might suddenly erupt, and the fire essence that it spewed, was suppressed for many years. The lowest kind of fire essence is enough to destroy that island, and destroy Fire Divine Palace and Sacred Fire School in one breath."

Although there was an Immortal King on the island, it was not all of Fire Divine Palace. Chen Xiang had always thought that the Fire Divine Palace was hiding a lot of power inside this Di Tian, so he would not relax just because he destroyed the island above.

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