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Chen Xiang felt that the item in the jade box in the Black Jiao's hand was even more terrifying. The item that Ji Chong had taken out could satisfy the needs of the five Black Jiao's, and the item that the five Black Jiao's had taken out was only for Ji Chong. Even so, Ji Chong still wanted it this way.

"Wait a little longer, I need to make sure that no one is around. You should know how scary the things in my box are." The Black Jiao looked at his other two companions and signaled for them to clear the area.

Seeing the other party being so cautious, Chen Xiang immediately left the place, but he was still paying attention to what was happening. He guessed that the thing inside must be something that could cause people to tremble, it could even attract countless of deaths.

The few black dragon men who had turned into big men wandered around the stone tower. After chasing away the rest, they stood on top of the stone tower and looked around through a few windows. At this moment, only Ji Chong and the black dragon leader were in the underground stone room.

"Isn't this your territory? Aren't you being too paranoid?" Ji Chong said. He could not wait any longer, he really wanted to see if the other party had obtained the things he needed.

"If you had stayed here for a few more years, you wouldn't have said that. There are a lot of people who killed me here. If it wasn't for the fact that we have a bit of strength, someone would have taken away our inner cores long ago." Boss Black Flood Dragon said.

"You guys probably have a lot of Demonic Cores from other people too, your Demon Realm's law of the jungle is almost the same as us." Ji Chong sighed.

Chen Xiang waited for less than an hour before he finally opened the black box. Inside was a black pearl, and when he opened the lid, Chen Xiang could see that Ji Chong shivered. He could tell that the pearl had astonishing cold energy, otherwise it would not have caused people of Ji Chong's level to feel cold.

"As expected of the profoundhan poison, even though it was sealed inside this pearl, it's still this cold." Ji Chong exclaimed.

It was actually a profoundhan poison, the Super Old poison used by the Evil Snake King to deal with Lv Qinlian previously. It was said that it was the weakest Super Old poison, but it was also very powerful.

"What is this guy doing with this poison? Is he trying to deal with someone stronger than him?" Chen Xiang wondered.

"This guy is the second clan elder of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect. Could it be that he wants to usurp the position of the Leader? If we were to suddenly use this poison during battle, we would definitely be able to defeat someone much stronger than him." Long Xueyi said.

Boss Black Dragon closed the box, and said in a serious tone: "We both know very well what this profoundhan poison is, if you use this poison to expose yourself, not to mention we gave it to you, but also, there is no cure for this poison, so you have to be careful when using it, and get your own feet smashed by stones."

When the news of the Evil Snake King using profoundhan poison spread out, it caused the experts of the third realm to panic. When the news reached the Heaven Realm, those immortal kings immediately gave them bounty.

In the Heaven Realm, the strength of these Immortal Kings could be said to be at the top of the higher realms. If not for the conflicts between the Immortal Kings and the Immortal Kings, they could live for a long time, but if they used those Super Old poison s, it would be different. As long as there was a way to release those Super Old poison s, once they were poisoned, they would die.

"You don't have to worry about that. When I use it, I'll definitely advance a lot. Can we trade now?" Ji Chong was in a hurry to obtain the profoundhan poison, so he immediately took out his own jade box and used these five drops of Evil Dragon blood to exchange for the profoundhan poison.

Both sides had obtained things that they were satisfied with, so they were naturally happy. However, Boss Black Dragon was still a bit worried, so he warned Ji Chong again to be careful when using it.

"How did these profoundhan poison come about? The Evil Snake King has them and the Black Flood Dragon has them. Could it be that somewhere in the Demon Realm, they can grow this kind of strange poison?" Since it was the Evil Poison, Chen Xiang also wanted to get it. Although he already had two Super Old poison that were even more powerful than profoundhan poison, the more of these things the better.

Originally, Chen Xiang planned to kill Ji Chong here, but if he did that, he would definitely alarm the five Black Jiao's back. He believed that there must be an even more powerful demon behind the five Black Jiao's back, otherwise, if they couldn't get ahold of the profoundhan poison, it wouldn't be easy for them to compress the profoundhan poison into a bead. He felt that the five Black Jiao's had a huge relationship with.

Chen Xiang followed closely behind Ji Chong, and after he left far away from the Ten Thousand Snake City, he suddenly increased his speed, took out his Hammer of G.o.d, used the power of the spatial laws, traveled through s.p.a.ce, and suddenly appeared behind Ji Chong who was sprinting.

This ruthless strike, forget about Ji Chong, even if a Immortal Monarch were here, without any treasure or defense, would cause them to vomit blood if they were struck on the back by this ruthless strike.

The bones in Ji Chong's chest that were on his back instantly shattered, the flesh and blood inside was dirty, it was also ripped, causing Ji Chong to spit out a mouthful of blood, he flew out, and moaned while lying on the ground.

As the second elder of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, he held a very high position within the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, which meant that he was not weak, but right now, he had been beaten to a pulp by someone with a single strike, and was lying on the ground, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. Before Ji Chong could understand what was going on, he felt a palm land on his head ruthlessly, followed by a surge of vast spiritual energy seeping into his sea of consciousness, rummaging through his sea of consciousness and searching through his memories. This caused him to be greatly shocked.

Ji Chong was a powerful Devil Cultivator, he naturally knew that the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, this kind of powerful devil art, was extremely famous in the Heaven Realm. Forget about learning it, it was not easy even seeing it with his own eyes.

As long as it was a Devil Cultivator, no one wouldn't want to learn this kind of peerless devil art, this not only allowed them to look through the memories of others, but also allowed them to devour other people's souls and carry out strong mental attacks. If it wasn't for the fact that this kind of devil art rarely appeared, and was deemed lost, they would have long been included in the list of forbidden techniques.

"Who are you?" Ji Chong endured the severe pain in his head, gritted his teeth and asked, but when Chen Xiang used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on him, he had already taken off his Storage magic treasure, and its profoundhan poison was inside.

"Hehe, you're quite ambitious. I've accepted the profoundhan poison." Chen Xiang gathered his G.o.d Power together and fiercely dove it into Ji Chong's sea of consciousness, shattering it along with his soul.

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