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Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to ask, "Reward."

"Sir, you should know who the person you want to kill is first, it won't be too late to ask." Mo Xu chuckled: "The one you want to kill is Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's Second Elder."

"No problem. Now we can talk about the rewards. I care more about that." Chen Xiang was extremely willing to kill anyone from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect s.

No matter how curious Chen Xiang was, he would never ask about it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be like how it was in the Ghost Killing School.

Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and Devil Race were both powerful forces of the Devil Realm, so there were definitely schemes and battles in the shadows. But to develop to this point, this was already a very serious matter, especially at such a critical juncture, the powers within the Devil Realm were not as harmonious as Chen Xiang had imagined.

Chen Xiang suddenly realised that this point could be used to allow the Alliance to engage in internal strife. As long as there were benefits to be had, he could instigate them.

"One trillion Spar." Mo Xu said.

"Alright, this is the first time I'm cooperating with you guys. I won't be haggling anymore, it's a good start." felt that it was worth it if he could get one trillion Spar just by killing one. Not everyone could do it through this kind of business.

He will go to the Demon Realm's Snake City. You can make a move there, the best would be if you were to create the appearance of someone being killed by the Evil Demon, and that way, you won't be suspected anymore. "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Chen Xiang immediately left Sacred Fire Mountain, heading towards its Thousand Snake City.

Otherwise, if the Second Elder of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect died here, he would definitely be suspected. He disguised himself as the same Evil Demon whose body emitted the aura of poison, and in the Ten Thousand Snake City, there were many demons who were like this.

The City of Ten Thousand Snakes was very dilapidated. It was not as tidy as a human city. Many of the shops here were made of random stones, and the streets were filled with potholes. If it rained, it would definitely be muddy.

Why did the Second Elder of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect come to this place? Chen Xiang was curious, he felt that he must be here to meet someone, and this person might be a strong Ranker from a force in the Demon Realm.

In this run-down city, a tall and st.u.r.dy old man wearing gorgeous clothes suddenly appeared, immediately attracting many people's attention. This was because the monsters here were mostly serpent demons, which looked very thin and weak. Only a small portion paid attention to their own clothes.

"It's this guy. He came here with such high profile. It looks like he's very confident." Chen Xiang could feel that the Demon Qi in his opponent's dantian was extremely thick. He should be a Devil Cultivator that had undergone eight or nine tribulations of Nirvana Tribulations.

"Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, I never thought that we would meet again." Chen Xiang thought and continued to follow the Second Elder of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect with his divine soul.

The second clan elder's name was Ji Chong, and his position in Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect was very high. Even though he was the second clan elder, Leader had to see his expression sometimes, and Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's Great Clan Elder had already gone into closed door cultivation for a while now, and had yet to come out.

The moment Ji Chong arrived at this city, he quickly walked towards a relatively dignified stone tower. As for Chen Xiang, he could already feel that there were a few powerful auras inside the stone tower.

"Is there a powerful guy in that tower?" Chen Xiang asked a little serpent demon.

"Not just one, but a few. Those are the greater demons from the Ten Thousand Snake City. Those who evolved from snakes to flood dragons are the five great black flood dragons that have already transcended the nine Nirvana Tribulations. If they advance a bit more, they might be able to turn into dragons." The little snake demon said with a face full of yearning.

Chen Xiang followed along and headed towards the stone tower. There were five Black Jiao's, which meant that their strength was considered top-notch in the Demon Realm, so the Second Elder must have something important to discuss with the five Black Jiao.

Ji Chong was brought to a stone room underneath the tower. Inside the stone room sat five black-armored men, their bodies emitting a poisonous gas, it seemed like they were five poisonous dragons that knew how to use poison.

"I never thought that you would be able to keep your promise on something like this. I heard that you guys suffered heavy losses when you attacked the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country." A Black Flood Dragon said. Its voice was extremely cold and emotionless.

"Even so, we absolutely cannot miss such an important matter. Did you all bring that thing?" Ji Chong asked, and then took out a large jade box.

As they were making the trade, Chen Xiang became curious, because they seemed to be exchanging for some incredible thing, otherwise they would not have advanced so quickly, because after Ji Chong had entered the stone tower, the other Spirit Demon beings inside were all chased out, and no one was allowed to go near.

"We need to see your stuff first." A Black Flood Dragon stared at the jade box. Although its voice was ice-cold, its eyes were emitting a fervent light. It stretched out its hand to grab the jade box.

Ji Chong pressed a hand on the jade box. I can let you see, but you are not allowed to touch it.

These five black Flood Dragons slightly frowned. Looking at their appearances, they really did not understand the rules of the trade, and Chen Xiang also did not know what Ji Chong had taken a fancy to to, to actually have to endure these fellows.

"Yes." A Black Jiao took out a black box. This time, it was Ji Chong's turn to have a pa.s.sionate look.

"Now you can open it for us to see, right? If you are sure, then we will fight with each other." The Black Jiao said, a big hand pressing down on the black box. The black box was made extremely well, with good materials, it did not seem like something that the Demon Realm would have.

Ji Chong opened the jade box and saw that inside the jade box, there were five transparent pearls, and at the core of each pearl, there were five separate black dots, which looked like five drops of black blood.

"This is the blood of the Evil Dragon." Long Xueyi gritted his teeth and said: "Evil Dragons are not good people, and these five drops of blood can allow these five Black Dragons to step into the path of the Evil Dragon."

Seeing Long Xueyi like that, Chen Xiang knew that the Evil Dragon blood was not simple: "How did you get hold of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's Second Clan Elder, such a thing should be very difficult to obtain."

"Of course it's difficult, I also want to know, maybe there is a part of the Evil Dragon's body in Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, back then, the Evil Dragon was killed by the many strong beings, but some of them still preserved a part of the Evil Dragon's body, the Evil Dragon's body is eternal for ten thousand years." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang did not attack immediately, because the five Black Jiao were not weak either. He also wanted to see what was going to exchange the Evil Dragon's blood for.

"Now that it's your turn, you all should be able to see that this isn't fake, right?" Ji Chong said as he closed the lid of the jade box, and then firmly pressed down on the jade box.

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