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Their opponent suddenly had a Immortal Monarch joining them, which put a lot of pressure on Chen Xiang and the others. They had originally planned to kill them all.

Chen Xiang then activated his Sound Kill Magic Power on the retreating group of people. When they were retreating, some of them did not have enough time to defend, as a large number of them were killed or injured by the sound wave.

"What an annoying fellow." When the Immortal Monarch saw Chen Xiang and the others chasing after them with all their might, he waved his hand, causing a fire cloud to instantly cover the entire sky, and a huge palm to fall down. It was the Fire cloud palm that Yang Jiutao had previously used, but now, it was unleashed by the Immortal Monarch, which was extremely powerful.

The Fire cloud palm instantly smashed down, causing Chen Xiang and the rest to have no choice but to use all of their strength to block it, otherwise it would be difficult for them to receive heavy injuries.

"I'll chop you guys up next time." After leaving those words, the Immortal Monarch hurriedly left. They, the Fire Divine Palace, had suffered the most losses in this battle.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Li Baojun, Duan Chong and Zuo Zhenxuan: "I'll leave this place to you guys. I need to continue to mix in with them and get the news from First hands."

If not for that, there would not have been such a victory today, inflicting heavy injuries to the powers who were eyeing the Chen Martial Continent. Although many people had died, this scale of war could only be considered small, and the Chen Martial Continent had only sent a small amount of elites.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already become the Red Face Ghost Killer King and arrived at the Sacred Fire Mountain. The number of people who could hold meetings here had decreased by more than half, and every person had varying degrees of injuries. The vacant seats were all reserved for the other powers, so they had already sent people to inform the upper echelons of the other forces to send people to attend the meeting.

They had originally thought that they would be safe, but now that they had lost so miserably, they did not expect that after the death of Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, the various powers of the Chen Martial Continent would react so quickly, with many of their elite soldiers gathered in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, ready to attack the moment anything bad happened.

They thought that without Chen Xiang, the Dragon Subduing School would become dispirited and depressed all the way. However, right now, they were secretly developing to be so powerful, with so many elite disciples partic.i.p.ating in the battle, becoming the person who killed the most enemies in the previous battle.

Seeing Ghost Killing King's mask, everyone was very unhappy, because the one who suffered the least was this Ghost Killing School, and not a single person went. Although the Ghost Killing King had promised to go look around, but they did not even see a shadow of him.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, as well as a few elders from the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country were not present on the battlefield, so no one suspected the Ghost Killing King at all. Because in today's situation, if Xue Xianxian and his son Leng Youlan could partic.i.p.ate, it would definitely happen, because even the Dan Fragrance Pure Land's Wu Qianqian had come.

No matter how much they suspected, they would never suspect the Ghost Killing School. Previously, the Ghost Killing School and the Devil Race had colluded and provoked the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country time and time again. Some people from both sides had died, so no one would think that the Ghost Killing King and the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country were allied.

Of course the Ghost Killing School would not join hands with the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, but Chen Xiang knew, and Chen Xiang could be the real Leader, because he had killed the Ghost Killing King, so he had the qualifications to sit in this position.

Another thing that made everyone unhappy was that the Immortal Monarch did not attack from the start, but only appeared at the end. Otherwise, they would not have suffered so many casualties.

Of course, they didn't dare to say anything now, because none of the Leader s and elders were able to return. Adding on the destroyed saint artifact, this Immortal Monarch would definitely be even more furious.

"This time we've lost so much, we can't just let it go like this. Let's get ready for the decisive battle." The Immortal Monarch said: "When the time comes, I will fight, and that senior."

To be a senior of the Immortal Monarch, their abilities did not need to be mentioned, they were definitely the Immortal King, the crowd was secretly unhappy, if they had this power, they would not have sent them out earlier, and would have stayed behind to watch them die.

The Immortal Monarch and the Immortal King did not join in the battle because they had their reservations. Although they could be considered as top rankers that were few in number, it did not mean that they could slaughter people without any restrictions, especially humans.

When Chen Xiang heard Immortal Monarch's words, his heart became heavy, because he was most worried about the Immortal King and Immortal Monarch partic.i.p.ating in the battle. If it really came to that day, if White Tiger Fighting Race did not intervene, no one could force the two experts to join.

Right now, all the powers were severely injured, and they could not attack Chen Martial Continent in the near future. Unless those Immortal Kings made a move, they would have their reasons for not helping the Immortal Kings, and they too would not want to take down Chen Martial Continent.

"In a few days, that senior will come out of seclusion. If any of you want his guidance, you can stay here for now, or come back later." At the end of the meeting, the Immortal Monarch's words made everyone's eyes light up.

Many people stayed there for the sake of that senior. After all, he was an immortal king, and in their eyes, he was an extremely powerful existence. Right now, they could only look up at him in admiration.

Chen Xiang did not leave, he wanted to see if there was really a Immortal King hidden in the Sacred Fire Mountain, if that was true, then the Fire Divine Palace had invested a lot of resources, and wanted to make the two Immortal Kings sacrifice a large amount of cultivation time to come to the sky that was filled with dense spirit energy, this would very likely destroy the future of the two Immortal Kings, although it was very difficult to raise their cultivation level, but at this stage, no one would give up on the opportunity to raise their strength.

Deep into the night, Chen Xiang sat on his bed and closed his eyes to rest. He did not sleep, this was the enemy's lair, how could he sleep deeply?

"Who?" Chen Xiang suddenly sensed that someone had appeared outside the door.

"I am the Great Clan Elder of the Devil Race. Can we have a chat inside?" It was the voice of an old man.

"Come in." said coldly. Previously, the collusion between Devil Race s must have been related to that dead Ghost Killing King, but now that the Ghost Killing King was new, if Devil Race wanted to continue working with the Ghost Killing School, they had come.

The Great Clan Elder's name was Mo Xu, he was an old man who looked like he was about to puke, but he was actually very strong.

Mo Xu said with a gentle smile on his face: "We had always been cooperating with the Ghost Killing School, but we didn't expect the exchange to be so quick. If you're willing to continue cooperating with us, there will definitely be benefits."

Chen Xiang asked: "How do we cooperate?"

Mo Xu immediately sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Help us kill people, kill all those fellows who want to deal with Devil Race, and replace them with that Ghost Killing King who hasn't even completed the tasks that we entrusted to him, so I hope that you can complete it."

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