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The Fire Divine Palace and the other powers in the Alliance were very confident in this operation. After the meeting, everyone was full of smiles, and the happiest person was Chen Xiang. This was because he was very confident in his own operation.

We will begin our teleportation at night. I have already informed our people to construct the Transmission array at a secret location far away from Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. Tonight, we will complete our teleportation. The Immortal Monarch said, "When the time comes, it will be led by Leader Yang. Does anyone have any objections?"

Chen Xiang was not so worried now. If he were to go with the Immortal Monarch, it would be very troublesome at that time. Just holding onto the Immortal Monarch would consume a lot of energy.

Everyone left and went to mobilize their own people. They began a busy teleportation to gather in a secret forest.

Because the Ghost Killing School had given a lot of effort and a.s.sa.s.sinated a few important people, coupled with the fact that the people of the Ghost Killing School were not suitable to take part in this kind of operation, the Ghost Killing School did not need to send any disciples, even the new Ghost Killing King did not need to go.

Chen Xiang told them that he would go, but that he would conceal himself and make his move.

When the time came, they would need to send out the most people. Even the Fire Divine Palace was the same, so the Transmission array that was built here was very large. Chen Xiang used this Transmission array to follow the first batch of people to the Chen Martial Continent.

After arriving, Chen Xiang immediately used the Communication jade Symbol paper to contact Duan Chong.

"Elder Duan, how are your preparations?" Chen Xiang was already hiding. As a Ghost Killing King, no one could direct him.

"They are all waiting outside the borders of the Divine Weapon Kingdom. We have brought over twenty thousand elites as well as powerful formation plates refined by the Iron-Lion Army. At that time, how many people will come to attack the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country?" Duan Chong asked.

"In order to take over the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country in one breath, they have increased their power. When the time comes, there will be a million of them.

"So many. If I wasn't prepared and got attacked all of a sudden, I would have definitely been defeated." Duan Chong took a small breath.

"There are many of them, but they might not be very strong." Chen Xiang said: "I think back to when the various powers in the Chen Martial Continent and the people that the Dragon Subduing School sent out were all elite disciples. It would definitely be very easy to deal with those Evil Demon s."

"The disciples of our Dragon Subduing School have all grown up through cruel training. They will definitely be able to display a very strong strength in this battle." Duan Chong said with complete confidence.

After that, Chen Xiang contacted Xue Xianxian.

"Xianxian, when the time comes, if you and You Lan want to make a move, you must hide well. If I know that you two are still alive, I might not be able to continue staying in this Alliance. Chen Xiang was a little worried for the fiery Leng Youlan, worried that this violent dragon girl would not be able to hold it in.

"I know that. Tell me about their detailed attack plan." Xue Xianxian asked.

Right now, they are transferring a large number of people to the Chen Martial Continent, and are hiding in an ancient forest. When it is about time, they will attack. Chen Xiang told her the route and told her to pa.s.s it on to Wu Qianqian.

Duan Chong pa.s.sed the message to the Super Martial School, they had long secretly discussed about the powers of Lotus Island.

There were actually more than five hundred thousand Evil Demon, but their overall strength was extremely weak, and should be something to throw away their lives for. At the moment, this group of Evil Demon were extremely noisy, after going through a resolution from the crowd, they had to bring all the Evil Demon up for the kill first, specifically to drain the opponent's strength.

Chen Xiang hid himself so that when he found out, he would feel that something was wrong. If these five hundred thousand Evil Demon were to be at the front line, the hidden elites would definitely be exposed and their plans would be affected.

Therefore, Chen Xiang decided to make a move himself. At the same time, he also told Duan Chong and the others that these Evil Demon would rush to their deaths, telling them to be cautious and not to reveal too much of their strength.

The sky was about to brighten, with hundreds of thousands of Evil Demon s shouting all kinds of words. They were mighty like a wave as they rushed towards the borders of Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, as long as this group of Evil Demon s pa.s.sed through, all the flowers, plants and trees would be nibbled away, becoming wasteland.

The people behind the Evil Demon were silently cursing the group of Evil Demon who were still unconscious, causing the mountain forest to be completely barren, making it impossible for them to hide behind it at all. This caused the millions of people to not have any form of concealment, and they quickly followed behind the group of Evil Demon.

"It's my turn to take action." Chen Xiang had already become a middle-aged man. Suddenly, he fell from the sky, and the moment his feet touched the ground, the ground began to shake violently.

"Are you guys invading the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country?" Chen Xiang said loudly. When the sound wave spread out, it stirred a wave of energy, causing the group of Evil Demon to retreat while shouting.

The power of Fire Divine Palace was not surprised by the sudden appearance of one person. The death of an important person in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country would cause them to expect that someone would attack, but they thought that there were no powerful people in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country anymore, so they were not afraid.

Just when Chen Xiang sensed that there were a few Rankers flying over from behind the group of Evil Demon, he immediately roared and released a sharp and ear-piercing roar, causing everyone to be able to see the s.p.a.ce rippling like a ripple. It was the power of a sound wave, actually shaking the s.p.a.ce.

The huge sound wave's power rushed towards the group of Evil Demon s. In an instant, it pierced through the hundreds of thousands of Evil Demon s who were shouting in the sky like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

"This is the Sound Kill Magic Power, everybody be careful." The expression of one of the experts from the demon realm changed drastically as he hastily let out a deafening roar.

The Sound Kill Magic Power was a divine art of the Sacred Dan Realm. It was as famous as the Heart Piercing Demon Eye, Bone-melting magic palm, and Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, a devil art that could pierce the ears like thunder in the demon realm. No matter if it was used for group attacks or individual attacks, it still possessed a terrifying power.

Chen Xiang roared again and again, the terrifying killing intent set off sets of sound waves that contained endless killing intent, and after the group of Evil Demon were struck by the sound wave, their bodies started to crack, and then suddenly exploded.

Several hundred thousand Evil Demon s, in this short period of time, had already exploded into a cloud of blood mist, causing the place to become a place of death which was filled with dense and terrifying blood mist. However, Chen Xiang's sound wave did not weaken in the slightest, as he crazily roared.

The people from the Fire Divine Palace were furious, especially the big shots of the Demon Realm, they did not expect such a guy to suddenly appear. With just a few roars, his Evil Demon army was annihilated, leaving not even his corpse behind.

Chen Xiang had only roared for a short period of time before that group of Evil Demon s all turned into blood mist. Those people who knew how to circulate their energy and protect their bodies, coupled with the fact that Chen Xiang's Sound Kill Magic Power was used against a large area of enemies, did not let the Alliance's army die.

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