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No one knew about her background. Therefore, she believed that in the battle, with her unfathomable strength, she would have the upper hand, especially those powerful poisons, which she had spent a large amount of money to collect.

However, she too did not know what kind of person she was facing. It seemed like she knew Golden Face Ghost Killer very well, but in reality, that was not the case, but rather the sealed Chen Xiang.

If one were to compare using poison, Chen Xiang could be the ancestor of this Red Face Ghost Killer. When the steel needles pierced through his body, he had already moved aside, leaving only an illusion behind.

"What?! It's an illusion." Red Face Ghost Killer immediately saw through it and at the same time fiercely dodged the punch.

"You … Just who are you? " This Red Face Ghost Killer already knew, the Golden Face Ghost Killer in front of her was not the person she was familiar with.

"Dead people don't need to know so much." Chen Xiang's eyes flashed, releasing a burst of red light. Countless red threads shot out from her eyes, congealing an immense power, and instantly pierced through the Red Face Ghost Killer's body. Every single thread broke the bones and meridians in her body, and two thicker red rays of light penetrated her dantian and heart.

Red Face Ghost Killer also cultivated a demonic art so he knew how strong the Demon Eye of Permeability was. It was a type of terrifying energy ray that gathered all the strength in his body, causing it to be able to penetrate deeply into one's body, making it impossible to defend against, as it came out of an unexpected eye. As long as he saw the red light exploding in the other party's eyes, it meant that his own body had been penetrated.

Chen Xiang rarely used his devil arts, but when he used them again and again, it caused his enemies to die in despair and fear.

"You can leave your mask to me."

In the end, Chen Xiang struck the top of Red Face Ghost Killer's head with his palm, using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to try and plunder his memories. But this Red Face Ghost Killer actually shattered her soul in that instant, not allowing Chen Xiang to succeed, she knew that it was the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, so after using it, her soul would definitely scatter. So she destroyed her own soul, and also did not let Chen Xiang obtain her memories.

"Some of your masks are enough." Chen Xiang took off the mask and took away the communication talismans. Without even looking at the Red Face Ghost Killer's face, he burned it to ashes.

Chen Xiang changed into a red mask and continued heading towards Sacred Yan City. He would be using his ident.i.ty as the Red Face Ghost Killer to head towards Sacred Fire School, and his position would be even higher at that time.

Furthermore, he didn't need to fake the ident.i.ty of the Red Face Ghost Killer. He could confess that he had obtained the Red Face Ghost Killer's ident.i.ty himself.

The Sacred Fire School had already gathered all the higher ups of the various forces. Although none of them had come, they were all people who held authority in their own forces. At the same time, they were people that all the big shots of the various forces trusted them.

Everyone was waiting for Ghost Killing School, although Ghost Killing School did not kill all of the people on the list, but to be able to kill more than half of the people made everyone very satisfied. Originally, they did not expect to be able to kill all of the people, because the people on the list were not ordinary people.

To be able to kill a few in one night, he must have been famous for a long time.

Everyone was waiting in the secret room, but the person who suddenly entered scared them, the person who came was actually a man wearing a red mask, wasn't this the Ghost Killing King, the strongest one in the entire Ghost Killing School, the Leader's Leader.

Although the Leader of the Ghost Killing School was not the strongest, his ability to kill scared many big shots of the. Most of the people who were targeted by the Red Face Ghost Killer would not even be able to survive.

The Immortal Monarch was startled for a moment, because it was his first time meeting this Ghost Killing King. Previously, he had guessed that this Ghost Killing King's strength should be at the peak of the Late period of human immortal, so if his a.s.sa.s.sination skills were superb, killing an early stage Immortal Monarch would not be impossible.

"This... Ghost Killing King, why have you come personally? " The Fire Divine Palace asked.

"Can't I come?" Hearing this familiar voice, everyone was stunned, because this voice was the mirrored Ghost Killer that they had met before.

This guy actually had a red mask, and everyone immediately knew what was going on. This guy actually exterminated the Ghost Killing King after a.s.sa.s.sinating the higher ups of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, and obtained this red mask. This kind of strength made everyone secretly admire him, and they were even more vigilant, because this kind of guy was too dangerous.

"I had originally planned to go to Lotus Island on the second day. However, after the incident with Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, it would be difficult for Lotus Island to make a move on me." Chen Xiang revealed the reason why he was only half done.

"It's enough, as long as we get a few Divine Weapons Heavenly Country s, the entire Chen Martial Continent would be fine, we can just kill one each." The person from the Devil Race said.

Chen Xiang said coldly: "Let me first say this, my Ghost Killing School has already lost a lot of people this time, when we attack, only I will partic.i.p.ate, at that time I will secretly cooperate with you, as for your Fire Divine Palace, the strongest amongst us, you guys don't just randomly send some shrimp soldiers or crab generals."

Everyone secretly despised the new Ghost Killing King, he killed the old Ghost Killing King with less people, but he was just saying that Fire Divine Palace was the strongest, he should have sent the strongest guy to pave the way for them.

The Immortal Monarch said, "Of course, our Fire Divine Palace and our Sacred Fire School will mobilize our strongest forces to ensure that we can smoothly take down the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. Then, we can defend the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and finally launch an all-out attack to take down the other sects in the Chen Martial Continent."

The Divine Weapons Heavenly Country was just a stronghold, as long as they could capture it successfully, the Demon and Devil Realms would send a large amount of elites, and the forces of the Human Realm and the Fire Divine Palace Alliance would be the same, as long as the Chen Martial Continent was missing a Divine Weapons Heavenly Country to provide them with powerful weapons and treasures, the Chen Martial Continent's overall strength would be weakened, and they would be easier to capture.

The Divine Weapons Heavenly Country provided a large amount of weapons and treasures, allowing him to set up many powerful formations. His defensive power was extremely strong, so he was also seen as a break through.

Following that, everyone began to discuss the route and plan of the attack. They had already announced the number of people they would send and so on … They were all very important things, and they were all memorized by Chen Xiang in his mind. As long as he confirmed those plans, he would get Long Xueyi to think of a way to pa.s.s these important things to Li Baojun, Xue Xianxian and Wu Qianqian as soon as possible, so that they could prepare for an ambush.

The Fire Divine Palace's side also needed to move quickly to prevent the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country from becoming more stable, so they too were in a hurry and did not consider too many details.

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