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Everyone knew the reason for being a.s.sa.s.sinated. As long as they could take down Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, they would be able to enter the center of the Chen Martial Continent. From the looks of the death, some people could already guess that it was Ghost Killing School who did it, because Ghost Killing School was an expert in using poison.

Chen Xiang immediately headed towards the Sacred Fire Mountain. Only half of the people on the list of names that the Fire Divine Palace had given him had been a.s.sa.s.sinated, but he felt that it was enough for the Fire Divine Palace to gather their men and attack.

"Xue Xianxian is Chen Xiang's wife and Leng Youlan is Chen Xiang's recognized sister. If they die, how are we supposed to threaten Chen Xiang in the future? This group of people, they actually messed up my plans. When they were doing this, they didn't notify me." When the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace heard this news, he was extremely furious.

Back then, Chen Xiang had also thought of this problem, so he guessed that there was a conflict within the Fire Divine Palace, that hall master wanted to threaten him, and there were some people who wanted to attack the Chen Martial Continent in a hurry. This made guess, that there might be a Immortal King hidden in the Fire Divine Palace's headquarters, if not the Immortal Monarch would not have dared to pa.s.s that name list to him.

"Palace Lord, it seems like that fellow can't wait. What do we do now? Do we continue to guard this place?" An old man asked the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace.

"Hmph, of course we have to guard this place, if Chen Xiang comes out and finds out about this, I dare say that he will definitely go on a killing spree. This group of idiots, how could they have never thought about the importance of these two women? The Fire Divine Palace's Palace Master was extremely furious.

The powerhouses were all shocked.

The new Leader of the Super Martial School and a few clan elders had also received the message from the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country to ask for reinforcements. They wanted them to be prepared as the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country would become the biggest breach in their attack on the Chen Martial Continent at that time.

The other powers of the Chen Martial Continent were also the same, and the Dragon Subduing School had sent out a large number of elites.

On the other hand, people like Yun Xiaodao who had good relations with Chen Xiang, who were unaware, were extremely furious. However, they were calmed down by Duan Chong and Li Baojun, and told them to calm down, and prepare to fight.

All of their reactions were as Chen Xiang had expected, he was already disguised as the Golden Face Ghost Killer and was heading towards the Sacred Fire School.

He had just left Holy Yan City when he sensed someone following him. He pretended that he didn't know and continued to move forward. When they were far away from Holy Yan City and entered a forest, the people following him suddenly increased their speed and rushed towards him.

"This... is Ghost Killing School, Red Face Ghost Killer. " Chen Xiang was shocked. Through his Heaven tour method, he saw that the person chasing after him was wearing a black robe and a red mask. This was the legendary Red Face Ghost Killer.

Chen Xiang did not increase his speed to get rid of them, because they were his own people, but he felt that something was amiss, if not the Red Face Ghost Killer would not have chased after him.

In the mysterious Red Face Ghost Killer, no one had told him his true appearance, nor did anyone know how long he had survived. No one knew of his strength, no one had heard his voice, and although he rarely showed his face, he was able to control the entire Ghost Killing School.

Red Face Ghost Killer appeared in front of Chen Xiang, the aura from his body made Chen Xiang feel nervous, the Red Face Ghost Killer was very strong, it made him feel that it was difficult to deal with them.

"You killed all those people." Red Face Ghost Killer actually spoke, her voice was extremely low and gloomy, it was the voice of an old lady.

This Red Face Ghost Killer was actually a woman.

"Yes." Chen Xiang replied coldly, he was worried that he would be seen through, so he was already prepared to fight.

"I don't think you have the ability to do so." Red Face Ghost Killer's voice suddenly became colder.

"But I did it." Chen Xiang never thought that the Red Face Ghost Killer would suspect something because of this. He only hoped that the Red Face Ghost Killer did not come into contact with the people from the Fire Divine Palace, or else his plan would be in vain.

"This should have been done by me together with you. You should know how you did it if you couldn't kill those people."

Chen Xiang had indeed thought about this before, because the people on that list were indeed difficult to kill. Back then, the reason the Fire Divine Palace gave him this list of names, was probably because of this Ghost Killing School.

Chen Xiang obviously could not tell the leader of the Ghost Killing School, so he made a bet that the Ghost Killer would not secretly pursue this matter. However, the Red Face Ghost Killer was extremely cautious, and had chased after him.

"You shouldn't have doubted my strength." Chen Xiang said coldly.

"Oh, by doing this, could it be that you think you have more power than me? You want to use this matter to prove that you are qualified to be the Ghost Killing King?" Red Face Ghost Killer was furious.

Chen Xiang now understood and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Originally, Red Face Ghost Killer was worried that he would usurp the position of, but there was indeed such a cruel rule of power in Ghost Killing School.

And there was only one Red Face Ghost Killer on top of the Golden Face Ghost Killer, which was also known as the Ghost Killing King, so killing them wouldn't be easy.

"That's right, I've been missing your mask for a long time." Chen Xiang felt the other party's killing intent and quickly threw out a punch, hitting Red Face Ghost Killer on the shoulder.

The Red Face Ghost Killer had prepared for this long ago, but she was still shocked by the thunder-like attack. It was just as she said previously, this Golden Face Ghost Killer should not have such strength.

"There are no fluctuations of the Innate Qi, could it be the strength of a physical body?" Red Face Ghost Killer was unable to dodge it. The moment the fist landed on his shoulder, he immediately guessed this power in his mind.

"No, this is..." Red Face Ghost Killer suddenly felt that after his left shoulder was. .h.i.t, it suddenly became lighter and softer. Upon closer inspection, all the bones in his left arm and left shoulder had disappeared.

The Bone-melting magic palm, could directly decompose bones, it was one of the supreme devil arts of the devil realm. The other party actually knew this devil art, this caused Red Face Ghost Killer to be incomparably shocked, and now she felt that the other party had the strength to kill an important figure of the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country.

"I want your mask." Chen Xiang's second punch urgently arrived, landing on Red Face Ghost Killer's other shoulder.

This Red Face Ghost Killer's strength was around the Late period of human immortal, and according to Long Xueyi's judgement, he should be at the peak of the Worldly Immortal Stage, just a step away from becoming a Immortal Monarch. On the other hand, with the power of the Body of Heavenly Sage and the Innate Qi, it would not be difficult for Chen Xiang to turn the opponent's weak bones into ashes by using the Bone-melting magic palm.

"Wishful thinking … Don't think that just because you understand the Bone-melting magic palm you can kill me. " A pink mist suddenly appeared from Red Face Ghost Killer's body. It was unexpectedly a type of extremely poisonous mist, like an evil spirit, it extended its claws and bared its fangs and enveloped Chen Xiang.

Ghost Killing School was an expert in the use of poison. Everyone knew that, it was normal for there to be such a powerful poison.

After Chen Xiang was enveloped by the pink mist, he saw countless steel spikes flying towards him. If it was anyone else, their body would have countless of holes in an instant, and they were all highly toxic.

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