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Deep within the earth, Chen Xiang was also unable to examine that piece of Heaven-suppressed immortal monument carefully.

"That Immortal Monarch seemed to be able to sense the movement of that profoundbing up there. However, he did not discover you." Long Xueyi could sense that the Immortal Monarch above was paying close attention to something.

"That's good. I can quickly leave this place to carry out my mission." Chen Xiang's face revealed a smile, his so called mission was to a.s.sa.s.sinate the person on the list. He recognized the few people on the list, so of course he wouldn't kill them.

Chen Xiang came out from the crater of the volcano and then quietly left, not letting the Immortal Monarch discover him. He left the Sacred Fire Mountain far away and turned into an ordinary middle-aged man, entering Holy Yan City. He then teleported from Holy Yan City to another city.

The Dragon Subduing City was still the same as before, it was said that he had been attacked by demons many times, but the Great City Barrier Formation set up by the Iron-Lion Army was not weak, and with the power provided by the dragon veins, the Dragon Subduing City was indestructible.

Li Baojun was not in the Dragon Subduing City, he had snuck back in, he did not want others to know that he had come out from the seal, so he had to keep a low profile.

Unable to find Li Baojun in the Dragon Subduing City, he entered the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

The Dragon Subduing School had already recruited many outstanding disciples, and these disciples had all been filtered and recognized by many. Furthermore, there was Lan Lan and Yan Yanran who was in charge of investigating these backgrounds, preventing people from sneaking into the Dragon Subduing School. On the other hand, the people who trained these disciples were some old geezers from the Earth's Core Race and Duan Chong.

Yun Xiaodao and the others were all in charge of a group of disciples, and were the bosses of many of the Dragon Subduing School disciples. In order to increase their combat experience, they often fought.

As for the pills, there was no need to mention the fact that the Dragon Subduing School was a powerful alchemist power, so in a short period of time, the Dragon Subduing School was able to produce a large number of outstanding disciples, but many of the forces did not know about it.

Li Baojun was at the Dragon Subduing School Headquarters in the Evil Dragon Graveyard. The moment he finished concocting pills, he saw Chen Xiang sitting in his small hall.

"Haha …" I knew you'd get out in time. " Seeing that Chen Xiang's complexion was good, Li Baojun laughed and said. He was relieved when Chen Xiang came back, but he had been worried since, and furthermore, the Chen Martial Continent would be attacked soon, if not for Chen Xiang's help, he was afraid that it would be a headache to solve some problems.

"That broken seal won't be able to trap me." Chen Xiang chuckled: "Elder Li, how many disciples do we have now?"

"There are over thirty thousand, and all of them were recruited here and there by those brats. Only after they have received the approval of us old fellows are they allowed to enter the Evil Dragon Graveyard." Li Baojun said: "Don't worry, I have already divided the Dragon Subduing School into a few regions. Disciples are not allowed to enter some important places, so there is no need to worry about them messing around."

"Yes." Chen Xiang nodded, he had complete trust in Li Baojun's att.i.tude towards him.

"Not many people knew that you came back, right? How come there isn't any news about Fire Divine Palace?" Li Baojun asked.

Even until now, Fire Divine Palace still had not discovered Chen Xiang coming out of that seal.

"We can't let too many people know about this."

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Li Baojun immediately understood Chen Xiang's intentions, but he was still a little confused: "Leader, if you are letting the Fire Divine Palace attack the Chen Martial Continent, then we have at least one person who can force the Hall Master of the Fire Divine Palace to do this. That person is a Immortal King, and our Great Elder has gone to who knows where."

You don't have to worry about that, the hall master will be guarding profound Ice City, and as long as I'm not exposed, the hall master will not come out. But after this, we just need to ambush, and capture all of those people who are attacking the Chen Martial Continent.

Chen Xiang had another ident.i.ty now, the Golden Face Ghost Killer of the Ghost Killing School. He smiled and said, "I have already infiltrated into the inner circle of their alliance. At that time, I will tell you about their latest battle plan."

"So sinister." Li Baojun also laughed.

"I am currently a Golden Face Ghost Killer of the Ghost Killing School. They gave me a list of a.s.sa.s.sins and told me to kill these people." Chen Xiang took out the name list and handed it over to Li Baojun.

Li Baojun was startled, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually impersonate the Golden Face Ghost Killer, and upon seeing the name list, he frowned.

"They are all important figures, if the powers in Chen Martial Continent do not have these people, and they happen to attack here, the consequences will be unimaginable." Li Baojun frowned.

"That's right, but if there are these people here, they would use a lot of strength to attack us. If more than half of the people on the list die …" They will be the ones to make a surprise attack, and the people who come will probably be elites, so there will definitely be a lot of them. " Chen Xiang said.

"When the time comes, we'll ambush them there and give them a surprise." Li Baojun finally understood what Chen Xiang wanted to do.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I will make a trip to Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Dan Fragrance Pure Land. Elder Li, arrange some men for me and I will be ready to attack at any time.

"Got it. I'll make the arrangements. Should you tell those brats about your return first?" Li Baojun asked.

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then said: "I will not tell Dao Ren and the others for now."

After greeting Li Baojun, Chen Xiang left the Evil Dragon Graveyard and let Li Baojun report his plan to Duan Chong.

Those who were a.s.sa.s.sinated by the Ghost Killing School were the higher-ups of the forces in the Fire Divine Palace, and they were all important figures who guaranteed the smooth operation of a force. Once the a.s.sa.s.sination was successful, this force would be in great turmoil for a short period of time, and it would be the best time to take them down.

Chen Xiang came to Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, and quietly went to look for Xue Xianxian.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were currently very busy, not only did they have to cultivate and raise their strength, they also had to instruct them to set up huge formations, and sometimes they also had to refine some powerful treasures for their disciples. Chen Xiang also stayed in their room at night, waiting for them to return.

"My brother will be sealed for ten years soon. At that time, he said from the inside that after ten years, the Fire Divine Palace would attack the Chen Martial Continent. If it really comes to that, I wonder if my brother will be able to come back." Leng Youlan sat in the hall, drinking the flower tea that was used to remove fatigue.

"Regardless of whether he can come back or not, we have to be well-prepared. If we can't protect the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country well, how are we going to face Master when we go to the Heaven Realm in the future?" Xue Xianxian's face was gloomy, of course she hoped that Chen Xiang would return, but she had to prepare for the worst.

Chen Xiang walked out from the room and said while grinning: "This kind of big event, how can you leave me alone?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's voice, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's delicate bodies trembled, after that they looked towards the direction of the voice in pleasant surprise. It was indeed Chen Xiang.

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