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"Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, you don't seem to be lacking in food, what are you thinking about?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"There isn't a lack of food right now, but I sometimes want to change my appet.i.te. This thing might be something from the ancient times." Long Xueyi muttered.

With the divine soul that had gone out of his body, Chen Xiang could already see the group of people working together to push down the gigantic profoundbing.

"Just how big is this thing inside? Don't tell me it takes up the entire piece of the profoundbing." Bai Youyou suddenly thought of something and asked.

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then answered: "No, I think I took a small part of it, but compared to this huge profoundbing, that thing can already be considered to be huge."

Bai Youyou said: "For this profoundbing to become so strange, it could have been caused by the things inside, it must be strong, huge, and definitely not able to be placed inside. This profoundbing must have definitely been affected by the things inside, so it became like this."

Chen Xiang also thought that it was reasonable. "What would that be?

Bai Youyou was silent for a moment, then said: "I am not sure, but if it really is that thing, then it is possible that we know the reason behind the formation of the profound Cold Ancient Realm."

"Could this thing have caused the profound Cold Ancient Realm to become the main culprit of this world's ice and snow?"

Chen Xiang was astonished, he wanted to know what exactly this thing was, to actually be so powerful.

Bai Youyou said: "I don't know much about that thing. Let's talk about it after I see it."

The gigantic profoundbing was pushed down from the small island above and fiercely fell into the volcano, causing a large amount of fire essence to splash out. Chen Xiang who was at the side was also confused and disoriented by the wild waves of the fire essence.

The disturbance was so great that a large amount of hot air rose up from the volcano's crater. This prevented the floating island from releasing any sort of formation to protect itself, otherwise, the disciples would not be able to withstand such a large amount of hot air.

After calming down, Chen Xiang immediately went downwards quickly. He even took out the Hammer of G.o.d, and with the help of its weight, he quickly descended and chased after the gigantic profoundbing. The temperature below was indeed very high, but he did not need to use the profoundwu diamond armour to protect it.

Chen Xiang sank downwards as he used the power of the spatial laws to travel through s.p.a.ce, and quickly caught up to the gigantic profoundbing. What surprised him was that the profoundbing was already this deep, and there were no signs of it melting.

The people on the floating island all frowned as they looked at the volcano that was gradually calming down.

"It seems to have sunk very deep. If there's a treasure, how will we be able to discover it? Is it possible that the treasure will sink so deep into the ground?" An elder of the Sacred Fire School said.

The Immortal Monarch said: "If it melts and treasures appear, I can feel it. When the time comes, I will have a secret technique to retrieve it, so there is no need to worry."

The crater was connected to the core of the earth and this was also the entrance to the core of the earth. Last time when Chen Xiang released the Super Old Fire Beast, he obtained a Earth Core Crystal and it had already fused into his body.

The gigantic profoundbing had already entered the earth's core from the mouth of the volcano, but it had still not melted.

"I wonder where it will sink to before it melts. If it goes too deep, I'll have to take out the Fire Dragon Sword." The last time Chen Xiang entered the earth's core, he was able to rely on that Fire Dragon Sword to dodge the fire essence in the earth's core.

The Immortal Monarch at the top frowned: "Looks like I've already entered the core, I never thought that it would still not melt even in that kind of place, and this also proves that this volcano can lead to the core of the earth, but if we continue to sink down, I will have no way of controlling it, maybe this piece of profoundbing will sink down to the depths of the core."

The Core was something that would cause people to feel fear, especially the famous Earth's Core Fire Realm. The people here weren't strangers, the flames there were even more terrifying now, and they could only wander around outside.

After two hours, the gigantic profoundbing had already sunk deeper and deeper into the ground, and there were no signs of the profoundbing melting.

Chen Xiang also felt a burning sensation on his body. He secretly activated profoundwu physical exercise to temper his body, and he was currently on top of the sinking profoundbing, waiting for the profoundbing to melt.

"Could it be that even the earth's core is unable to melt this piece of profoundbing? Isn't this way too powerful?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"It looks like it's that thing without a doubt. If it can melt, then you will be able to see what exactly it is." Bai Youyou was even more sure of his own thoughts.

"What is it? Can it be eaten?" Long Xueyi asked.


"Can that be used for fighting?" Long Xueyi asked again.

"I don't know, my understanding of that thing was just a rumor. When I was in the Heavenly Demon Realm, I read about it in the ancient books of my Bai Family. At that time, I cultivated the power of frost and went through a large amount of things related to the powerful Icy cold power.

"What exactly is that thing? Sister You You You, don't keep us in suspense." Chen Xiang's heart itched, he wished that he could immediately break open the profoundbing.

Bai Youyou was silent again. After a while, she said: "Wait, if you see it with your own eyes, you will understand it better."

After another four hours, Chen Xiang took out the Fire Dragon Sword, and felt that it was about to sink to the bottom. Just when he thought that the profoundbing would not melt, he suddenly felt the gigantic profoundbing trembling.

Finally there was a response. Chen Xiang was wild with joy, and immediately became spirited.

As for the people above, they had long since left. Only the Immortal Monarch was still there, frowning as he looked at the fiery-red liquid below.

"It actually didn't melt, but cracked." Chen Xiang felt that this was extremely strange.

Many cracks appeared on the gigantic profoundbing and then it suddenly exploded, turning into a small piece of ice and disappeared into the fire droplets. This method of breaking through was actually the same as the other profoundbing.

"This …" Chen Xiang saw something inside the profoundbing. It was actually a gigantic tablet.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang came to his senses. It was not that he had seen this giant tablet before, but he felt that the aura of this giant tablet was very familiar, and this familiarity came from his Killing-G.o.d heart.

The Killing-G.o.d heart contained a very powerful soul, and at this moment, Chen Xiang felt that the soul was affecting him, which was why he felt that this giant monument was so familiar.

"It really is this thing." Bai Youyou had already expected this, but he was still shocked: "Quickly put it away."

Chen Xiang did not immediately take action, but asked seriously: "What exactly is this thing?"

The soul inside the Killing-G.o.d heart was extremely terrifying, even the White Tiger had said that, and this stone tablet seemed to be related to that soul, Chen Xiang was worried that an accident might happen if he placed the stone tablet inside the Youyao ring.

I don't know why, but this piece of Heaven-suppressed immortal monument did not appear in the sky of ice, but had gone missing. Furthermore, the other Heaven-suppressed immortal monument also did not appear, so we can now be sure that one of them appeared in Di Tian, causing the profound Cold Ancient Realm to be frozen.

Chen Xiang quickly put away the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument and was secretly shocked in his heart. He said: "Could it be that the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument no longer has the power to suppress the profound Cold Ancient Realm?

Bai Youyou nodded his head: "Perhaps that place was born along with Di Tian. The origins of this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument is unknown, but its G.o.d power is endless, and this piece of Heaven-suppressed immortal monument could release a very strong Icy cold power, so maybe profound Cold Ancient Realm was created by this piece of Heaven-suppressed immortal monument."

"Could it be that someone intentionally threw the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument at profound Cold Ancient Realm? How did those strange profoundbing form? I don't believe that those shaped profoundbing were formed by nature." Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this, and obviously the treasure inside the profoundbing was not a coincidence.

The profound Cold Ancient Realm was a very dangerous place, and it concerned whether or not Di Tian could be stable in the future. Before Chen Xiang left Di Tian, it would be best if he could understand the situation clearly.

"Strange, why is it gone? What's inside? I feel that it's quite big, but just as I was about to get it, it suddenly disappeared." The Immortal Monarch frowned, puzzled.

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