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Everyone stood at the side of the profoundbing, some of them had already started to use their powerful strength to attack it, wanting to test how powerful the profoundbing was. After a round of attacks, those people finally gave up, and when their powerful strength attacks onto the profoundbing, they were immediately absorbed, with not even a speck of it remaining.

"Looks like I can only push the profoundbing down." A person sighed.

Yang Jiu nodded and said, "It seems like there's no other way. Please come with me, I have something important to discuss with you."

However, if they were to attack the Chen Martial Continent all by themselves, it would be very difficult for them to take it down. Unless they allied together, even if they joined forces, they would still not have any confidence, because the current Chen Martial Continent was extraordinarily strong.

Furthermore, they had sealed Chen Xiang. In these past ten years, the Dragon Subduing School did not make any big movements, as if he was about to disappear from the face of the earth, and the Great Clan Elder did not come to save Chen Xiang either. Therefore, everyone believed that the time to attack the Chen Martial Continent was now.

Chen Xiang and the others followed Yang Jiutao to a secret meeting room, and sat at a long table. Yang Jiutao was not sitting at the seat of honor, but was wearing the robes of a Fire Divine Palace middle-aged man.

When the middle-aged man came in, everyone felt a strange pressure, and at this time, everyone's hearts were thumping. They did not expect that there would actually be a Fire Divine Palace Ranker hidden here.

When he came here, Chen Xiang had already guessed that this Sacred Fire Mountain was the Fire Divine Palace's secret headquarters. It was normal for there to be experts from the Fire Divine Palace here, so Chen Xiang was not surprised at all.

"He should be in the middle stage of Immortal Monarch." Long Xueyi said: "To them, this guy is very strong. If this guy were to join when we are attacking Chen Martial Continent, the pressure you guys would be feeling would be even greater."

Chen Xiang was secretly worried, because it was very easy to nurture a strong Ranker at the location of the Sacred Fire Mountain. He did not know how many powerful people there were in this huge Sacred Fire Mountain, so he wanted to kill off this Sacred Fire Mountain.

"Everyone, the real purpose of coming here is to discuss the preparations for attacking Chen Martial Continent." The Immortal Monarch said.

Everyone nodded their heads. Having such an expert in charge of the meeting gave them a lot of confidence. They were worried that the Immortal King would not help them previously, otherwise, they would not need to pull the Chen Martial Continent down.

The Immortal Monarch said: "It's been almost ten years and the Great Clan Elder of Dragon Subduing School has not come to save Chen Xiang. We have already confirmed that the Great Clan Elder will not appear anymore, I think this is something that everyone is still worried about."

The man from Devil Race said, "But if ten years pa.s.s and we are about to attack Chen Martial Continent, what about the Great Clan Elder from Dragon Subduing School? If we let the little demon Chen Xiang out, we would all be in trouble."

You are well aware of the strength of our Hall Master. Even if the Great Clan Elder from Dragon Subduing School appeared, given our Hall Master's strength, he would definitely be able to stop him from releasing Chen Xiang. However, this also means that our Hall Master is not allowed to fight against the Chen Martial Continent, so we have to join hands with you all. "

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart. If the White Tiger really came, even the Palace Masters of the ten Fire Divine Palace s would not be able to stop it. Furthermore, he didn't need the White Tiger to help him right now, he would have to rely on his own strength to come out.

"In other words, we can start now, right?" The person who spoke was from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, and Chen Xiang was very familiar with the Qi on his body.

No matter if it was demon or demon, as long as they wanted to attack Chen Martial Continent, the Fire Divine Palace would gather them together.

Now we can make our move, but before we make our move, we have to make some preparations, and we have to get rid of the middle strength of the Chen Martial Continent, if possible, getting rid of one or two of their Leader s is not out of the question, but Dan Fragrance Pure Land, Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, Icy Wind Valley, and all of them are being taken over by a few kids, and the one who is going to take over the Lotus Island is also a little brat. They are all our primary targets, as for the current Leader, he is too strong, it is hard to do anything secretly.

After Immortal Monarch finished speaking, he looked at Chen Xiang. Now that Chen Xiang was pretending to be Golden Face Ghost Killer, Ghost Killing School was most skilled in such a.s.sa.s.sination, and many people from various forces were the same.

Chen Xiang did not say anything, and only nodded his head slightly. This was the personality of the Golden Face Ghost Killer, as long as it was in contact with the higher ups of the Ghost Killing School, they would know, these powerful Ghost Killer spoke very little, and did not want others to know their voices, so they all understood.

"This bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, let me go a.s.sa.s.sinate Xianxian and the others. Keep dreaming, I really want to a.s.sa.s.sinate all of you tonight." Chen Xiang thought that he could indeed use his ident.i.ty as the Golden Face Ghost Killer to a.s.sa.s.sinate these people. As long as he did everything cleanly, no one would know about it.

The Immortal Monarch continued: As long as the Ghost Killing School is successful, when the Chen Martial Continent's great powers suddenly lose their core Leader, then we will attack. As for how much time we have, it would depend on the Ghost Killing School's friends.

"List." Chen Xiang said in an extremely stiff and low voice.

Yang Jiutao immediately took out a piece of paper and handed it to Chen Xiang.

There were over ten names on the list, among them were Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan, Wu Qianqian, and some other names that he was familiar with. Then there was the Lotus Island's Island Master, Lian Dongsheng, who was an able son of Lian Yingxiao, and was also relatively strong. This was the Leader's name, and the remaining few elders who were more useful were the people with great intelligence and were important people among the forces in the Chen Martial Continent.

"When should we make our move?" one of them asked.

"The meeting is over." Chen Xiang said coldly.

With how quick his actions were, many people admired Ghost Killing School's professional att.i.tude. Furthermore, Ghost Killing School was relatively good at this kind of thing, so they had a lot of confidence in him.

As for the benefits obtained from the battle, you don't have to worry about that. As long as we can take down the Chen Martial Continent and find the dragon fountain that was hidden inside, then the entire Di Tian will be ours from now. "Yun Che's eyes flashed with a cold light," This … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … this … "

As long as they partic.i.p.ated, they would be able to obtain great benefits from Di Tian. If they only relied on themselves, it would be very difficult, and they would also face the risk of destruction.

After that, they discussed the time of the attack and the areas that each faction would be responsible for, all of these were memorized by Chen Xiang, if Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ated in this meeting, it would mean that they were late, it was just that no one else knew about it.

After the meeting ended, Chen Xiang left by himself while the others had to watch the gigantic profoundbing fall into the crater of the volcano.

Chen Xiang was only pretending to leave, but he was actually hiding in the lava at the bottom of the volcano mouth. He reckoned that the profoundbing would only melt in the depths of the volcano, and the person at the top would be unable to go down.

The lava inside the volcano was not very hot for Chen Xiang, especially on the surface layer.

Chen Xiang had been to the Core of the Earth before, so it was even more terrifying down there. However, he could endure it, and now that his strength had increased and he had cultivated the Body of Heavenly Sage, he could dive deeper into the ground and the gigantic profoundbing would fall straight to the ground.

If it's the corpse of an ancient beast, it would definitely melt in the bottom of this volcano. If it's something edible, then it's even more so. Long Xueyi was extremely vexed. That profoundbing was simply too big, and there was even something huge inside. If it could be eaten, it would definitely last a long time.

Chen Xiang was already soaked in the Flame Essence, waiting for the people above to push the gigantic profoundbing down.

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