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On the second day, the Sacred Fire Mountain sent someone to guide them to a huge ship that could fly. This ship had a very luxurious room and living room.

Although the items sold were of poor quality, the items they gave themselves were never vague. For example, this huge ship that could fly.

Chen Xiang flew for an entire day before finally arriving at the place where he was supposed to be. The Golden Face Ghost Killer that he pretended to be was normally a quiet and taciturn person, so even if someone asked him a question, he could answer or not, and other people would not feel disgusted with him. Therefore, Chen Xiang also spoke very little.

Standing on the deck of the giant ship, he could feel a wave of hot air a.s.saulting him. In front of him was a huge volcano, with lava flowing within the volcano, looking from afar, it looked like a gigantic lake of lava. Floating above the volcano was an island, and on this island were many buildings, such as the Sacred Fire School.

"This volcano is really strange, this fire essence should have come from the earth's core. Cultivating here all year round is indeed a great help to those who cultivate fire, and in this environment, it's not difficult to nurture a Fire Soul." Su Meiyao said.

"Would the Fire Divine Palace not accept such a good place?" Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat as he suddenly thought of something.

Bai Youyou said what he was thinking in his heart, and said: "This should be the Fire Divine Palace's headquarters. This floating island is not something that just anyone can create, and its defensive power is extremely strong.

"The Sacred Fire School exists and is on this island as well. The headquarters of the Fire Divine Palace should be hidden here as well, and all of this is to deceive people."

The fact that the Fire Divine Palace controlled such a powerful volcano made Chen Xiang drool. In a sense, this unique volcano was equivalent to a dragon vein.

"Looks like I'll have to be careful in a bit." Chen Xiang thought, but he had previously heard from a few people that the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace would not come, and would instead guard that seal.

Sealing Chen Xiang was something that most people on this ship would love to see. Now that there was an Immortal King protecting them, they felt that when the time was right, they could peacefully attack Chen Martial Continent.

In the alliance, the Ghost Killing School held an important position, because at that time, a.s.sa.s.sinating the experts from various powers in the Chen Martial Continent was extremely important. If the Immortal King did not intervene, then in order to successfully attack the Chen Martial Continent, one would have to rely on the Golden Face Ghost Killer inside the Ghost Killing School.

And the Golden Face Ghost Killer that Chen Xiang was impersonating as right now was the second in command of the Ghost Killing School. Above him was the Red Face Ghost Killer, the Leader of the Ghost Killing School.

From the memories of the current Second Manager, Chen Xiang knew that the Red Face Ghost Killer never spoke, nor did he send any sound transmissions, but only sent messages through notes. As a result, no one had heard his voice, and no one knew whether or not he had changed into a different Leader over the years, but he was definitely powerful.

The giant ship landed and everyone boarded the small island floating above the giant volcano's crater. The people that came were all powerful experts, so they could adapt to the intense heat.

They soon saw the gigantic profoundbing, which was as big as a house. Although this profoundbing did not emit the intense cold Qi, it still felt cool and refreshing standing near the gigantic profoundbing.

The masked Chen Xiang was currently using the Chaos Divine Eye to carefully observe this gigantic profoundbing. This profoundbing was the biggest he had ever seen, it was over a thousand meters long and its shape was irregular, but without a doubt, it was a profoundbing.

"Is there something inside?" Long Xueyi asked.

"It's, it's a huge thing, but I'm not sure yet, if I can open the Chaos Divine Eye, I might be able to see it clearly." Chen Xiang's voice carried a trace of shock. There was actually something inside this enormous profoundbing, and it was very huge as well.

The things inside the profoundbing were not ordinary. Although the quality of this piece of profoundbing was not of the high quality, it did not mean that the things inside were ordinary.

"Something very big... "What could it be? Could it be a living giant beast?" Su Meiyao asked in surprise.

"I'm not sure, I don't feel any signs of life, and this profoundbing is very strong, breaking it is not easy, the Immortal King has already fought, I can feel the old man's Qi, but he can't do anything to this profoundbing." Chen Xiang also wanted to know what exactly was frozen inside this profoundbing.

The Leader from the Sacred Fire School was here, his name was Yang Jiutao, he was an old man dressed in fiery red robes, with white eyebrows and white beard, he had just lost his son, and was not in a good mood.

Yang Jiutao saw that everyone was interested in this gigantic profoundbing, so he said: "The Fire Divine Palace's Palace Master said, there must be something inside, but it cannot be broken. If everyone does not have a good idea, you can only push this profoundbing into the crater of the volcano, and see if it can be melted away."

Chen Xiang felt that this was not appropriate, he was worried that the good stuff inside would be affected, but he did not have any good methods right now.

If he did not impersonate the Golden Face Ghost Killer, and if it was not because of this environment, he would definitely have that Hammer of G.o.d to try and break it apart.

"If we push it down, if there is any spiritual medicine inside, it will be destroyed." A person said.

"But there's nothing we can do about it, we have to see if there's anything inside. Could it be that even the Palace Master can't do anything to this profoundbing?" Yang Jiutao shook his head.

"If there was some powerful divine weapon, it might be able to break through it, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword might be able to, but unfortunately, it is in Chen Xiang's hands, and Chen Xiang is sealed by the Fire Divine Palace's hall master." A person sighed.

"Isn't your Sacred Fire School a very powerful sect for smithing? Don't tell me there aren't any divine weapons that you can take out?" The one who asked was an elder of the Devil Race.

"Fire Divine Palace's hall master is the Heaven Realm's Immortal King, moreover he has a powerful Holy level dragon artifact, he used that thing and his powerful strength to no longer be able to break through the profoundbing, our Sacred Fire School is merely a small sect, we can only take out a few immortal artifacts, it can't even compare to the Fire Divine Palace's Holy level dragon artifact."

The reason why Yang Jiutao revealed the power of the hall master was so that he could tell the people who were gathered here how strong the Fire Divine Palace was.

As the Immortal King of the Fire Divine Palace, he was sent here to rob the world by a powerful person. How could he not give a piece of this thing to the Hall Master?

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