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The person who was in charge of this Sacred Flame Shop was definitely not too weak. This middle-aged man was someone who had undergone the eight tribulations of Nirvana, and was considered very strong in the current Heaven. To a person at this level, a weapon made from three hundred thousand Spar, it was too inferior.

When he said those words at the entrance of Sacred Flame's Shop, many people thought that Chen Xiang was just spouting nonsense. Therefore, when the middle-aged man from the Sacred Flame Shop heard him say those words, he laughed out loud.

"Forget about the three hundred thousand Spar, even if you use the materials bought by the three hundred million Spar, don't think of refining a weapon that I can't easily destroy."

Chen Xiang said: "Of course you can make the weapons I refine rotten, but I can guarantee that you won't be able to easily make it messy. If you make the materials for three hundred million Spar, I'm afraid that I won't be able to make anything, because I'm not very proficient in equipment forging."

"The reason I'm saying this is to let everyone know how your Sacred Flame's Shop is trying to cheat people. This kind of thing that can't be used can sell for five hundred thousand Spar. If it were me, I definitely wouldn't sell this kind of trash to harm people."

The middle-aged man continued to laugh out loud: "Since you are not proficient in smithing, and you dare speak such arrogant words about pills, it's really laughable. Let me say it again, in our Sacred Flame Shop, the weapons of the five hundred thousand Spar are exactly this kind of goods. Furthermore, it's much better than other shops."

"If the weapon you refined with three hundred thousand Spar can really make me use a lot of effort to break it, I'll give you the entire Sacred Flame Shop."

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, but he shook his head with a smile, "Giving the shop to me, I don't think you can make such a decision yet."

Isn't it just a shop? My father is a Leader of the Sacred Fire School, you tell me, there are so many people watching here, I will not go back on my word, but if you are unable to do so, you will have to kneel in front of my shop for three days and three nights, and you will have to kowtow to us and admit your wrongs. "

Seeing how the situation had developed, the teenager was worried, afraid that he would harm Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang said with a smile: "No problem, I will pick out the materials worth three hundred thousand Spar s from your shop. I hope your shop will not be too dark, or else it will be really difficult."

The middle-aged man sneered and said: "You are really an outsider, you think that refining is too simple, although the materials for refining are cheap, Refiner is not something that can be obtained so easily."

Chen Xiang asked: "Then, do you think that refining and refining pills are even more difficult?"

That person replied, "Of course it's to refine pills, but even if Alchemist wanted to refine pills, he would still need a period of time to familiarize himself with the process."

"I happen to be a Alchemist."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he stepped into the shop, and the middle-aged man's expression changed slightly.

If it was anyone else, this middle aged man might not be so worried, but he knew that there were definitely some basic foundations in the refining of Alchemist. He was also clear that after many Alchemist s had become Refiner, they would have more accomplishments, and some would even be able to refine pills.

The materials needed to forge a low grade spirit artifact were worthy of its reputation. There were many, and not a single bit was scarce, materials needed to forge a low grade spirit artifact.

The young man's saber was a third phase spirit weapon, and this third phase spirit weapon was based on the formations within the weapons and magic treasures. Generally, a third phase spirit weapon would have three ordinary formations within it, and the refining materials were all ordinary.

"Looking at the cost, the blade that the kid bought probably only has fifty thousand Spar s, and the materials used are all very crude, the arrays that were carved on them are not precise enough, they are crooked and look like they were made by a newbie. To think that such a thing could actually sell for five hundred thousand Spar, and was said to be a third phase Spirit Treasure, but the criteria were met, and the quality standards are too low, at most it could only be considered ordinary." Chen Xiang shook his head and said as he looked at the materials.

His words caused the people behind him to be slightly moved, especially the Refiner s. Because, if they wanted to see through this kind of problem, they would usually be people with rich experience in refining.

When the people who came in to watch the show saw that the Sacred Fire School did not refute them, they secretly remembered that right now, they had a very bad impression of the Sacred Fire School, especially the people who were often here, and they knew that there were a lot of people who had come to cause trouble in the past. The young man could be considered lucky, taking that piece of trash to beat up the demon beasts, and even coming back to plead for their lives.

When they thought about this, many people could not help but shiver. If they trusted the Sacred Fire School very much and thought that they bought a good item from him, if it was not reliable during battles, it would definitely kill them.

Everyone knew that Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's weapons and treasures were of high quality, and the price would not be too low either. It was just that it would be difficult to get to Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, if a normal person wanted to teleport there, they would have to pay a large sum of money.

"One hundred fifty kilograms of profoundgang for one hundred thousand Spar, I want three hundred kilograms." Chen Xiang planned to use profoundgang as the most common ingredient to refine it, it was relatively cheaper, and he could even get a lot of them.

Just using profoundgang s, is that even possible? The characteristics of profoundgang were that they were hard and st.u.r.dy, and not easy to break. The drawback was that they were hard to temper, so many of the Refiner s would add something else to the process of smelting the profoundgang, making it easier for the profoundgang to forge.

"As long as it's a profoundgang, give me three hundred kilograms." Chen Xiang saw the man selling the profoundgang and shouted again.

No one knew what Chen Xiang was planning to do, for a three hundred thousand Spar to buy a three hundred Jin profoundgang would mean that they would not be able to buy anything else. Furthermore, to refine a blade, one would not even need to use all three hundred Jin of profoundgang.

Everyone suspected that Chen Xiang was planning to use some of the profoundgang s to practice.

The son of the Sacred Fire School was called Yang Shuangquan. As the son of the Leader, his strength could be said to be close to his father's even though he was young, and he might not even be able to take over the Sacred Fire School in the future.

But he did not know what Chen Xiang was planning to do.

"There should be a place for me to forge artifacts here." Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, but we need to watch it on the spot in case you try to cheat us." Yang Shuangquan said.

"Mm, this is what we should do. Bring me along quickly."

Yang Shuangquan signaled an old man with his eyes, and upon seeing the old man nod his head, he brought Chen Xiang in through a large door, followed by some people who came to watch the commotion. However, these people were of high status, and were all shop owners nearby, and Yang Shuangquan had tacitly allowed them to enter, in order to supervise Chen Xiang.

He had always been by Chen Xiang's side the entire time, and although he was young, silence was his best method when encountering such a situation. He could not interrupt him at all, and he was also worried that the Sacred Fire School would take revenge on Chen Xiang for this matter.

They arrived at a very large forging room. There was a very large forging table here, and one could tell that this place was used for many Refiner to work together to refine large scale treasures.

Chen Xiang did not have a furnace, which made the Refiner to sneer when they saw that.

Without a furnace, he could not refine profoundgang s. If he could not smelt them, he would not be able to temper them, but Chen Xiang was extremely calm. He had thought about this a long time ago.

There was a forging platform here. He tried it out and found that its specifications were very standard. It could withstand a high temperature and strong impact force.

He placed those scattered three hundred kilograms of profoundgang s on the huge stage. Then, he took a deep breath and released a strong flame from his palm, roasting the profoundgang s on the stage.

He actually didn't plan on using a furnace to directly burn it like this. Just how long would it take for the furnace to burn? If there was a furnace, then he could use the furnace's formation to strengthen the flame and increase the refining speed.

Just as everyone was sneering in their hearts, those snow-white profoundgang turned red.

profoundgang s were notoriously hard, hard to forge, and hard to smelt. A hundred kilograms of profoundgang s was already enough, let alone three hundred kilograms.

Refiner, who was initially mocking them from the side, could not even laugh at this moment because they could tell that Chen Xiang's flame was extremely strong. Someone who had this flame was definitely not someone to be trifled with, even with Fire Soul, it was difficult to achieve this step.

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