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There were quite a lot of them in the warehouse, but the quality was not very high. It was not as good as the ones he stole before, but it was still of medium quality, around 2000 pieces.

The cold Qi emitted by these profoundbing were all gathered together, and rushed up, used to revive the Ice Emperor.

When the profoundbing was sealed, Chen Xiang had experienced it himself. Seeing the colorful profoundbing in front of him, he was ecstatic and quickly kept it within his own Storage magic treasure.

"Is there no one else in Fire Divine Palace?" Even after Chen Xiang quickly finished collecting the profoundbing, no one came to the warehouse.

Above the warehouse was where the Ice Emperor was, Chen Xiang had gathered all of his strength and unleashed a punch, the powerful energy transforming into a huge electric light fist that smashed into the stone floor above.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire underground palace suddenly started to shake violently. Stones of various sizes fell down, and the thing on top was collapsing.

"Again." Chen Xiang saw that the hole was not big enough, and when the Heaven Blasting Palm flew out, the shaking this time was even more intense than before, causing the top of the huge warehouse to be filled with cracks.

"It seems like it's really not enough." Chen Xiang unleashed a few more palms of Heaven Blasting Palm s and struck the cracks on the wall, causing the stone wall above the warehouse to shatter.

Just at this moment, a booming sound came from above and landed heavily on the ground. A blast of biting cold air accompanied by a thick mist filled the shabby warehouse with frost.

Even Chen Xiang was forced to retreat by the intense cold force. The cold force seeped into his body and made him feel extremely cold.

After the white mist that shrouded the area dissipated, Chen Xiang saw that in the middle of the huge warehouse, there was a huge ice coffin.

Looking at this ice coffin, Chen Xiang's heart jumped. He had already guessed that Ice Emperor was inside this ice coffin and felt that terrifying cold energy from before. It made him feel that this Ice Emperor seemed to be alive.

"If this guy is still alive, then we're in trouble." Chen Xiang took out the Hammer of G.o.d, mustered his courage and walked towards the huge ice coffin.

The closer he got, the more intense the cold power became, causing him to feel fear, that kind of Emperor's might, but he still kept walking forward step by step. Before coming here, he had already made up his mind to completely destroy this Ice Emperor, and implement his plan to take revenge on the Fire Divine Palace.

When Chen Xiang was just ten steps away from the ice coffin, the coffin's lid suddenly moved, releasing a "Ka" sound, which echoed in the huge, deathly still warehouse.

Chen Xiang's forehead was instantly drenched in sweat, he clenched his teeth and retreated a few steps.

With a loud bang, the lid of the coffin suddenly bounced open. After being struck hard by someone's palm, it shattered into ice crystals. The cold air became even more intense and carried with it the aura of an emperor as well as a strong killing intent.

"Sorry for the trouble." Sensing this sudden aura, he knew that the Ice Emperor had come out from the ice coffin.

"Hmph. This should be the second time that you've come here right? Last time, I was in a deep sleep and was unable to stop you. However, I still remember your aura. d.a.m.n you."

It was a feminine voice with a hint of anger in it, making one's hair stand on end.

A white mist drifted over, and after dispersing, a handsome man with snow-white skin appeared. His face was filled with anger, and when his eyes looked at someone, they caused them to feel an indescribable chill. Their bodies couldn't help but tremble.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt a burst of cold Qi coming from all directions, it was invisible and cold Qi, but it was as oppressive as a sword. Chen Xiang could clearly feel, if he touched the cold Qi, he would definitely bleed.

Without a doubt, the person in front of him was Ice Emperor. However, he was not dead, and was still able to escape from the coffin.

Chen Xiang anxiously waved his hammer, striking the invisible cold Qi, releasing waves of strong pressure to dissipate the cold Qi.

Ice Emperor saw that Chen Xiang was able to resolve this move in a few moves, and also realised that the hammer in Chen Xiang's hand was not simple, it could actually strike the invisible cold power that he released.

"You are Ice Emperor." Chen Xiang took a small breath to calm himself down. In front of him was the Ice Emperor, but he was not very strong. Chen Xiang guessed that he had not fully recovered, but he still had enough strength.

"You know me." After knowing his name, he still dared to come and provoke him with no regards to his life. At this moment, he also could not see just how strong Chen Xiang was, if not he would not have been frightened by him just now.

In the eyes of the Ice Emperor, Chen Xiang was someone that he could pinch to death anytime.

Chen Xiang smiled, tidied up his hair and said: "To tell you the truth, I came here to let you return completely to the West. It's really too tiring for you to be half-dead like this, I can end your bitter days here."

He had never seen such a wild fellow before. He was one of the Nine Emperor Kings, with the strongest strength, he had fought against the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord before, and only the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and a few antiques dared to speak such arrogant words to him. However, this fellow in front of him was nothing, he had actually threatened him to die, something that the ten days in Great Yan Jing could not do.

"Since you know that I am the Ice Emperor, then you should know why I am here. Back then, ten days ago, Great Yan Jing could not kill me so completely, but you think you can, and who do you think you are? Even if the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was reborn, he would not be able to do the same." The Ice Emperor sneered.

That year, he and Fire Emperor teamed up, but they still could not capture Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and he was even beaten half to death by him.

Chen Xiang reckoned that the person in front of him did not have much strength. Although he was a Ice Emperor, it was useless not to have genuine strength.

"Oh, you can do it or not, not with your mouth."

Chen Xiang raised his hammer, and with a stride, he jumped over, and fiercely hammered down at Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's handsome face.

Ice Emperor was furious, he never thought that this person would be so ruthless, he directly slapped his face, he was someone who loved faces as if they were his own life, who was he, but he had fought against Ten Heavens Supreme Lord before, his battle experience was extremely rich, and his vigilance was extremely strong, especially when people were attacking his face, he could instantly block them.

Of course, Chen Xiang didn't think that he could break Ice Emperor's beautiful pill refining with just a hammer, so when he hit something hard, it wasn't surprising at all.

It was a hand. Ice Emperor blocked his own face with his palm, and there was even a layer of ice condensed on top of his palm. Chen Xiang's Divine Hammer had heavily smashed onto his palm, and only landed a few ice shards.

The G.o.dly Hammer did not hit, but Chen Xiang's other hand struck towards Ice Emperor's abdomen, the power of his Holy Body merged with the Dragon Power, the force was extremely strong, and after releasing the power of the Heaven Blasting Palm, the shock wave was even more powerful.

Boom! When the palm energy came out, it released an earth-shattering sound that forced Ice Emperor to retreat more than ten steps.

When Chen Xiang saw this, his expression turned serious. Earlier, his Heaven Blasting Palm directly struck Ice Emperor's body, but Ice Emperor did not manage to block it, and only retreated a few steps. From this, it could be seen how powerful Ice Emperor's body was.

"Dragon Power... And also, the strength of your body, this is very unbalanced. Your body's strength is actually stronger than the Dragon Power, what's going on? " That palm strike just now allowed Ice Emperor to see through Chen Xiang's strength. No matter what time it was, this kind of thing was completely illogical.

"If you think you can kill me just because you have that kind of power, you're a bit too arrogant aren't you? With that bit of strength of yours, not to mention killing me, you can't even harm me. The one to die will be you." Ice Emperor thought he saw through Chen Xiang's strength.

The Ice Emperor suddenly turned into a cloud of smoke and shot towards Chen Xiang. It was like a beam of light, the powerful force seemed to want to cut a hole in Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang brandished the G.o.dly Hammer, and when the mist was about to attack his body, he smashed the hammer forward, sending Ice Emperor flying.

"You are courting death." Chen Xiang looked at the direction where the mist was falling and snorted coldly. He was currently filled with confidence, because this Ice Emperor was only a lackey.

"Either finish this fellow or leave this place quickly. You have been here for a while, if the Fire Divine Palace's Immortal King comes, you might be sealed again." Long Xueyi anxiously warned.

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