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The strong sound pierced through the thick layer, thinking back to when it was in the sky above profound Cold Ancient Realm, and this underground palace was trembling from the sound again and again.

"You …" The old man had a lot of treasures, but he took out a black shield to block the flying debris. His powerful gold bell had been destroyed, causing him to feel a pain in his heart, it was a good immortal equipment, even if it was rare in the Heaven Realm, it was still shattered by the unremarkable black hammer.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, the pain from the bell was gone.

"This old man really does have some skill. He's not an ordinary old man." If it was an ordinary Worldly Immortal, he would have long been smashed into mincemeat.

"There are a lot of people rushing over. Although they are not very strong, it is not a problem for them to stall you for some time." Long Xueyi warned her.

Although Chen Xiang had a strong Body of Heavenly Sage and a very powerful strength, allowing him who had just pa.s.sed the seven Nirvana Tribulations to kill any Worldly Immortals in the middle stages, it would take him a long time to defeat the late stage Worldly Immortal with his rich combat experience.

Knowing that the others were about to arrive, the old man revealed a smile. As long as he could stall Chen Xiang for a while, he would have the chance to kill Chen Xiang.

"Don't be complacent." Chen Xiang suddenly waved his hand, the old man was startled, and anxiously placed the black shield in front of him, but he did not have any attack, but there was a faint fragrance coming from it.

Just now, when Chen Xiang waved his hand, he scattered a black powder. This was the Black blood magic sunflower Powder he refined, it was a highly toxic object.

He refined it when he was sealed, and the powder that he sprinkled out earlier was highly concentrated and made from it. Just from the small amount of powder just now, he used ten Black blood magic sunflower, so as long as he breathed in even a little, it was equivalent to inhaling large amounts of poison.

After being refined, the poison became even stronger and spread much faster.

The elder didn't expect the fellow before him to be so sinister, possessing such powerful poison that he was unable to guard against. Even though it was just a small inhalation, he could feel the poison spreading throughout his body at a rapid pace.

"Despicable." The old man cursed as he felt the blood in his body swelling up. His skin had turned as black as ink.

The symptoms of the Black blood magic sunflower's poisoning were like this. The blood turned black and expanded crazily, allowing people to blow it up.

"It's the Black blood magic sunflower …" After the old man found out what poison it was, he anxiously took out a green pill and consumed it. Chen Xiang had already started cultivating, the Dragon Power and his physical body combined together and smashed down with his hammer.


Although the old man was poisoned, he could still use the power within his body. He hurriedly used his shield to block, but the powerful impact caused his entire body to feel numbness and pain, speeding up the spread of the poison.

Chen Xiang thrashed about crazily, instantly becoming more than ten hammers. Furthermore, his strength was about the same every time, sometimes increasing even a little. After hammering on for a few hundred times, the old man's shield would have cracks appear.

When Chen Xiang saw this, he gathered his strength and struck. The iron hammer shone with a rainbow light, the strong pressure fluctuated in the air, causing the air to tremble and the ripples to spread out.


The hammer smashed down, the gigantic shield finally shattered, the pieces flew out like beams of light, the elderly man was even more shocked by the hammer to the point of spitting out black blood. He was poisoned now, and was unable to use all of his strength to activate the shield, if not he would have been destroyed by Chen Xiang that quickly.

"Hmph. You want me to be your slave? You aren't even worthy enough to carry my shoes." Chen Xiang's hammer smashed into the old man's left shoulder, and the powerful force tore apart the arm that was being pierced by the black blood.

"Fire Divine Palace, let me tell you, I am here for you, not to steal anything, I am here to destroy this place, I have already said that you have offended the wrong person, destroying this place is only the beginning of my revenge against Fire Divine Palace."

As he spoke, Chen Xiang had already hammered down several times, the old man was poisoned, although he had powerful antidotes, but that would still take some time, and facing Chen Xiang's crazy attacks during this period of time, he could still be considered dead.

The Black blood magic sunflower Powder was not a Super Old poison after all, otherwise, Chen Xiang would have been done for long ago. However, he was extremely satisfied with the effects of the Black blood magic sunflower, since there was nothing to worry about after using this poison, and the poison was very strong, only this old man with a high level of detoxification pill and a strong power could resist it for such a long time. If it was anyone else, they would have already been covered in black blood.

"No matter who you are, you will die a horrible death if you offend the Fire Divine Palace. Our Fire Divine Palace's strongest hall master is a future Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." The old man said savagely.

"No matter who he is, I will take care of him." Chen Xiang smashed his hammer on the old man's head, killing him.

Chen Xiang already knew that the strongest person in the Fire Divine Palace was the Fire Emperor. Of course he wasn't afraid.

"Have you found where the warehouse is?" Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"I found it. There are a lot of people rushing over from that road." Long Xueyi said.

Above the warehouse was where the Ice Emperor was located.

"Then I'll kill my way through."

Chen Xiang was holding onto a Hammer of G.o.d. This G.o.dly hammer was originally meant for forging Divine Equipment, but now that it was used by Chen Xiang to kill people, if the Divine Craftsman knew about it, who knew how he would feel.

Before this group of people could even react, they could already feel a strong power charging over. That power carried the aura of a dragon as well as a very berserk body's power, and when it charged over, it was as if a huge dragon was charging over with its life on the line.

It was just a single swing of the hammer by Chen Xiang, but a very powerful Qi aura was produced. It was nothing to deal with these minions who had endured through the seven to eight stages of Nirvana tribulation, just like harvesting straw. When that energy rushed over, it turned these people into smithereens.

"If I can endure the eight Nirvana Tribulations, dealing with the Late period of human immortal would be much easier." Chen Xiang wished he could break through immediately, but he had just pa.s.sed the seven Nirvana Tribulations and it was not easy either, so it would be difficult for him to reach it in a short period of time.

He sprinted all the way back. As long as there were people charging in front of him, he would strike out with his hammer and sweep away all obstacles. Unless they were Worldly Immortals, they would all be instantly killed.

There were a lot of people here in the Fire Divine Palace, and all of them were part of the hidden forces in the Fire Divine Palace. If this group of people were transferred over when they were attacking the Chen Martial Continent, it would be quite a strong force, capable of sweeping away many large sects.

"There are indeed no Immortal Monarch s here, otherwise I would have come out a long time ago." Chen Xiang had already reached the front door of the warehouse and fiercely smashed it open. When the two elders saw him, they were struck twice and all died.

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