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They didn't think that a mosquito could have such a high level of cultivation. At this moment, everyone thought that the person in front of them was a mosquito that had transformed into a demon, and that it might have been him last time.

Just as everyone was in shock, the grey and tattered hammer in Chen Xiang's hand had already smashed towards the small tower that was producing a huge suction force, the powerful pressure caused the elder's face to change, when he realised that the hammer was not an ordinary item, it was too late, the Hammer of G.o.d had already smashed down ferociously.

The golden light was accompanied by a gush of splinters. Those who weren't strong enough had their bodies pierced through by the splinters and were badly mutilated.

Chen Xiang only used the power of his Body of Heavenly Sage, to have such power. Of course, the power produced by the Hammer of G.o.d was also very strong.

The elderly man holding the paG.o.da had the heaviest injuries, his upper body had a large hole in it, Chen Xiang's hammer was the closest to him, Body of Heavenly Sage activated the Hammer of G.o.d, instigating a very strong penetrative force, causing a blood hole to appear on the elderly man's body.

A single strike had exterminated one of their experts. The most frightening thing was that they did not feel any elemental energy fluctuations. The person in front of them seemed to be using brute force to attack them.

This was the first time they had seen someone with such great brute strength. This was the first time they had heard of such a thing.

Chen Xiang swept his gaze across the people around him. There were ten in charge of patrolling Worldly Immortals, and they all had some injuries, all caused by the broken pieces of the small paG.o.da from earlier. The other three elders were also from Immortal Grade s, but they were in the late stage of Worldly Immortal Stage.

Everyone here belonged to the Fire Divine Palace. Although everyone was a little afraid of Chen Xiang, they all made their moves at the same time, using their strongest powers to attack Chen Xiang.

"You overestimate yourself."

With Chen Xiang's wave of the Hammer of G.o.d, both its speed and strength had reached the limit. The blades and swords that were attacking him, whether or not they touched the Hammer of G.o.d, would be destroyed by a strong wave of energy. The weapons that they thought they were powerful were all made of mud, they could not even withstand a single blow, and were all shattered by Chen Xiang's hammer.

Everyone was blown away by Chen Xiang's hammer, while Chen Xiang also disappeared at that moment, appearing like a ghost behind an old man. He raised his hammer, and struck towards the old man's head with lightning speed.


The powerful force instantly rea.s.sembled the air, causing a series of explosive sounds to ring out. When the hammer head struck the old man's head, a vast and berserk power suddenly poured into the old man's body, instantly erupting into a pool of blood, causing one's scalp to go numb. At this moment, no one wanted to be hit on the head by the black hammer, it was simply a judge's hammer, whomever was struck.

At this moment, everyone was starting to regret. If they didn't find that despicable mosquito, then it was possible that it was just trying to sneak in to steal something. At that time, they would only be scolded a bit, but now that they found out the mosquito monster was fighting, seeing its power, they all felt terrified.

After Chen Xiang killed one of them, he then took a strange step and floated to the side of another person. With another lightning strike, he used his berserk energy to smash an old man into pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Those who screamed in panic were beaten to death by Chen Xiang one by one. Chen Xiang's attack was just too strong, and his speed was too fast, making it hard for people to escape. Even the fastest one would become Chen Xiang's target.

Soon, only the old man controlling the golden bell was left. This old man was the strongest person here, and he had been on high alert from the very beginning.

The other elders who had died were not weak, but Chen Xiang had taken the initiative to strike first and annihilate them. If they had been on high alert and joined forces to defend, Chen Xiang might not have been able to win so easily.

"Who exactly are you? It can't be that this is the first time you've come in here, right?" Until now, the old man was still very calm. It could be seen that he was different from the other people who were struck to death by a hammer.

"You must be people from the Fire Divine Palace, you are looting everywhere in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, you are lucky, s.n.a.t.c.hing me once, at that time, your people would have already been annihilated by me, and then, I would have followed up on my way here, if you did not steal from me, then so many things wouldn't have happened."

What Chen Xiang had said was the truth. He was currently being besieged by a small team sent by the Fire Divine Palace, which let him know of the Fire Divine Palace's scheme here.

The Fire Divine Palace thought that they were invincible and that they could do whatever they wanted in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, but they had met Chen Xiang.

"Since you know that we are from the Fire Divine Palace, and you dare to provoke us, this is not a wise move. Don't think that just because you can get in here twice, you think that you are invincible. Looking at his expression, he was actually not afraid of Chen Xiang at all.

Sooner or later, you will be in our hands. If you want to kneel down and beg for mercy, and become the slave of our Fire Divine Palace, you might have a way to survive. "

"Oh." Of course, Chen Xiang would not think that the underground palace was so small, but he was still not afraid. As long as there was no Immortal King, he would be able to leave anytime.

The old man's face turned pale, the flames on his body ignited, the golden bell he controlled flickered, and then produced a huge buzzing sound. The sound was extremely powerful, causing Chen Xiang's eardrums to hurt, it actually caused the divine power in his head to become chaotic, causing him to feel a headache.

Golden bell lights shot out in all directions, resonating nonstop, as though summoning something, and Chen Xiang was struck by the sound waves to the point where his head was splitting apart. Just as he was about to use his energy to counterattack, his vision suddenly turned black, and then, an even more intense bell sound reverberated in his ears.

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang roared. He knew that he was trapped by the golden bell.

The Innate Qi inside Chen Xiang's Dantian suddenly started to surge, the dense Innate Qi s inside the thirty-five Heaven Pills started to surge out, converging, knocking against each other, exploding, fusing with each other, transforming into Dragon Power, which then rushed towards the bones, muscles, blood channels, and blood vessels on Chen Xiang's arm, causing his entire arm to swell up.

When the physical strength of the Dragon Power and Body of Heavenly Sage merged together, the power was boundless. In addition to the powerful Hammer of G.o.d, the power was even more terrifying.

"Smash your broken clock." Chen Xiang roared, he turned the hammer around and struck at the golden bell that was enveloping him, releasing a burst of power that shook the entire underground palace, causing some parts of it to crumble.

The divine hammer, driven by an extremely powerful force, smashed apart that st.u.r.dy great bell and shattered it into pieces. Those fragments flew in all directions and penetrated into the thick stone wall.

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