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Inside this run-down auction hall, Chen Xiang sat in the middle as the golden rays of light on his body flashed dazzlingly, like the hot noon sun, making it hard for people to look straight at him.

Chen Xiang began to feel a little pain in his body. He discovered that the blood, bones, and muscles in his body, under the nourishment of the Power of giving, were constantly being destroyed, reborn, reborn, reborn. With so much food being eaten and reborn, it was as if he was being reborn anew.

Only the powerful Bone soul inside his bones had not been destroyed. That was where his soul resided, the Bone soul s, the two of them combined, causing his recovery speed to be extremely divine.

He did not know how long this situation would last, but he was certain that his physical body was constantly growing stronger.

"It's always growing stronger. What terrifying physical strength." Long Xueyi used his divine power to peer inside Chen Xiang's body. That kind of shocking enhancement speed made her doubt believe that if Chen Xiang's body really evolved into a Body of Heavenly Sage, then the power of his body would surpa.s.s the power of the Innate Qi.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had never heard of this kind of situation before, moreover, their physical bodies had not yet reached large success of Immortal Devil Body, and their flesh bodies had surpa.s.sed the Immortal Devil Body. This was a realm normally pursued by people at the peak of the Immortal King Realm.

But Chen Xiang was getting closer and closer to the realm that many Heaven Realm Rankers dreamed of.

's failure to escape caused Chen Xiang's friends to feel extremely regretful, but they were still impressed by Chen Xiang's ability. This was because the Spar that Chen Xiang had used up all of Fire Divine Palace's energy, even if it was revealed, it would have left them tongue-tied and tongue-tied. Even if Chen Xiang did not come out, it would have caused the Fire Divine Palace to bleed greatly.

Everyone said that they did not know that the seal devoured a large amount of energy because of the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit. Chen Xiang had transcended the seven Nirvana Tribulations and met a strong Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit, but in the end, this Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit was refined into a pill by Chen Xiang, and in the future, he would become a powerful part of Chen Xiang.

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang suddenly let out a long roar, the roar released a strong penetrating force, causing all the sealing formations to tremble, the sound penetrated out, resonating in the air above profound Ice City, the aura that looked down upon the entire world, made many people feel fear, as though they were facing a G.o.d with the power to destroy the world.

The golden light on Chen Xiang's body disappeared. It seemed like he did not have much of a change, but the power inside his body had undergone a tremendous change, becoming countless times more powerful. With the power of the thirty-five Heaven Pellets in his body, he could now fight against the Immortals.

"Immortal Ascension of the fleshly body." Long Xueyi took a deep breath. "Is this Body of Heavenly Sage?"

Chen Xiang clenched his fist, sensing the powerful strength contained within the Body of Heavenly Sage, he felt that he could kill a Worldly Immortal with one punch.


Chen Xiang stood up, suddenly shouted, and punched towards the sky. There was no Innate Qi, but the strong force was able to cause ripples in s.p.a.ce.

"I can leave very soon, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d of Fire Divine Palace, wash your neck and wait for me to cut it off." Chen Xiang clenched both his fists tightly, as his heart surged with emotions.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both extremely excited, because they had personally witnessed Chen Xiang cultivating his Body of Heavenly Sage step by step, and Chen Xiang was the person closest to them. He was the person who would be able to help them recover their peak level strength in the future.

"Even though your physical body is now strong, it will be difficult for you to have more room for improvement in the future. You have already reached the boundary of humanity." Long Xueyi lamented: "Body of Heavenly Sage have always been something that could only be cultivated by powerful dragons. I never thought that you, a human, would succeed so early. Although it's only at the initial stage, it's already very rare."

Long Xueyi, who usually liked to brag, had no choice but to admire Chen Xiang at this moment.

Chen Xiang laughed out loud, and said: "It's rare that Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord praised me, and surprised and flattered me."

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Hmph, don't be too pleased with yourself. Even though you made a breakthrough, you can't get out now either."

This seal was very strong and was built according to the standards of a sealed immortal king. Just now, Chen Xiang had punched the air and he knew how stable the s.p.a.ce inside was. Even though his current strength was strong, he was still unable to use the power of the spatial laws to leave this place.

"Looks like this is the only way." Chen Xiang took out a few dozen profoundbing s and said: "I refined these profoundbing into destructive Ice seal Dan."

Chen Xiang explained further: "Even if I borrow all of your strength, I'm afraid that I won't be able to break this seal. But with this added on to the fact that we might still have a chance the moment the Ice seal Dan breaks out, and my body is not afraid of ice at the moment. I also have the profoundwu diamond armour, so I can defend against the power produced by the Ice seal Dan's explosion."

A single profoundbing was enough to destroy the entire city, but now, with dozens of them merged together, their might was not only increased by just a few dozen times.

"Understood, quickly start." Long Xueyi said.

As long as the Grain force was extracted from the profoundbing powder, the remaining pure energy would not be destructive. If the Grain force was kept, it could be refined into a destructive Ice seal Dan.

"Maybe dozens of profoundbing wouldn't be enough, so I might as well use a hundred." Chen Xiang thought for a while before he added another profoundbing.

was very careful. If it were to explode, his Yanlong furnace might even break. However, Chen Xiang did not dare to do it because he did not want his Yanlong furnace to explode.

When he first refined it, it was because he did not know enough about the profoundbing and was not prepared well, that was why it exploded. But it was different now, he had a very thorough understanding of the profoundbing and had refined it many times, so he was confident that he could refine a hundred pieces of high quality profoundbing into a Destruction Ice seal Dan.

More than ten days had pa.s.sed, and all one hundred profoundbing had disappeared. They were all inside the Yanlong furnace, and currently the Yanlong furnace was trembling as it condensed into a ball of ice the size of a watermelon.

This ice ball was still too big and its power was very small. Only by compressing this ice ball into the size of a grape could it be of a higher quality.

"Lend me your divine power. I need to speed up a bit." Chen Xiang said to Long Xueyi.

At any moment, Long Xueyi would have enough power to lend it to Chen Xiang. She had exchanged blows with Chen Xiang before, and her divine power was able to fuse perfectly with Chen Xiang's divine power in an instant.

Chen Xiang controlled the strong and huge divine power, wrapping the ice ball inside the Yanlong furnace. At the same time, he released strong flames, causing the structure of the ice ball to loosen up a lot, and then controlled the strong divine power to squeeze the ice ball, compressing it.

It had to be known that the ball of ice was filled with the Grain force and a pure energy that was as vast as the ocean. If it exploded out, the power would be unimaginable.

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