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However, when he was about to be completely melted, Chen Xiang would pause for a moment, allowing the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit's body to return to its original state, and then continue to burn. In just three days, a large amount of energy had acc.u.mulated inside the furnace, which could be used to produce flames or could be used to condense pills.

"No wonder that white cat told you to use the Heavenly Alchemy so carefully. It's too abnormal, it turned that guy into a dog." Long Xueyi laughed and said.

"Senior White Tiger said before, that back then Ten Heavens Supreme Lord caused trouble because of the excessive use of the Heavenly Alchemy, and I am unable to use it now. Hopefully it is not like Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, or else it would be hard for my power to resist it." Chen Xiang was also worried.

Chen Xiang was enjoying his training inside, but the Fire Divine Palace outside were in a miserable state. Over the past ten days, they had been consuming a large amount of Spar s every day, and they had to call over Spar s from various businesses that they had established in the Fire Divine Palace in Di Tian. They had already used up all of their Spar s in the profound Ice City.

Moreover, they did not know when would be the end. If they knew that their Spar s had all been refined into pellets by Chen Xiang, they would definitely vomit blood right now.

The profound Ice City was protected by many powerful formations, which was why it was warm in the winter and cold in the winter. However, the spirit energy inside the profound Ice City was currently being crazily absorbed by the two arrays sealing Chen Xiang, and the one absorbing the spirit energy was the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit.

What made the Fire Divine Palace jump was not only the consumption of a large number of Spar to stabilize the seal, but also the few big defensive arrays, showing signs of weakening and accelerating. In other words, the power of the few big defensive arrays were losing and rushing into the seal that trapped Chen Xiang.

"Hall Master... We do not know how long we will have to endure for. If this continues, all of our Fire Divine Palace will be hollowed out, so we might as well kill Chen Xiang. " an old man suggested.

As long as we capture Chen Xiang's wife alive, Chen Xiang will obediently hand over the good stuff that he has. The value of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the dragon vein far surpa.s.ses everything that we have right now. " The Palace Lord said, "We can't stop now. This might be Chen Xiang messing around with something inside. If he wants to escape, we definitely can't give him the chance to do so."

"You have to understand, if the seal is removed now, even I might not be able to trap him any longer. I absolutely cannot relax. It would be too difficult to seal him once."

The powerful Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit also submitted in front of Chen Xiang's furnace at this moment. He didn't know why, but after staying inside for a month, he stopped struggling and sat there cross-legged. His body was slowly incinerated by the flames, never to be reborn again.

This surprised Chen Xiang, he still hoped that the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit would last a little longer, and then he would be able to concoct a batch of pretty good pills without spending any effort, but the pills that were being concocted now were not bad either.

If they were to continue for another year or so, the Fire Divine Palace outside would be exhausted. At this moment, the seal had stopped devouring energy, causing all the higher ups in the Fire Divine Palace to heave a sigh of relief. These past few days had been like a nightmare for them.

Chen Xiang did not know about what was happening outside, but that was a good thing for him. He was focused on condensing the pill, and there was a large amount of energy inside the pill furnace.

The other thing that caused Chen Xiang to cheer was that he could already feel the Power of giving entering his body. As he was fusing with the Power of giving, he was also compressing the pill furnace's energy.

If he did not understand Heavenly Alchemy, he might still be fighting with the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit that was hard to kill, and at the end, he would be the one dying.

When this news spread, it made many people shocked. They all thought that Chen Xiang had used more than a month in that seal, and had almost used up all of the Spar in the Fire Divine Palace.

But now that the seal had returned to its original state, it did not have any movements, everyone thought that Chen Xiang was just gathering his energy for a strike, maybe he would not be able to do this anymore, it was truly a pity.

The appearance of the Law Enforcement Heaven Spirit was related to Chen Xiang, so it could be said that those Spar were consumed because of Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang did not know, so he managed to indirectly obtain the energy of those Spar s, which was the pellet that he was refining right now.

After transcending the seven Nirvana Tribulations, the Power of giving that he obtained was different from before. Not only did these Power of giving gradually take the form of his Seventh Heaven Pellet, it also transformed his body and made it stronger than before.

The most miraculous thing was that even though his body was already very strong, he was still able to improve greatly under the effects of the Power of giving.

Therefore, those who had undergone the Nirvana tribulation would usually have a Devastating Golden Body, which was the symbol of a person who had undergone the Nirvana tribulation. Even the strength of the body would have the power to destroy it.

Of course, if the original body's foundation was very strong, then the Devastating Golden Body would also be stronger. Many people would become more hardworking after going through the six Nirvana Tribulations.

For someone like Chen Xiang, who had mastered Immortal Devil Body to a large degree, he was probably the only one. As a result, he did not know how strong his physical body was.

In three days time, his seventh Heaven Pill had already formed, and it was still increasing. In the future, he would cultivate to perfection and then condense the eighth Heaven Pill's core.

But the Power of giving was not over, and was still altering his body. At the moment, his body was shining with a bright golden light, and when the light flickered, he released waves after waves of powerful auras. Even he felt that it was inconceivable, because all of this was the power of his body.

The pellet in the furnace had already been refined, it was two white pellets, but right now, Chen Xiang did not have the time to eat it, but had the Philosophic stone s in his hands, allowing him to unleash the Power of giving better. Right now, it was extremely important to him, he felt that his body had to break through his Immortal Devil Body, to reach a whole new realm, thinking of this, he was extremely excited.

The power of his body combined with the power of the Innate Qi, its might was limitless. From his point of view, the power of his body could make the Innate Qi stronger, and the strength of his Innate Qi, could also make his divine power stronger.

"If you look at it this way, you should be able to break through the Immortal Devil Body this time, and what kind of physical body would be there when the time comes. We personally witnessed this little scoundrel during the first stage of the Immortal Devil Body, but not too long later, his Immortal Devil Body reached large success, and he even stepped into a realm where even I do not know how strong his physical body is."

Su Meiyao thought back to this matter and sighed. When they first met Chen Xiang, they did not expect him to grow so fast.

Bai Youyou's heart was also filled with emotions. She couldn't help but think back to the first time she met Chen Xiang, when she was completely naked with him, and this made her cold and elegant jade face to feel a little hot.

"If the body of the little scoundrel grows any further, it might even be the legendary Body of Heavenly Sage." Long Xueyi exclaimed: "It's not easy for a human to reach such a state. If it's really like that, then his body will become even more abnormal than his own Innate Qi.

"Body of Heavenly Sage, Body of Heavenly Sage …" Bai Youyou muttered to himself, and said: "Isn't this the realm that Master has always pursued the body."

"Xue Yi, if this little scoundrel reaches that level, how strong would his physical body be?" Su Meiyao asked in surprise.

Body of Heavenly Sage should have this kind of power at the early stages, I never thought that such a strange thing would happen to his body. The realm of his fleshly body has already surpa.s.sed mine by so much, but in the future, it will be difficult for his body to improve. " Long Xueyi was also looking forward to how Chen Xiang's body would change after the battle.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, focused on holding the Philosophic stone, and then following the Philosophic stone's guidance, he started using the Power of giving, to achieve the best results. But now, he could clearly feel how fast his body was becoming stronger.

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