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Chen Xiang possessed a large number of high quality profoundbing. If he could refine a majority of them successfully, he would be able to unleash a very strong power.

Previously, when he went through the Philosophic stone, he could feel that the profoundbing contained extremely strong destructive power. If he could refine a large number of profoundbing into a pill and use it to attack, the destructive power would probably be able to make him leave this place.

However, he was still inside, when the time came, he would have nowhere to hide from the explosive force, so this method would not work. He could only extract the purest power from the profoundbing s and refine them into edible pellets to increase his strength.

"Those people won't monitor you every day. They are very confident in this seal, so you don't need to worry about them spying on you." Long Xueyi said, she was also monitoring the place closely, if there were any other undulations, she could immediately feel them.

If anyone else wanted to inspect the situation inside, they would have to send their consciousness inside, at that time, they would have to make the seal become weaker, and if they did that, they would be worried that Chen Xiang would use this chance to escape, so they had never monitored Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out the Gold dragon ice's ice crystal powder. That Gold dragon ice was not small, and had turned into a lot of powder, moreover, the quality was very high. If it was refined into a pellet, it would be many times stronger than the one he refined in Heaven Thunder City last time.

Right now, Chen Xiang did not dare to crazily refine too many profoundbing. If he could not control himself, he might fall into it.

"Don't move the Gold dragon ice first, put it aside for later." Chen Xiang did not use high quality profoundbing powder to refine pills from the beginning, but instead used normal profoundbing first.

He got some from the Sky Demon Pavilion, and now he put the profoundbing powder inside the Yanlong furnace, and then took out the Philosophic stone powder. This way, he could use his own flames to burn the profoundbing powder, turning the powder into mist, and then merge it together.

It was all because of the resonance between the profoundbing and itself. As for why, Chen Xiang could not explain it, in short, the Philosophic stone was extremely magical, and previously, it was also because of this Philosophic stone that he was able to cultivate smoothly.

When he injected the Heaven fire, it was very easy to incinerate the profoundbing powder into a cloud of mist that emitted a strong light. However, the mist was very berserk, inside the Yanlong furnace, it was like a demon in Purgatory struggling, wanting to escape at any time.

A faint golden light shot out from between Chen Xiang's eyebrows, a large amount of G.o.d Power poured into the Yanlong furnace, forming two golden palms. In the blazing pill furnace, they started to rub the berserk profoundbing Qi, not letting it scatter around inside the furnace.

At this time, the flames inside the Yanlong furnace were extremely strong, it was about the strongest flame that Chen Xiang could release, but after the profoundbing turned into mist, the temperature of the flames became very low. If Chen Xiang suddenly retracted the flames, the entire Yanlong furnace might even be frozen.

As long as a large chunk of profoundbing was stimulated, it would turn into ice crystals that resembled grains of sand. However, after these ice crystals were stimulated by a large amount of strength, they were able to emit the special Icy cold power inside them.

"There should be two types of power within the profoundbing. If I'm not wrong, one of them should be the Grain force, and the other should be the powerful and pure energy." At this time, Long Xueyi was also using her consciousness to observe the situation inside the Yanlong furnace. Even though it was filled with ice cold energy, she did not discover too much of it.

"What, there's Grain force inside?" Chen Xiang asked in surprise.

The Grain force was also known as the power of nature. According to what Long Xueyi had said, the Grain force inside should be a type of Spirit grain that was innately born with the ability to change the nature of energy.

"Hmm, that's why this power is a little strange. It's not a natural power, but a pure power. But it's more powerful." Long Xueyi said.

Back then, when he was crossing that powerful Nirvana Doom in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, a Grain force had appeared, but Chen Xiang had devoured many of them and compressed them into his dantian. He had never had the chance to use them, and those Grain force were also extremely precious, so he could not use them carelessly.

If these profoundbing really did have Grain force s, then they could extract them and obtain a lot of Grain force s. These Grain force s were priceless treasures, and even if placed in the Heaven Realm, they would be extremely expensive.

"You must use your strongest divine power to look inside those profoundbing granules. I think that the reason why they become granules when they shatter is very likely because every single granule has a natural icy Spirit grain formed from Grain force. It's only very small, and it's only in a small pellet of profoundbing."

Although Long Xueyi was lazy to eat, she inherited the White Dragon's memories. The large amount of memories she inherited came from her White Dragon ancestors, so even without learning, she could still learn a lot of things. This was also the reason why a dragon with a memory inheritance was so powerful.

Chen Xiang did as Long Xueyi said, carefully observing those very, very small profoundbing granules. He did this kind of thing quite often, but with his current abilities, there shouldn't be any difficulty in doing it. Previously, he had used this method to see the inner world of the Qi Shen Dan s medicine, and even established a connection with the spirit inside, allowing him to feel at ease while refining the Qi Shen Dan.

These Spirit grain were all trembling, and would release a certain amount of cold energy every time they trembled. On top of these Spirit grain, Chen Xiang could also see a light purple gas mist curling around them. This purple gas mist was none other than the Grain force.

At this time, Chen Xiang was secretly impressed with Long Xueyi, he actually got hit with her words. If not for Long Xueyi, he might not have understood why these profoundbing were like this.

In fact, Long Xueyi also only came to this conclusion after he had thoroughly investigated her.

"Not only can these Spirit grain release the power of frost, they can also a.s.similate anything that doesn't have frost power in their surroundings as long as it takes time to do so." Long Xueyi said: "Try and see if you can separate those Grain force s."

With so many profoundbing powder, if he had to do all of them, it would be very taxing on his brain. Fortunately, Chen Xiang's Spirit Cultivating, had a strong divine soul and profound strength, which might be difficult for others to accomplish, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was not too difficult, it was just that it required a lot of time.

Philosophic stone comprehended the power of nature and comprehended three thousand great Daos. Grain force was also a natural power, so when he used Philosophic stone, he could resonate with the profoundbing powder.

When the profoundbing's powder was being burned by the flames, the Grain force released the most intense vibrations and the cold Qi was being released by the Spirit grain, so the current Icy cold power was extremely strong, but it was also beneficial for Chen Xiang to separate the Grain force.

The Grain force was the source of the Spirit grain that supported it to convert pure energy into ice energy. As long as the Grain force was extracted, Chen Xiang would be able to obtain a large amount of pure energy.

If the Grain force was not separated and fused together, it would be a terrifying destructive Ice seal Dan that could be used to attack.

It was much easier to figure out what was going to happen next.

These profoundbing contained a lot of pure energy, if he could extract and refine them into profoundbing pellets, it would be much more efficient than refining super Qi Shen Dan. To refine a Qi Shen Dan, it would also require a large amount of medicinal ingredients, it was a very time-consuming process.

At this time, Chen Xiang added some high quality profoundbing powder on top of the Yanlong furnace. He realized that amongst these high quality profoundbing powder, the Grain force was a little more, and the Spirit grain was also a little longer. The contained pure energy was many times more than normal profoundbing, which made Chen Xiang very happy.

Since it was only extracting, extracting high quality and low quality profoundbing s had the same workload, so he stopped refining those low quality profoundbing powders and changed them all to refining high quality ones.

As for low quality profoundbing powder, it was used to refine destructive Ice seal Dan with strong attacks in the future.

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